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Welcome to the InvestinGoal section dedicated to Forex Guides. Maybe you’ve already heard of this market, or you’re already an expert, and maybe you’ve already been working with the Forex market for a while. Or, you've never heard of it. It doesn’t matter.

Here, we will show you everything you need to know to find out how Forex works, and how to find your way in this vast universe. Even a forex trader might find some useful and practical information here. Scrolling through this section to find out all our contents on the Forex market is really worth it: the history of forex, how forex works, who participates, what are the rules, how to invest in forex, trader types, order types, how spread works, and much, much more.

Start reading our forex contents, and to understand it all better, open a demo account with one of best forex brokers in the world.

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