How to use the ZuluTrade Compare Traders function

Do you fantasize about a handy tool to easily evaluate the performance of more Signal Providers at the same time? For this, there is the ZuluTrade Compare Trader function.In your search activity for the best Signal Providers you’ll want to compare closely two or...

ZuluTrade Bookmark function – How to use it

We have seen the various methods by which you can search for the best Signal Provider at ZuluTrade. Now, we have to say a few words for the useful Bookmark function.Time and again, sharpening your technique and improving your research, you will inadvertently come into...

Sorting the Signal Providers by the ZuluRank

 Today we will cover a very important change related to the Zulutrade ranking page.Zulutrade has decided to order, by default, the Signal Providers’ ranking no longer according to the Zulurank position, but to the LIVE FOLLOWERS PROFIT obtained in the last...


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