Asset Allocation Master Instructions

number one

Download the software for free

On the previous page you have downloaded the program.


Open the “Asset Allocation Master” Excel file

Locate within your PC the Asset Allocation Master file just downloaded and open it.

number two

number three

Download the Excel spreadsheet of the operations performed by the Signal Provider.

Login to your Zulutrade real or demo account and enter the personal profile of the Signal Provider you wish to analyze. In the section on the bottom right, as you can see from the image, you can find the function key “export to Excel”.

Click on the button, Zulutrade will give you the opportunity to choose the Excel format you want (version 2003 or 2007). Make the choice consistently with the system you are using and complete the process downloading the file.

export to excel
number four

Open the file you just downloaded

Locate within your pc the Excel file you just downloaded from the Signal Provider’s profile and open it.
Usually the file is named: “TradeHistory_signalprovidername”.

number five

At this point you have two Excel files open

The concerned files are:

  • Our Asset Allocation Master tool;
  • the file with the Signal Provider’s operations (which usually shows the name TradeHistory_signalprovidername);
number six

Copy the data of the Signal Provider spreadsheet and paste it in the Asset Allocation Master empty spreadsheet.

STEP 1: from the Signal Provider Excel, the one with the name “TradeHistory_signalprovidername”, select with the left mouse button the square that you find in the upper left, as you can see from the image.

After clicking on the box all the cells of the Excel spreadsheet will be selected.

At this point you have to copy what you have selected and you can do it in two ways:

  • holding down on the keyboard the “CTRL” button and pressing “C” (CTRL + C);
  • or by clicking with the right mouse button in the usual square in the upper left and selecting “copy”.

Again as you can see from the image, the selected part changes color and, once it has been copied, the edges become dashed.

STEP 2: move on our Signal Style Excel file, on the sheet “Input data”, and paste the copied part.

First, select the cell A1 with the left mouse button, and proceed to paste what you have copied in two ways:

  • holding down on the keyboard “CTRL” button and pressing “V” (CTRL + V);
  • or by clicking with the right mouse button in the cell A1 and then selecting “Paste”.
all selectionincolla
number seven

Run the KELLY Criterion calculation

As you can see from the image to your right, click on the “calculate the Kelly Criterion”, which is in the “OUTPUT DATA” worksheet.

The program will perform the calculation and report the result in the “KELLY %” field. Note it down, it will serve you for the next step.

Follow steps from 3 to 7 for each signal provider that you intend to follow.

number eight

The portfolio composition

As you can see from the image to your left, enter the value of the capital share you want to use to replicate the operation of or Signal Provider.

Then, for each Signal Provider you want to follow, insert:

  • The name of the signal provider;
  • The Kelly Criterion percentage calculate in the step 7;
  • The Signal Provider’s Max Drawdown.


If you don’t know how to extract it you can use our tools, or follow the directions that you find in the sheet “INSTRUCTIONS”.

Filled out the fields, click on the green button “CALCULATE”.

The system will automatically calculate the lot size to be assigned to each Signal Provider, and it will show the result in standard, mini and micro lots. This way you will have the right value to be inserted according to the lot size reading mode set on your Zulutrade account. We recommend setting your Zulutrade account for standard lots, that is the universally used setting.

To keep memory of the values you can print the results by clicking on “PRINT”.

Asset Allocation Master

Personal Advice

To have the “Asset Allocation Master” Excel file always ready to make analysis, never save the changes, that way you’ll always start from the beginning. Otherwise, simply create a copy of the file and work on that.

Should you have saved some changes, and you could not make the calculations as I have described, then download the file again from our site, you can download it as many times as you want.

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