Refund Instructions

number one

Download the software for free

On the previous page you have downloaded the program.

Open the “Refund” Excel file

Locate within your PC the Signal Style file just downloaded and open it.

number two

number three

Download the Excel spreadsheet of the operations performed by the Signal Provider.

Login to your Zulutrade real or demo account and enter the personal profile of the Signal Provider you wish to analyze. In the section on the bottom right, as you can see from the image, you can find the function key “export to Excel”.

Click on the button, Zulutrade will give you the opportunity to choose the Excel format you want (version 2003 or 2007). Make the choice consistently with the system you are using and complete the process downloading the file.

export to excel
number four

Open the file you just downloaded

Locate within your pc the Excel file you just downloaded from the Signal Provider’s profile and open it.
Usually the file is named: “TradeHistory_signalprovidername”.

number five

Coloring the excel sheet

Before proceeding, click on the yellow button which is usually located at the top of the spreadsheet. This allows you to make changes on the sheet you just downloaded.

At this point, color the cells of the “TradeHistory_nomedelsignalprovider” spreadsheet. To do that you have to click, as in the image, the little square in the upper left of the table, so to select all the columns and lines of the sheet. Having expanded the selection to the entire sheet, you can proceed to coloration it by clicking on the bucket, which will open a color palette. Choose the one you prefer.

Warning, only the cells of this spreadsheet have to be colored. This will allow you to distinguish them in subsequent steps.

enable changescolora il foglio excel
number six

Download the Excel spreadsheet of the transactions replicated in your account for a single Signal Provider

Go to the section “History” passing from “My Account”.

This page shows the details of your account’s performance. Select the tab of the Signal Provider you wish to examine, so that the system only reports the data of his operations replicated. Then click on the “export to Excel”.

my accountsingol signal
number seven

Open this file too

Locate the file just downloaded within your pc and open it.

Usually the file is named: “TradeHistory_youraccountnumber”

number eight

Delete the “Signal Provider” column

Compared to the previous file you will have an extra column. The first column in fact, instead of “Provider Ticket” is “Signal Provider”.

After enabling the changes (as we did for the previous file), eliminates this first column.

To do this you need to position the mouse on the column “A”, as in the image, and click with the right mouse button. Two things happen:

all the column “A” is selected;

a drop down menu opens up from which you have to click “Delete”.

This way, the “Provider Ticket” values are moved in the column A.

delete column
number nine

At this point you have three excel files open

The concerned files are:

  • Our Refund tool;
  • The file with the Signal Provider’s trades (which usually is named TradeHistory_signalprovidername)
  • The file with the replication of that Signal Provider’s trades on your follower account (which usually is named TradeHistory_youraccountnumber)

Now you have to execute the following operations exactly in the described order, otherwise the calculations of the system will be reversed.

number ten

Copy the data of the Signal Provider spreadsheet and paste it in the Refund sheet

From Signal Provider Excel spreadsheet, the one called “TradeHistory_signalprovidername”, select with the left mouse button from cell A1 to the last filled cell, as you can see from the image. As column width you have to select until “N” that, as you can see, is the last filled.

At this point you have to copy what you have selected and you can do it in two ways:

  • holding down the “CTRL” keyboard key and pressing “C” (CTRL + C);
  • clicking the right mouse button in the selected area and selecting “Copy”.

Again as you can see from the image, the selected part changes color and, once it has been copied, the edges of the copied part remain dashed.

Afterwards, in the Refund Excel, within the “input data” sheet, paste the copied part. First you have to select the A1 cell with the left mouse button and proceed to paste what you have copied in two ways:

  • holding down the “CTRL” keyboard key and pressing the “V” (CTRL + V);
  • or by clicking with the right mouse button in the A1 cell and then selecting “Paste”.
number eleven

Copy the replicated trades data and paste them into the “Refund” Excel

Copy the contents present in the Excel reporting the operations replicated on your account, the file named “TradeHistory_youraccountnumber” and paste them into the Refund Excel.

To select and copy the content you want to analyze you must proceed exactly as you did before with the excel that contains the data of the transactions made by the Signal Provider.

Warning!!! Do not copy also the first line with the description of the columns content, start from the “A2” cell.

As you can see from the image I have selected the same time period. There are less replicated operations but this is due to a series of optimizations that we of Investingoal use and that we explain in our courses.

Proceed then to paste the copied part, selecting the first free cell after the pasted content from the Signal Provider trades sheet. The methods to paste the copied contents are always the same, (CTRL + V) or right mouse button.

number twelve

Results of the copy-paste

If you’ve done everything correctly you should be faced with a situation similar to the image:

  • An initial colored block, representing the operations copied and pasted by the excel “TradeHistory_signalprovidername” and that contains the data of the transactions made by the Signal Provider;
  • A block without any color, which corresponds to the “TradeHistory_youraccountnumber” excel sheet data and that contains the Signal Provider’s trades replicated on your account.

For the calculation to be performed properly it’s important that the first block of data is related to the transactions made by the Signal Provider, while the second block to the list of transactions replicated on your account.

After this you have completed the difficult part.

Once you understand the process, the operation is really fast.

double paste
number thirteen

Executing the calculation

From the “output data” sheet click on the green “broker AAAFX calculate” button if your broker is AAAFX, or on “other broker calculate” if you have any other broker.

I want to emphasize that to show you how the program works I had to manually edit the Excel spreadsheet since I could not find bad replicated trades (a good thing after all).

broker calculator
number fourteen

Printing the outcome

Once the calculations have been done, you have the option to print or create a PDF with the details of the reported transactions.

Simply click on “print” and the preview will automatically open, as you can see from the image.

Enter your name, the number of your account, and the concerned Signal Provider.


Personal Advice

To have the “Refund” Excel file always ready to make analysis, never save the changes, that way you’ll always start from the beginning. Otherwise, simply create a copy of the file and work on that.

Should you have saved some changes, and you could not make the calculations as I have described, then download the file again from our site, you can download it as many times as you want.


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