The registration to the Investing GOLD Membership is free!

Here are the simple and very quick steps to become in a few minutes an INVESTING GOLD user.


numero uno



etoro url ref Click on this affiliate link, the page you see in the picture below will open.

As soon as the page is loaded, make sure in the url there’s our affiliate REF: “utm_source=52301”.

The “REF” is placed at the end of the url, so if you don’t see it immediately, scroll to the end to be sure is present. Be careful, this point is crucial.



numero due



eToro formFill in all the parts of the form in the page.

Confirm by clicking the “subscribe” button.

You can also register through Facebook, simply by clicking “Connect with Facebook”.


Do not use the button: ” Have an account? Sign in”

To become one of our affiliates, you need to open a new account through our link. This will require you to enter a different email to that already registered in eToro for another account (of course, provided that you have already subscribed in eToro in the past).









numero tre



Completed the registration process, you will end etoro feedup in your profile, in the “My Feed” section.

The section will be bare, and in addition to pointing you your username and the balance of your account, which will be zero, it will give you the opportunity, by clicking the button at the top right, to make a deposit.

Click the button at the top right “Fund your account.”



numero quattro



etoro fundetoro payment methodsFill in the two sections to process your payment:

  • The first page will require your personal data.
    Fill in all the fields, they will be necessary for billing and for subsequent withdrawals.
  • The second page is for the payment.
    Here you have to select the amount you wish to deposit into your eToro account and decide the payment method to proceed with the transaction. Minimum deposit for Copy Trading $ 100.
    By default, the credit card method is proposed, which is the quickest way.















– If you followed the previous steps
– If you have depositted the money at eToro
– If the funds are visible within your eToro account

… Then you are qualified, you are ready to go!

Get my Gold Membership

If you already have an eToro account, but it has not been activated through our affiliate link, you can:

  • Close the account and activate a new one through our affiliate link following the procedure. It will take a few days, but trust me, it’s worth it.
  • Open an additional account, this time following the procedure;

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