Are you looking for eToro’s contacts for a particular request, or for a simple ticket?

There are several ways to get in contact with eToro’s customer service, three of which are the most useful.

We’ll list them below.

Depending on your issue, some channels are better than others.

eToro Customer Service – How to get in contact with eToro

Let’s quickly see what they are and why.

eToro Contacts – Automatic Questions & Answer

There are many cases in which the answer to some doubts can be easily found by ourselves.

eToro’s “Ask a Question” tool provides answers automatically, which can certainly save us some time.

Here you’ll find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Click here to ask eToro an automatic question.

eToro Contacts – Tickets opening

For more complex questions and requests, we suggest opening a Ticket at eToro’s Customer Service Centre.

This is the best way for a particular request to be fulfilled quickly and easily.

Click here to open a ticket with eToro.

eToro Contacts – eToro’s Support Live Chat

The fastest way to get in contact with an individual in the Customer Service department at eToro is certainly the Live Chat.

The Live Chat is suggested only for minor doubts, it’s definitely not the best place to have eToro explained to you from scratch.

You’ll need some time for that, that’s why our posts will definitely come in handy. Here’s where you should start from:

If you have a quick doubt you want to clear, and you haven’t found the answer in eToro’s Automatic Support Center, the Live Chat is probably the best way to go.

Click here to access eToro’s Live Chat.