The registration to the Investing GOLD Membership is free!!!

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affiliate urlHere are the simple and rapid steps to become in a few minutes an INVESTING GOLD user!!!

Click on this affiliate link, the page you see in the image on the right will open.

Make sure that, in the url in the top left, there’s one of our two affiliate REF: “ref = 1288530” or “investingoal“.

As you can see the “REF” is placed in the end of the url. If you don’t see it slide until the end and be sure that our “REF” is present. Be careful, this point is crucial.



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select brokerOn this page you have to select the broker with which you want to open the trading account you will connect to Zulutrade.

The brokers are many. If you already have one and you want to use the Zulutrade service with that one, then you have to select it from the list. If it’s the first time or you want to use a new one you’ll have to make your choice among the many available.

At the top of the page you can find a series of filters to facilitate the search of the broker.

Moving the mouse over the brokers’ icons you receive a further explanatory description of the salient features of each.

You are free to decide to use what you already have or what inspires you the most.

Despite this, we would like to bring to your attention to two important aspects:

  • AAAFX is the brokerage firm directly owned by Zulutrade, so the broker’s servers are in the same place of the Zulutrade’s ones. This translates into a trading signals replica more precise and instantaneous;
  • The conditions for reimbursement that Zulutrade grants in case of poorly replicated operations are better for AAAFX customers, compared to those provided for the customers of all the other Brokers.


number three

AAAFXIf among all the brokers you would choose AAAFX, then you will see a screen like the one on your right.

You must fill out the registration form, deposit your funds within the account just opened, and your adventure will begin.

You can skip to step 10.

Conversely, if you have selected another broker, skip this step 3 and moved to step 4.







number four



other BrokerIn case you should choose a broker other than AAAFX, as you see from the image to your left, you will need to communicate to Zulutrade if you want to open a new account with that broker, or if you already have one properly working.

If so, Zulutrade asks you to enter the account ID number to be able to locate it and connect to its systems.





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Zulutrade formNow you have to fill in the registration form for the Zulutrade social trading service.

All the details you have to enter must be correct, because your investment (i.e. your money) will be managed through Zulutrade.








number six



Zulutrade confirm registrationAfter completing the registration process in Zulutrade, you’ll end up in a confirmation and summary page, from which you’ll have access to a subsequent page for opening the trading account with the broker you have chosen.









number seven



other broker formFill out the form for opening your account with the broker. The page you see to your right is purely indicative, each broker will submit a personal registration page

PLEASE NOTE: This step is not intended for all those users who already have an account with the broker and that, on step 4 , have entered their account number.






number eight



broker registration confirmBy now, you’ve enabled both the Zulutrade account, and the broker account. Now you have to sign an authorization to your broker to authorize him to replicate the operations that will be sent by Zulutrade, based on the instructions you will provide.

To do this you have to download the form, read it, sign it and send it to your broker in the manner he will describe you.

As you see, in this screen you can:

  • download the document to be signed;
  • skip the passage because you have already done it;
  • return to the previous section to complete the registration to the broker


number nine



AgreementThis is an example of a form to authorize the broker to execute the signals sent from Zulutrade.

In many cases you will not even need to download the template but the whole thing will be managed in the broker’s platform. This is at the broker’s discretion.















number ten




Procedure completedOnce completed all the above steps, you will arrive exactly in the screenshot to your left. Here Zulutrade informs you that the registration was completed successfully.

It also advises that, to work with them, you need to:

  • Sign and send the authorization form to the broker to execute the signals sent by Zulutrade, that of the paragraph 9;
  • That no more than 5 days will pass for the broker to activate the link with Zulutrade, and that if he should take more you should contact your broker;
  • To activate the Zulutrade account you must deposit your money into your new account with the broker, so they ask you to get in touch with him to understand the modalities for the payment.

PLEASE NOTE: at every registration stage, Zulutrade provides, at the top right, two buttons. With one, you can open a free demo account, but that it’s not enough for the Investing GOLD membership, and with the other you can request a fast chat support in case you need it.


– If you followed the previous steps
– If you have sent all the documents to your broker and they have been verified and confirmed
– If you have deposit the funds to your broker
– If the funds are visible from your Zulutrade account

…then you are eligible, and you are ready to go!

Get My Gold Membership

If you already have a Zulutrade account, but not activated with our affiliate link, you can:

  • Close the account and reopen it following our affiliate link. It will take a few days, but trust me, it’s worth it!!!
  • Open an additional account, this time following the procedure above;

Please note important regulatory changes on investment are under way, which is why, for European costumers, the only broker you can choose is the Zulutrade proprietary broker, namely “AAAFX”.

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