Compare traders zulutradeDo you fantasize about a handy tool to easily evaluate the performance of more Signal Providers at the same time? For this, there is the ZuluTrade Compare Trader function.

In your search activity for the best Signal Providers you’ll want to compare closely two or more traders. You may want to use a function like that in those situations where you’ll have more candidates for the same place in your operating portfolio; or simply to compare the performance of different Signal Providers for the purpose of study and research.

Before, the only way to do that was to jump continuously from the profile page of a Signal Provider to another, write down the values manually in an Excel spreadsheet, and then proceed with the comparison of the traders. Or, in a more orthodox way, one could open multiple browser tabs, each with a Signal Provider, and then shrink them to fit them all on the same screen and have a direct visual comparison.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it, I had, and I assure you that both methods were quite uncomfortable.

ZuluTrade has now introduced a new feature to speed up and automate this important practice, and it’s the Compare Trader.

You have two options. The first is to click on the “Compare” button (1), and put a flag on the Signal Providers you are interested to compare, and then click “Compare Trader”.

Otherwise, click directly on the “Compare” (2) at the top, and you’ll end up directly in the comparison page, where, however, at this point you’ll need to search and select the Signal Provider.

zulutrade compare traders buttons

A trader identity parade

In any case, in one way or another, you’ll end up on this page. The functioning of the Compare Traders is very simple.

zulutrade compare traders function

In the left column are proposed all the operational and performance details. In practice, those are the data that you will find on the left side in the personal profile page of a Signal Provider.

Alongside are then stacked the values of the Signal Providers you have selected, something like an identity parade. This makes it very easy to see what are the values of each Signal Provider for each particular parameter.

For each line you can see which are the best or worst values for any trader.

It is a drag & drop system, so If you want to put them in a particular order, such as the best from the left to the worst on the right for a particular parameter, you only need to click on the head of the column of the trader and drag it to the desired location.

In the Compare Traders there is room for only 4 Signal Providers for single screen. This does not mean that you cannot add and compare more than 4 at a time, only that you have to use the arrow keys in the lower bottom of the left column to move them, and view those who are temporarily out of the screen.

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  • Regulated: HCMC
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