So, you have made an account on ZuluTrade platform with probably high expectations of turning a profit while getting a hold of Social Trading, but since you are reading this article, that must mean that you are not so satisfied with your ZuluTrade venture.

Am I right?

Whichever the case to cause your dissatisfaction and disappointment, you need to know that trading, regardless of the type of trading mechanism, is a game of losses as well as wins, so even when you think you have everything on your radar, a negative factor may appear to surprise you.

Social Trading might be one of the simplest trading mechanisms for beginners in the branch because the model of Social Trading allows you to become a follower of more experienced traders, that way copying the portfolio of other successful traders while making the same trades as your chosen mentors.

However, even the most experienced traders can make a wrong decision, which is the moment when you will be charged for that mistake as well, which probably doesn’t feel as rewarding as you would originally consider.

Last chance with ZuluTrade before cancelling the account

In case you have had one bad choice on ZuluTrade while investing your money, that shouldn’t repel you from giving the platform another go, provided, this time, to do things professionally.

This time you can use our ZuluTrade guides to aid you in your copy-trading and increase the odds of making good investments before you decide on permanently deleting your ZuluTrade account.

Trading isn’t something that will always as by schedule pay off instantly, so you need to be patient and, of course, learn from your mistakes.

However, if you are determined to NOT give it a go and cancel your account instead, here is a quick and simple way on how to delete your ZuluTrade account.

How to delete your ZuluTrade Account Step by Step

In case you aren’t feeling lucky on ZuluTrade and you are not certain whether you want to keep your account up and running you can easily delete it.

In case you have a demo ZuluTrade account, you should know that the demo is unlimited, unless you fail to log back in for over two weeks. In case you miss on logging into your account during the period of 14 days, your account will be automatically canceled, which means that you have successfully and effortlessly deleted your account.

In case you have made a Real Account on ZuluTrade, the registration won’t expire by itself, so you will need to close the account yourself.

Step 1

If you take a closer look at your Dashboard you will notice that there is no “Delete Your ZuluTrade Account Option”.

As you can see, you have access to Settings, Account Settings, alongside with Open a New Account option, but you won’t be able to see “Delete Account option.”

zulutrade cancel account


Step 2

That means that you will need to address ZuluTrade Support Agents that commonly reply under 5 minutes.

how to delete zulutrade account

As you may notice, the support agent clearly states that there are no options available for the account deletion, and that instead you need to file a request for the disabling of your ZuluTrade account.

how to delete zulutrade account 2

Basically, you will need to file a request for deactivation to the email address provided by the support and just relax until they handle your request.