ZuluTrade Analyzer Tool – How to discover the trader’s strategy

Analyzer is a really useful tool to analyze Signal Providers.

It allows you to take advantage of the excel sheet that Zulutrade has made available to you. This document gives you the details of all the trades made by the Signal Provider.

It’s the most powerful analysis tool that Zulutrade provides to its follower, but obviously, if you know how to use it.

Using Analyzer you will, with a simple click:

  • Understand at a glance if you are in front of a trader who applies martingale strategies;
  • Have right away an overview on the solidity of the strategy applied by the Signal Provider;
  • Cross in an immediate way the parameters that allow you a more detailed analysis of the trader’s strategy;
  • Having detailed charts (histogram and pie) to evaluate the best optimization solutions such as Safe Stop, Safe Limit, Offset Pips and Trailing Stop.


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Analyzer to deepen the knowledge of a Signal Provider

One of the most underestimated tool by the follower is precisely the excel sheet that Zulutrade let you download for each Signal Provider.

Obviously, all the parameters that are listed on the Signal Provider’s personal profile are very important, with whom you have a chance to get a lot of information. But the Excel sheet beats them all by far.

Analyzer Signal Provider
It allows you to see the detail of each transaction:

  • Currency Pair;
  • Trade’s direction (short/long);
  • Lot size;
  • Date Open e Date Closed;
  • Highest gain and Worst Drawdown;
  • …and many more


We have always promoted the punctual study of the trader’s strategy to be able to identify precisely the Signal Provider to whom you are entrusting your capital.

A full analysis, precise and details, will let you understand the risk of the strategy used by the trader, facilitating a lot of choices.

A strategy Risk/Reward should not be considered by focusing only on the single Signal provider, but it must be placed in a more complex portfolio logic, where there are multiple Signal Providers.

For this reason, it becomes indispensable to evaluate as many parameters as possible, by crossing each other, so as to increase the depth of the analysis.

All this, until now, has required long time and a lot of manual labor. For this reason we decided to implement a program to do it for us automatically.

Now, it’s at your disposal.


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