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Cash Flow is the software that allows you to focus on your ability to generate wealth and makes it possible to attain your investment goals.

By filling out the software with the various profit and cost items divided by class, and indicating your goals and the necessary capital to achieve them, the software will perform the necessary calculations to determine your financial freedom index, also showing you how far you are economically from the achievement of your goals.

With concrete data, you will have the opportunity to take better decisions and to figure out where you should invest your money, what investments you should enhance, how to diversify the investments to reduce risk and, no less important, what are the cost items that can be optimized.


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The Evolved investor

The evolved investor is one who has realized that the way to become financially free is not to work harder to make more money, but rather to make sure that money itself work independently to generate more wealth.

We believe the evolved investor should pursue two objectives:

  • Achieving his financial freedom;
  • Reach his life objectives.

In some cases it’s possible for them to be the same, in other cases not.


The financial freedom and the Objectives

The concepts of financial freedom and life objectives are different for each of us. Everyone has different needs dictated by the standard of living he wants to achieve, by the place he want to live and by many other factors.

However, what is common is the method for achieving the financial freedom and reaching the objectives:

  • To be financially independent it’s necessary in all cases to pursue those actions that will help you generate a steady cash flow, detached from personal work.
  • To reach the life goals it’s necessary to quantify the economic effort and have a plan to follow.

Believing in this, we have created for ourselves a software where inserting in synergy the various automatic cash flow, the cost items, along with the goals we set for ourselves and the resources needed to achieve them.libertà finanziaria e obiettivi

In this way we can control the expense items that can be optimized, the profit items that can be implemented and the economic distance to the achievement of our goals, that year after year we to update and monitor.

The calculation program is very simple, but uses most of the solid logic required for the achievement of financial freedom.

This makes it a valuable support tool and a valuable incentive for your personal improvement.

Satisfied with the result, we decided to share it with you.

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