Opening the eToro Real Account, the last step

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We’ve finally arrived at the end of this introductory course on eToro. Let’s look at the path you’ve taken so far.

From the Investing For Dummies course to the eToro Real Account

  • You have learned how best to open a demo account to start practicing with the platform;
  • real account portfolio etoroYou have explored all the functions available in your account;
  • You have analyzed one by one all the elements with which the Popular Investors are described and classified;
  • You have deepened the most important element of the performance of a trader, the drawdown;
  • You have seen how you can find investors within the eToro community, with the various search tools.

In addition, we can add the previous courses.

The one on Social Trading where you have learned the foundations of this new universe, the basic to know how to get started; the course on the Forex Market, in which you have learnt the characteristics of the largest market in the world on which Social Trading developed, especially to understand the nature and the practical conduct of trading; to finish, or better to start, you have learned what it really means to invest your money, and let them work for you.

The best advice we can give you

As a starting point, we think this path is not bad. The best advice we can give you at this point is: read them all once again.

Studying, in this sector in which your money are involved, is really very important. If for you these concepts were all new, a single reading is not enough to metabolize everything. In addition to reading a topic, you must also understand and internalize it.

A great way to know if you’ve really understood a topic is this: try to explain it to someone who knows nothing about it. If you can make him understand it, it means that you’ve understood it too.

Once you become master of all these concepts, the time will come when you’ll finally want to get yourself in the game and start investing real money. Well, because opening a real account will be like taking another step towards the full understanding of this investment instrument, and therefore to success.

Before going on, why not taking a look also at our review?

How to open a “smart” eToro Live Account

investingoal gold membership etoroNow it’s time to really put yourself up in the game. Opening a real account with eToro is very easy, and if you want you can do it even with little money.

But be careful. Do you remember when we were talking about the minimum funds required to operate freely? The choice is yours: if you open an account with little money your operational choices will be very limited, because you won’t have the necessary margins to cover the various operations, and, by overdoing it, you will suffer a lot of risks; if on the contrary you’ll have more money in your account you’ll have more choices at your disposal and you’ll have more leeway to contain and manage the risk.

If you feel ready, well, it’s time to open your eToro real account.

Begin your journey to the new world of Social Trading. Investingoal is the best place to start.

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