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Mobile trading is more important now than ever before. This is where you will find the eToro mobile app comes in perfect to help you trade on the go and never miss a market move.

From our eToro review, you will already know all about the great features and services they have to offer through the web-based platform and operation, here we will take a look at all of the details of the eToro app for mobile trading.

We will take an in-depth look not only at everything the eToro trading app has to offer and guide you step by step in how you can get started with it.

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eToro offers two mobile Platforms

When it comes to mobile platforms, there are really a couple on offer from eToro.

The main focus of these platforms is to make sure you can follow your portfolio and trade on the move no matter where you may be. No need to miss out on a single market moment.

eToro Mobile Trading App

The eToro mobile trading application is a hugely popular element of the experience from the broker and is available on both Android and iOS devices for your iPhone and iPad.

In fact, the eToro mobile app has become so popular and is so well thought of that it is often fast to feature as one of the best mobile trading app choices you can make with any broker. Wanna know the others? Visit our forex brokers mobile apps top ten and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

eToro Wallet App

The eToro Wallet app is another mobile application and service offered by eToro. With the eToro wallet, you will be able to store cryptocurrencies that you buy through eToro and their crypto trading platform eToroX.

The eToro Wallet app brings mobile functionality to these services so you can always control your eToro crypto holdings quickly and easily even on mobile devices. In case you missed our explanation on eToro Wallet, don’t worry: you can find it here in our eToro wallet guide.

How to Download the eToro Mobile App

Before you download the app naturally you have to be a registered eToro user. This means you will have to head over to the website to sign up.

Once you have completed this usually quick process, your next stop should be the related app store for the device you are using. App Store of an iPhone or iPad, and Google Play Store for Android.

The process is as simple as searching for “etoro” in the store and choosing the correct app if it is the eToro – Social Trading, or eToro Wallet. Once you click “get”, or “install” then you can sit back and wait for the software to download and install.

The final step in the process will be to log in to your app and start using it. This means making a deposit if you already haven’t. You can then get trading.

How to download the eToro App from the store

eToro App characteristics review

Here is a closer look at exactly what to expect from the inner workings of the eToro app once you have decided to start using it.

Languages available

As with the eToro web platform, you will find strong language support with the app.

Actually, there is the same number of languages available, 21 in total, through the mobile app as the web platform. This makes it extremely accessible to everyone.

Updates frequency

Updates with any software can be a pain but they are one of those important things that can really help to continue to improve your experience. The eToro app is typically updated every week to keep things flowing seamlessly.

The updates help to fix any bugs but most importantly to make the app run as fast as possible. This is crucial in trading and you want to make the most of the lightning-fast execution speeds on offer when trading any assets.

Push Notifications option

A range of push notifications can help keep you in the loop about what is going on in the markets even when the app is not open on your device directly. This is great for keeping track of the most important movements and some of your favorite assets.

App and Data Security

Security is, of course, a priority for you as a trader. This is something that eToro also recognizes. To that end, they rely on the trusted security systems already built-in to both the Android and iOS operating systems and apps. These already provide a great deal of secure protection.

Added to this, a two-step login is available on all of the apps while they cannot be logged in through facial recognition or touch ID system.

App Design and Usability

With the app designs, you will find that these do their best to follow the look of the web version. This uniformity works well and you can expect the very same level of user-friendly interaction and ease of use that eToro web platforms are famous for.

If you do need to do a quick search for anything within the program then this is available too and can help you find anything you need quickly.

Depending on your preference, both a light and dark app mode are available.

eToro App Trading features review

Having analyzed the basic features of the apps, here is a look at what you can expect when it comes to trading features.

Charting tools for trading

Charting functionality through the eToro app remains the same as within the web version of the trading platform. That means you can expect charts to be equally as responsive.

The only difference you will find here is that there are no drawing tools available through the app even though the charts will be available. You will also note that when it comes to charting indicators, only 5 of the 67 available through the web platform make the crossover.

This makes for a slightly less customizable trading experience in charting, but still a very detailed and powerful offering.

List of settings for charting toolsGraphic for EURUSD chart

Which assets can I trade on the eToro app?

The good news here is that all of the same assets you can trade through the web trading platform of eToro are available to trade on the mobile app.

This means access to the full range of forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, ETFs, and cryptos.

Access to Educational information from the App

Through the app, there is no dedicated education section directly provided.

To find this you can simply head to the eToro website where it can be easily accessed.

eToro App Copy-Social trading features review

Copy and social trading are both at the core of what eToro has to offer. With that in mind then it is very important to know how the app matches up in that department.

News Feed section

The eToro app has a full news feed section that is completely compatible on mobile. This means full access to the social trading section of the broker and the ability to conveniently interact with other traders just as you would on the web.

Here you can share your ideas, thoughts, like the comments of others, write your own comments, and more to bring the social trading experience to life through your mobile.

eToro App CopyTrading (popular investors)

Copy Trading through the Popular investor feature is fully accessible through the mobile eToro app as you would expect.

An eToro popular investor is someone who you can copy and who makes their trading activities available for you to follow. This is the essence of copy trading, and if you are a new trader looking to get started, following these traders can be a great help.

If you are a trader and looking to be copied, then you can receive rewards from eToro based on the number of copiers you have. This can be a great way to earn and there are only two requirements prior to starting as a popular investor.

You must deposit at least $1,000 and attract one copier for a minimum period of 2 months. That copier must have equity of at least $500 to qualify. Once you have done that, you are on the road as an eToro popular investor.

In our eToro popular investor guide, we cover these info and so much more, so it could be a good idea to give it a look.

CopyPortfolios with the eToro App

Another great pillar of the eToro mobile application that matches up perfectly with the web platform is CopyPortfolios. This is a special feature and area offered by eToro that groups together a range of top traders and certain best assets to make “Top Trader Portfolios” and “Market Portfolios” that you can invest in. Should you be more interested or would like to find more, you should definitely check our eToro copy portfolio post.

The top traders portfolio is made up of the top traders as selected and managed by eToro, while the market portfolio brings together certain assets into a portfolio.

These may be from a certain sector of the market, or be linked to other trends and are perfect if you want to invest in themes or diversify your portfolio.

CopyPortfolios are like baskets of assets you can copy to passively invest in or trade if you wish.

How to use the eToro App

With all your bases covered in terms of features and operation, the last important area to know about is how you actually use the eToro app once you get hands-on. Here is the lowdown:

How to deposit on eToro App

Making your deposit through the app you will have access to the same methods as the web platform. This means credit cards, transfers, eWallets, and more.

When you open the app, simply head to the menu in the top left corner. From this menu choose the “Deposit Funds” option. This is where you can deposit the amount you like.

The minimum deposit required will also be found here if you select “Deposit Funds” and “Select Amount”, you will see the minimum displayed. This is usually between $200 – $500 with the eToro minimum deposit starting from $200.

Again as on the web platform, it is totally free to make a deposit though you may have to pay a conversion fee if the currency is not already in USD.

How to withdraw funds from eToro App

Withdrawing the funds can be just as easy. In order to withdraw, you must opt for the same etoro deposit method you used to fund the account. To start this process, head again to the top left corner menu and choose “Withdraw Funds”.

In this area, you will be able to withdraw a minimum of $50 remembering that a $5 eToro withdrawal fee applies on each withdrawal.

How to close a trade on the eToro App (sell)

If you are trading through the eToro app it is vital that you know how to close your trades and sell. To do this you will need to click on the “Portfolio” option within the app first. This will show you the assets you have in your portfolio.

From here, click the asset directly to see your open positions. Once you have found the position that you want to close you can click on it, scroll down to the bottom, and press the “close trade” button. This will close (Sell) your position.

The App crashes and it does not work? Here’s what to do

On occasion as with any software or device, you may encounter a problem. Luckily, eToro has a great support team who will be on hand to help out.

The process is that you should contact customer support through their ticket system, live chat facility, or at their local office locations directly.

Trying some common solutions first can always be helpful. This includes checking if you have an update available for the app, and closing and restarting the app, or your device too.

Best eToro Mobile App Alternatives

eToro is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. If you’re looking for similar apps to eToro though, in the social trading or copy trading area, your best starting point is to check our best social trading platforms top 10.

Here you will find many more top social trading platforms and brokers with top quality mobile apps that can keep your trading easily on the go. On the other hand, if you’re interested in trading with a broker like eToro, you should check out the alternatives to eToro guide.

eToro App: Pros and Cons

Rounding up, here are some of the best points we noted about the eToro app, and a few areas it could be further developed.


  • As with the web platform, the user interface is very well-designed and easy to use.
  • The eToro app is extremely secure and trustworthy with their two-step login process.
  • The search function within the app can help you find everything you need very quickly.
  • There is a top range of both copy and social trading features readily available.
  • Synching all of your eToro devices on the app is extremely easy and convenient.
  • All assets available through the eToro web platform can also be traded through the app.
  • Your eToro deposit can be made directly through the app itself. No need to use the web platform.
  • Push notifications on events and markets keep you well updated at all times.


  • Charting tools and indicators and more limited on the app than through the web platform.
  • No drawing tools are available for your charts on the mobile app.
  • If you want to use the eToro wallet, this is a separate app.
  • You cannot utilize touch ID or face ID to login to the app.

eToro Mobile App FAQ

Is the eToro App a good choice?

Yes, the eToro App is a good choice for every trader, including beginners. This is given by the fact that the App is user-friendly and quite fast to use.

What are the differences between eToro web platform and eToro mobile App?

The eToro App has almost all the features of the web version. The main difference to note is that there are no drawing tools available through the App even though a little part of the charts (5 of 67) will be available. Even with this condition, the App is still at a good-level.

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