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The world around us is changing.

Internet has made ​​everything accessible to everyone.

Man has always had a strong social component, which has continually pushed him to come together for exchanging and sharing ideas, opinions, experiences, with the intent to grow and improve, or even just to be together.

In recent years, with the advent of social networks, this aspect of man has grown tremendously. In addition, the Social aspect of reality is literally changing our lives, because now it’s integrated in almost every sphere of our daily life.

To date, virtually every industry is affected by Social Network and Social Media.

The areas of finance, saving and investing is no exception.

This is precisely the context in which Social Trading was born and developed.

Many people always feel the need, or simply the desire, to find alternative investment for their savings, or the possibility to become market investors their selves (traders), as an alternative to a job they don’t like or that doesn’t exist.

Social Trading is the natural evolution of this, and has been permitted by the evolution of computing, web, and in recent years of Social Network.

On one side of the square there are the professional traders (with some exceptions) that operate regularly in the markets by taking daily considerable profits; on the other hand there are the investors looking for alternative investment that could give more interesting returns respect to the most well-known traditional methods.

Social Trading joins these individuals by providing platforms, using the logic of the free web, that give the investor the ability to replicate the operation of the trader and his profits, of course, in proportion to the invested capital.

At the base of Social Trading, besides evolved social platforms, there is the investor’s capital, which can also be minimal, but must still be present to allow the system to function and replicate the operations of one or more chosen traders.

But when it comes to real money, you can no longer fool around like you would do with your friends on Facebook. You should always have a solid knowledge, to avoid stupid mistakes to jeopardize the investment success.

“Survival Guide for the Social Trader” (this is the title of the ebook) is for us the first step towards the understanding of this innovative way of investing.

With this ebook, that can be considered as the first text you should read to face the world of Social Trading, we tell you the first 10 + 1 factors that a modern investor needs to know before approaching Social Trading and opening an account.

It’s essentially a collection of personal experiences, accumulated during these 5 years of Social Trading, focused to the identification of the errors that the inexperienced investor commits, precisely due to the lack of knowledge.

Our suggestion is: Before to make any move in the Social Trading field, download this ebook!

There are 44 pages quick and discursive, content-rich and without beating about the bush.

Let’s get to the good stuff. We treat only useful topics. This is our style.



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How does Social Trading work

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Social Trading’s dangers

Pag. 09


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Pag. 13

Knowledge of the territory

Pag. 14

Absence of a plan

Pag. 15

The Over Signal

Pag. 17

Investing is not working

Pag. 18

Unker capitalization

Pag. 19

The overfitting

Pag. 21

King of finance

Pag. 22

Relying on the top rated

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Pag. 26

The martingale revealed

Pag. 28

The martingale in practice

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Pag. 36

What you will find in INVESTINGOAL

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Pag. 40

Our winning offer

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