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Download the software for free

Click on the right Download button and download the tool which is right for your system.



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Open the “MaxDD” Excel file

Locate within your PC the MaxDD file just downloaded and open it.


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Individua le caratteristiche operative dell’investitoreIdentify the operational characteristics of the investor.

Login to eToro with your real or demo account and enter the statistics section of the trader you wish to analyze.

The first module, located at the top of the statistics section, shows the histograms representing the performance of the investor.
In the lower part you will find the monthly results, divided annually. Selecting the year you want to analyze, this will be highlighted and shown graphically with monthly histograms in the upper part.

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Performance in order from the oldest

The performance data will have to be inserted into the tool from the oldest to the most current.

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At this point you have two files open

The concerned files are:

  • our MaxDD software;
  • The screen with the operations of the traders, divided by years and months, which you’ll have to consider from the oldest result.


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Manually enter the data into the MaxDD Excel.

You will need to transfer all the data related to the performance of the trader within the Input sheet of the “MaxDD” Excel. To do this you will need to enter them manually from the oldest, and writing it manually starting from the highest cell. Following, you will insert all the subsequent values.

Although the values you will find on the statistics section will be percentages, the data you will enter will be numbers without the “percentage” symbol.

This is an important element because, by entering the data incorrectly, when you will proceed with the calculation the tool will return an untrusted value.

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Performing the calculation

Select the “Output data” sheet and click the big green button “CALCULATE

The program will do all the calculations and give you the Max Drawdown value!


Personal Advice

To have the “MaxDD” Excel file always ready to make analysis, never save the changes, that way you’ll always start from the beginning. Otherwise, simply create a copy of the file and work on that.

Should you have saved some changes, and you could not make the calculations as I have described, then download the file again from our site, you can download it as many times as you want.

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