Does ZuluTrade Support Dukascopy? Here's the Answer

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Below are some instructions on how to connect your Dukascopy account with a ZuluTrade account, where we will show you step-by-step.

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Connecting your Dukascopy account with ZuluTrade: Is it possible?

From the time of writing these instructions ZuluTrade unfortunately does not accept customers that already have a Dukascopy account. So with that being said, it is sadly not possible to connect your Dukascopy account to your ZuluTrade account. However, things may change in the near future. Furthermore, ZuluTrade does accept over 20 brokers, and it also provides copy trading services worldwide, giving many people access to be able to copy profitable traders.

Dukascopy & ZuluTrade: Are there other choices?

If you are looking for other brokers, there are plenty of ZuluTrade Brokers you can choose from. For instance if you wanted to open a ZuluTrade Account, arguably the best alternatives to Dukascopy for ZuluTrade would be Oanda, IC Markets, and AAAFX.

Oanda: For the Oanda platform, there is actually a minimum deposit of $0, which is great for those of you who can’t afford a large deposit, so depositing something smaller like $50 is great. This platform is also amazing for scalp trading, as well using algorithmic trading, or “algo” trading as some people call it. It has some of the lowest spreads in the industry, which is why it still remains one of the most popular brokers to this day, and why it’s able to keep its competitive advantage. However, the downside is that it is not available within the EU if your Oanda account is connected to ZuluTrade.

Open an Oanda trading account (73.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money) if you wish to connect it to ZuluTrade.

IC Markets: Much like Oanda, IC Markets also has a minimum deposit threshold of $0, which really opens the doors for traders who can only open smaller accounts. IC Markets also welcomes traders who utilize scalp trading and the use of algorithms. Moreover, your IC Markets account is not available outside of the EU if it is connected to ZuluTrade.

Open an IC Markets trading account (74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money) if you wish to connect it to ZuluTrade.

AAAFX: One of the best things about AAAFX is that it offers the lowest latency between you and the ZuluTrade servers. Giving you lightning-fast execution times, which can mean all the difference. AAAFX is also the owner of ZuluTrade, which means it tries to give ZuluTrade as many benefits as possible. Unlike the previous two brokers, AAAFX has a minimum deposit threshold of $300, and is available within and outside of the EU.

Open an AAAFX trading account (74% of retail CFD accounts lose money) if you wish to connect it to ZuluTrade.

Are there other copy trading services to use with Dukascopy?

Unfortunately, our research has not discovered any other copy trading services that can be used with Dukascopy. However, if you are interested in copy trading, check our top 10 copy trading platform article.

What would be the benefits of connecting Dukascopy to ZuluTrade?

First of all, ZuluTrade has an incredibly user-friendly interface making it very easy for inexperienced, and experienced traders to use. Quite often traders will leave a platform because of how complicated and convoluted they are. With ZuluTrade you can create a list of traders that you can choose from, and you can rank them by their success rate, number of followers and trading instruments they use. Another benefit for connecting Dukascopy to ZuluTrade would be the protection tools such as “ZuluGuard”, which works as an advanced stop loss, to protect your initial capital from any potential losses, and take profit. It is important to lock in your profit as soon as possible to prevent any losses. It is available as both a web platform, and as a mobile app and is compatible with MetaTrade 4 and EAs.

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