Bookmark ZulutradeWe have seen the various methods by which you can search for the best Signal Provider at ZuluTrade. Now, we have to say a few words for the useful Bookmark function.

Time and again, sharpening your technique and improving your research, you will inadvertently come into contact with a lot of valid Signal Providers. Some may still be too young, and then you will want to watch them as they move to their first year of age at ZuluTrade. Others are already “adult”, but you will want to control how they behave in certain types of situations. The reasons can be many.

It would be useful, in addition to the portfolio itself where there are all your enabled Signal Provider, having another type of portfolio, where you can put all those traders you want to keep an eye on for a variety of reasons.

You might get a written list of all the names, and from time to time look for them one by one, but I assure you it’s a slow and inconvenient option. You could put all those traders in your operating portfolio, and set them off, but it would create a lot of confusion and the risk of touching and enabling something wrong is very high.

To resolve this situation and help you in your search for the perfect Signal Provider there’s the ZuluTrade Bookmark function.

How to use the ZuluTrade Bookmark function

On the logo of each Signal Provider, that you can find or in the list page of all the ZuluTrade traders or in the personal profile of each Signal Provider, passing over it with the mouse, you can click a red flag with a small white “+” symbol. bookmark tag zulutrade

That is the Bookmark function. By clicking the Bookmark button of a trader, he will be put into a specific list. In practice, the Signal Provider will be tagged with a specific tag called “Bookmark”. If you have experience of trading, is the equivalent of a watchlist.

At this point working with the Bookmark tag becomes much easier and especially convenient.

To retrieve the list of all those traders you have marked with this tag all you have to do is return to the Traders ranking page, and click the Bookmark button on the top right.

bookmark button zulutrade

Once clicked, ZuluTrade will update the list of the traders page you are watching, and it will display only the traders marked with the tag. Nothing could be easier and faster.

I strongly recommend using the ZuluTrade Bookmark function. In addition to being a convenient tool, it’s an incitement to analyze Signal Providers over time to observe their behavior.

When it’s convenient to use the Bookmark

Here is a list of circumstances for which this Bookmark function can be worthwhile:

  • Control on the age of the Signal Providers for the achievement of the first year of data analyzable
  • daily check on the operation of the Signal Provider
  • weekly check
  • monthly check
  • check his operational strategy after a particularly busy market, for example with release of economic news with strong global impact
  • control during strong trend of a particular currency exchange
  • control during strong laterality of a particular currency exchange

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