Curious about the different alternatives to Ayondo?

Maybe you had some issues with their service are looking for different brokers similar to Ayondo?

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We have found the best sites Ayondo alternatives for 2019.

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1. Darwinex

darwinexDarwinex is perhaps the closest possible thing to Ayondo and is the first recommended alternative for anyone looking for something similar. It keeps things simple and focuses solely on copy-trading, removing the social network side related to copy-trading, which some may find unnecessary. Darwinex also has an innovative copy-trading model where other traders are investment products themselves, which are called ‘Darwins’. The value of Darwins is based on the performance of their strategy and traders can invest in Darwins just like a regular instrument and add them to their portfolio. Additionally, traders who invest in you as a Darwin will not have access to what trades you are undertaking, which means your information remains safe. If it is solely copy-trading you are looking for, Darwinex is your best option, though do bear in mind that their copy-trading model is different and may take some time to get used to.

2. ZuluTrade

zulutradeZuluTrade is also similar to Ayondo and Darwinex with its limited focus on social trading. While the social trading side has more of an increased importance than the above-mentioned, this is mostly in the form of feedback left by investors and can be easily disregarded. ZuluTrade is held with high regard in the trading industry and is a big name in the copy-trading niche. It has some of the best copy-trading features out there and allows users to create their own personal signal provider portfolio. However, those that are interested in ZuluTrade should bear in mind that they are not technically a broker. Instead, they are actually what is called a ‘cross-broker’ platform which connects different brokers acting on the behalf of different traders.

3. eToro

etoroeToro offers clients more social trading features, however, it also has pure copy-trading features too. eToro also offers clients the ability to build a portfolio based on other traders as well, which is highly useful. Perhaps their biggest plus though is their large community of traders and alternative instruments. This is highly beneficial as traders will have plenty of trades to copy and plenty of chances to diversify their portfolio. eToro is a great alternative for a trader who doesn’t mind a bit more of a social trading aspect to their trading platform.

4. NAGA Trader (EX SwipeStox)

naga traderPreviously known as SwipeStox, Naga Trader is similar to eToro in how it offers more social trading features, but it still has pure copy-trading features like Ayondo. Naga Trader excels in its extensive range of markets, which is good for diversification, and is particularly useful for those who want to trade cryptocurrencies. They even have their own cryptocurrency, the Naga Coin, which not only gives their traders a variety of advantages, it proves that they have in-depth knowledge of the industry. Again, another option for those who don’t mind having a few more social trading features on their platform.

5. Tradeo

tradeoTradeo, while leaning considerably more towards social trading, is still an excellent platform for copy-trading. It is highly worth testing out, even if you are not interested in social trading at all. This is mostly because of its industry-leading Social WebTrader, which is truly impressive. But perhaps the feature that stands out the most is its signals section. Essentially, it is made up of a collection of other trades made within the community which traders can click on and copy. What makes Tradeo’s signals feed stand out the most is that traders are able to also see the inner details of the trade as well, which is quite insightful. Additionally, Tradeo doesn’t reward its signal providers when traders copy them.