Important news for all new eToro investors… The eToro minimum deposit has changed!

One of the most important players of the Social Trading field has decided to start off 2018 raising and then lowering again the minimum amount of the first deposit, which is necessary to create an account.

The obvious question which comes to mind is: “How much is the new minimum deposit to open an account with eToro?”

We’ll get to that in a second… but first, let’s take a few things in consideration. In the meanwhile, if you are looking for more information on eToro, please read our review of eToro.

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Why has eToro changed the minimum deposit amount?

Increasing or decreasing the access threshold to its customer base isn’t such an exceptional event for a broker.

One of the main reasons which has led eToro to take this step is the incredible client and volume growth it has sustained over 2017, which has brought them to reconsider their capacity to optimally manage this huge customer base.

As a matter of fact, a broker’s work doesn’t just envisage the acquisition of clients, it also encompasses what can be defined as “retention”, i.e. the management, and support for all those issues and needs clients may have along the way.

In previous years, eToro has kept low access deposits to sustain growth.

Today, after the frantic growth of the last few months, eToro had to take action.

Given the massive amount of new clients, eToro has felt obliged to raise the minimum deposit, to be able to keep the quality of its services for all the users who are already registered to the network.

A few weeks later, eToro has been able to lower again the minimum deposit.

Let’s see what happened and how much is actually today.

16 Jan 2018, eToro raises the minimum deposit amount

16/01/2018, this is the precise date when eToro decided to raise its minimum deposit, to grant an higher service level to its clients.

eToro has been doing quite well in the social trading field over the last few years, gaining on market share and fame.

Over the years, the minimum deposit had already been raised, going from 50$, to 100$, to 200$, to 400$, based on country and payment method.

In 2018, eToro has then decided to raise its minimum deposit to 500$.

At first, a few days ago, precisely on 05/01/18, eToro had initially raised the minimum deposit to $ 1,000, only to partially step back and lower the minimum threshold to $ 500.

02/16/18, eToro lowers the minimum deposit

Exactly a month later, eToro is back on its feet and has lowered the minimum deposit.

OFFICIAL – MINIMUM ETORO DEPOSIT 2019: the minimum deposit with eToro now is $ 200. Click here and open your eToro Live account.

65% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

To conclude, here is our consideration.

eToro Minimum Investment – Why (for us) maybe it was better $ 500

At a first glance, this might seem like an unbearable burden to anyone who was looking forward to start investing without having sufficient funds. However, we must look at the other side of the coin.

Let’s be honest, starting an investment path with 50$ is more likely to lead to a failure than to a success, seeing as there wouldn’t be the necessary margins to account for the market’s volatility.

This is something we’ve never hidden at InvestinGoal. We talk widely about this in the Investing for Dummies course.

One of the cornerstones of investment is, without a doubt, risk diversification, and in this sense, the opportunities offered by 500$ are undoubtedly higher than those offered by 50$ or 200$.

A higher capital also increases the sense of responsibility of the investor, further increasing the chances of a successfull investment (as long as the higher investment capital isn’t used to excessively exploit the leverage).

So, overall, it is true that eToro’s minimum deposit has been brought to 500$, but it’s just as true that the initial 50$ were merely smoke and mirrors, than an actual opportunity.

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