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1. Are you a Manager or a Trader?

One of the first thing an evolved investor must learn to be able to better invest is the attitude to maintain.
When investing with Zulutrade, the right mental attitude is only one. We’ll tell you what it is and why.

2. How to analyze data and statistics

If a single parameter can tell you a story, two parameters correlated to each other can also reveal the hidden secrets.
Zulutrade provides a lot of data on the Signal Providers’ performance, learn to relate them to each other in an intelligent way, get the most from your analysis.

3. How to effectively use Trailing Stop and Offset pips

How to go about further protecting yourself from the risks of a Signal Provider’s strategy? How do to try to improve it further? The Trailing Stop and Offset Pips tools were designed by Zulutrade for this.
But be careful, if you don’t know how to really use them, you risk to have more problems than benefits.

4. How to use Excel to maximize profits

Zulutrade, besides showing a lot of data extrapolated from the Signal Providers’ performance, provides you the access to the complete list of all their transactions through a comfortable Excel file format.
What does it mean? That you can analyze a Signal Provider even more deeply than Zulutrade. In addition, we have created several Excel tools to perform these analyzes with a simple click.

5. Really understand the strategy of a Signal Provider

In the trading universe there are basically four categories of Trader, each of which seeks to profit from the markets in a particular way.
To be able to invest with Zulutrade you need to know what they are, to know their strengths and weaknesses, and to be clear about what you can expect from each of them.

6. How to find the best Signal Providers for you

It’s not enough to know what strategy you want to implement and what are the categories of Signal Provider you want to use. You must also know how to find them.
Zulutrade provides a sophisticated advanced search system, a key tool that allows you to search accurately the Signal Providers you want, avoiding all the background noise.

7. How to create your successful portfolio

Investing means managing a portfolio of assets for the production of a profit. In Social Trading with Zulutrade your assets will be the Signal Providers.
You need to know how to build an efficient portfolio of Signal Providers, in order properly set your strategy and your risk and reward objectives.

8. How to leverage the portfolio simulation

Having a demo account to be able to do tests is an interesting thing, but to have a real simulator is another matter entirely. With the Zulutrade simulation tool you can simulate reactions, behaviors and possible scenarios of your portfolio.
There’s nothing better, and we show you how to do it to get the greatest benefit possible.

9. How to manage the activity of a Signal Provider

You are ready to kick off your investment in Social Trading with Zulutrade, you have finally decided the strategy, the conformation of the portfolio, the Signal Providers to follow and the lot size to assign them.
You just have to connect them to your account. It might seems the most trivial thing to do, but there are different ways to do it. Ditto for when you decide to disconnect them. Always remember, there’s nothing granted.

10. How to manage your account professionally

Your investment in Social Trading via Zulutrade should not only be created, it should also be controlled and managed from time to time. Your money are moving and you need to know how to handle them.
There are not only the technical aspects of the Fund Management, there are also and especially the psychological ones. Underestimate them can be a source of major difficulties in the development of your strategy.

11. How to find and request refunds

Although very few times, but it happens that some trading transactions are not replicated to perfection. Zulutrade certainly does not hide itself, and is ready to repay where rightly due.
We have developed an Excel tool to quickly search among all the replicated transactions if there are the conditions to request a refund. Everything at your fingertips.

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