Welcome to the first course for Ayondo Social Trading.

Ayondo is a Social Trading platform with a trader network developed to allow novice investors to easily invest by automatically copying the trading strategies of other professional traders, called in this case Top Traders.

We have created an Ayondo review where we described the company and the services offered, and especially where we gave our opinion on the platform and on the Ayondo Social Trading service.

Here instead we will discuss the practical use of the platform, going to reveal:

  1. All you need to know to safely start investing with Ayondo
  2. Tips, tricks and strategies to accelerate your path to success with this investment

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Ayondo Tutorial – Complete Ayondo Guide for beginners

Here follows a list of the lessons of this course.

  1. Ayondo Demo Account
  2. Ayondo CFD
  3. Ayondo Trader Career and Performance Statistics
  4. Drawdown of Ayondo’s Traders
  5. Best Ayondo Top Traders
  6. Ayondo Portfolio Builder and Money Management
  7. How to manage the Ayondo Portfolio
  8. Ayondo Live Account

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Ayondo Social Trading

Let’s start from the beginning, that is what is Ayondo and what is Ayondo Social Trading.

First, Ayondo is a broker for retail trading on financial markets. Through Ayondo Markets and the TradeHub platform users can open their own trading account and operate in the markets on a huge selection of instruments.

ayondo social tradingSecondly, Ayondo is an integrated Social Trading network (you can test directly the platform by opening a demo account in a few seconds).

What does integrated mean? It means that by opening an account with them you automatically have access to the interconnected system of follower investors and Top Traders where Social Trading takes place. It’s a network model similar to eToro, which is also integrated, different instead from ZuluTrade, where you can open an account with other brokers.

Strictly speaking, however, Ayondo is a Copy Trading service. The trend today is to call all Social Trading, but actually in Ayondo social activities among users are virtually non-existent. As we will see, what you can do with Ayondo in essence is to look for the best Top Traders, to assess their performance through their profile, and, if you feel like, to put them in your portfolio, thus activating the signals automatic copy function (copy trading indeed). You can read here to understand the differences between Social, Copy and Mirror Trading.

Why choosing Ayondo Social Trading

Ayondo has two specific characteristics for which it’s easy to answer the question of why choosing Ayondo Social Trading.

The first. Being a trading network in which followers can replicate the operations of other traders, it goes without saying that the quality of the automatically replicable Top Traders is a fundamental element. It is necessary, first and foremost, to point out that the quality of a trader is not measured by the extent of its gains, but mostly and in first place from the safety and soundness of its strategy.

Ayondo, unlike most of its competitors, awards its Top Traders especially on the basis of these two factors. The Top Traders start from the first level, called Street Traders, and over time they can level up, increasing the visibility and the percentage on commissions, provided they maintain a certain maximum level of drawdown and a certain minimum level of performance. The top level is the Institutional.

It is indeed this emphasis on maintaining a certain maximum drawdown to make the Ayondo payment system for Traders one of the best and most fair in the industy. In fact, Top Traders are encouraged to maintain controlled risk, thus increasing the safety of the investors who follow them.

The second reason. The minimum deposit to open a live account with the Ayondo Social Trading platform is 100 dollars, pounds sterling or Euros. So far nothing exceptional, given that many other brokers allow similar figures. The strength of Ayondo Social Trading though is that investors who intend to become followers can replicate transactions with amounts even below microlots (but you must first know how lots on stock exchange work).

Let me explain better. One of the winning features of Social Trading is the proportionality of the trade replication, i.e. the ability for followers with limited funds to replicate proportionally (on a smaller scale) the professional traders operations made perhaps on much larger accounts. The proportionality however, for most of the other Social Trading companies, has a limit, imposed by the fact that below a certain amount they can’t go. For Ayondo, instead, this is not a problem.

Let’s take an example. The Top Trader opens a position of a microlot (0.01 lots) and you were set to replicate it proportionally to 50%, or 0.5x. Most other Social Trading companies could not replicate your order, being 1 microlot the smallest quantity permitted. With Ayondo instead this problem does not exist, since it even accepts smaller amounts.

It’s important to note that replicating all the orders of a Top Trader is critical to be able to replicate the performance properly. Losing some trades, in the long run, would only cause problems. For this reason, Ayondo becomes the best choice for those who want to start with a small capital without giving up the advantages of proportionality.

social trading ayondo

Why this course

This Ayondo one, after those on eToro and Zulutrade, is our third course for a Social Trading Platform.

We presume that you might virtually know nothing about these topics. That’s why we created the whole InvestinGoal educational path. In addition, we know what are the things we have to make you learn to begin safely with Ayondo, managing the platform in all its components, having everything under control.

Secondly, in each lesson you will find different tips, tricks and strategies to get you to invest in a professional manner, making sure that your path to success will be as short as possible.

The first lesson starts from the Ayondo Demo Account. Opening a demo account is a task that is often underestimated, but that should not. With the right mindset and the right strategic tricks your demo account can be a great stepping stone to your future live account.

Let’s not waste any more time.

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