Tools for Social Trading

to enhance your investment performance

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Free eBooks

The first step toward the full Social Trading knowledge. Download our Free eBooks, start with the right steps, and avoid the common mistakes

Signal Style

Optimize your analysis of the ZuluTrade Signal Providers’ performance. Take advantage of the tools. Maximize your performance, discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Cash Flow

Want to have your financial situation under control? Revenues, expenditures, assets, liabilities, goals, all in one file? Download Cash Flow now.

GOLD Tools


TThe Forex market is OTC, this means sometimes a perfect signals replication is not easy. ZuluTrade allows you to ask for a reimbursement, use our Refund tool to immediately calculate it.


The most important tool provided by ZuluTrade is the Excel spreadsheet, with all the details of the trades executed by the Signal Provider. Analyzer exploits it with an unprecedented depth of analysis.

Max DD

EToro does not provide a Drawdown value considering the whole history of the trader. Use our tool and quickly calculate the overall Max Drawdown value.

Asset Allocation Master

Calculate in just a few clicks the right Lot Size Value, depending on the currency pairs on which you operate and the currency of your account. Optimize your Money Management.

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