Does ZuluTrade Support FXCM? Here's the Answer

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As an investor, with ZuluTrade you copy trades of pro traders, and if you are a trader, you can sell your trades to investors.

If you are looking to dig deeper on the social trading platform, you can check our ZuluTrade review.

When talking about ZuluTrade, there are a handful of brokers that allow you to trade with ZuluTrade; FXCM is one of them.

You can apply for FXCM ZuluTrade by following a few instructions. And if you want to learn more about the broker, you can check our FXCM review.

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Connecting your FXCM account with ZuluTrade: is it possible?

ZuluTrade is selective in its choices. The platform allows some brokers to use its services. The good thing is ZuluTrade does accept clients from FXCM.

Here’s how it works:

Connecting an existing account

If you have an account with FXCM, just submit an LTA (Limited Trading Authorization) form to get started with ZuluTrade.

With LTA, FXCM creates a new account for you, which you can connect with the ZuluTrade platform. If you want to, you can transfer your current account balance to this account.

Creating a new account

On the other hand, if you don’t have an account with FXCM, you just need to apply for an FXCM ZuluTrade account, submit an LTA form and activate your ZuluTrade account. After that, the FXCM team will contact you with further instructions.

Signing up for a demo account

You can also sign up for a demo account to practice copy trading with FXCM.

Monetizing your strategy

If you want to monetize your trading strategy, you need to submit a request access form to gain access to FXCM’s trader program. After that, FXCM will email you with further instructions. And that’s it, you are good to go!

FXCM & ZuluTrade: Are there other choices?

As mentioned earlier, you can utilize several other choices with ZuluTrade. If you want to open a ZuluTrade account, the best choices available are Oanda, IC Markets, and AAAFX (74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money).

Let’s go through each one of them:


Oanda is one of the pioneers of brokers. With regulations from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, Oanda is top of the food chain.

When opening an account with the broker, you can start with a minimum deposit of $0. That’s right, you can open an account without any investment.

With its plethora of features, Oanda is great for scalping and algo trading. If you are into this type of trading, then Oanda is your go-to source.

In addition to this, you can scalp or do algo trading with some of the lowest spreads in the industry.

The only downside of trading with Oanda is you can’t connect your ZuluTrade account with Oanda within the EU.

Open an Oanda trading account (73.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money) if you wish to connect it to ZuluTrade.

IC Markets

IC Markets is another broker that allows you to trade with ZuluTrade. Like Oanda, IC Markets is a highly regulated broker.

The broker allows you to start trading with a minimum deposit of $0. So, you can easily get the hang of ZuluTrade.

One of the benefits of IC Markets is that it allows a suitable environment for scalping and algo trading. So, you can test your scalping and automatic strategies by connecting with ZuluTrade.

The only flaw in IC Market’s ZuluTrade account is it is only available for EU traders.

Open an IC Markets trading account (74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money) if you wish to connect it to ZuluTrade.


You’ll be glad to know that with AAAFX, there’s low latency between you and the ZuluTrade servers. This is because AAAFX is the parent company of ZuluTrade.

You can start with the broker with a minimum deposit of $300, and it is available throughout the globe. So, you can connect your ZuluTrade account wherever you are.

Open an AAAFX trading account (74% of retail CFD accounts lose money) if you wish to connect it to ZuluTrade.

Are there other copy trading services to use with FXCM?

Unfortunately, there are no other options for copy trading with FXCM.

If you’re involved in copy trading, check our top 10 copy trading platform guide.

What would be the benefits of connecting FXCM to ZuluTrade?

  • Zulutrade features a user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate and utilize.
  • You can pick from a list of traders ranked by their success record, a number of followers, and trading instruments.
  • Safety features such as “Zuluguard,” which acts as an enhanced stop-loss and take-profit.
  • It’s accessible through the web and mobile, and it works with MetaTrader 4 and EAs.

74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money

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