eToro Binary OptionsWhere you searching for eToro binary options to see if they are available on eToro?

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is a firm “no”.

Binary trading isn’t available on eToro (There’s plenty other things that can be done on eToro, read our eToro Reviews to find out)

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  • Regulated: CySec, FCA, AFS
  • Platforms: Proprietary
  • Min. Deposit: $200
etoro logo
  • Regulated: CySec, FCA, AFS
  • Platforms: Proprietary
  • Min. Deposit: $200

76% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Binary Options forbidden by ESMA

Firstly, eToro never allowed binary trading.

Secondly, in April 2018 binary trading has been forbidden by ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority).

Besides these points, however, the most important question is: Would it have been better otherwise?

eToro Binary Options – Is their absence a blessing or a curse?

Honestly, we believe that the fact eToro has never been and will never be a binary options broker is for the best.

At InvenstinGoal we never appreciated binary trading too much.

Setting aside the various reasons, tied to its similarity to gambling (which can be discussed), we believe the most important reason is in numbers.

We’ve often discussed how important it is to aim at operations or investments with a positive Risk/Profits ratio.

Simply put, if we are investing money, the potential profits must always be higher than the risk we’re taking.

Binary options, given their basic nature, just don’t work this way. Binary options have a negative Risk/Profits ratio. Investing 100, you risk losing 100, and only winning 80.

The marketing strategy taken by all binary options brokers to get new clients was based on the claim that “You earn up to 80% per operation”, omitting that you stand to lose all the amount you have invested.

eToro Binary Options Trading – Let’s get over it

Therefore, overlooking the fact that today binary options are strictly forbidden, in the unlikely event they should be allowed in the future, we suggest avoiding them, always.

eToro, like other Copy Trading platforms, allows you to invest in an innovative, and most importantly automatic, way.

That’s what’s worth looking at.