ZuluTrade Refund tool – Discover easily where you can be refunded

This tool has been designed to allow the evolved Zulutrade investor to analyze the correct trades replica on his follower account, easily and quickly.

With one click you can analyze all the transactions replicated in your account, and identify those for which you can request a refund to Zulutrade.

With this program both the Zulutrade clients with AAAFX broker, and all the other clients with other brokers, can automatically calculate the refunds.

Zulutrade, in fact, has a management policy that facilitates the refund to those customers who use the AAAFX broker.


Refund with broker AAAFX

The Zulutrade customers with AAAFX as broker may request a refund for all the operations with a lack of replication of more than 3 pips and with a delay of execution of more than 5 seconds, regardless if the trades  have been closed in profit or loss.


Refund for all other brokers

For customers of all other brokers refunds may be requested only for transactions with replication defects (3 pips and 5 second delay execution) closed at a loss.


The tool allows you to print, in hard copy or PDF, a document to be filled in with:

  • Name;
  • Surname;
  • Zulutrade account number;
  • Signal Provider’s name.


The document will automatically contain:

  • The analyzed period;
  • The total of transactions to be refunded;
  • The total of pips to be refunded;
  • A list of all the operations that have a replication defect and for which the refund may be required, with the details of ticket providers, brokers ticket, type, currency, etc…

Obviously, all in just one click.


Why the Refund

As you know, the Social Trading consists of replicating the operations of experienced traders you have personally selected.

Due to the volatility of the market and, albeit minimal, some differences between the brokers’ listing, it’s possible for the replication process to not run perfectly.

Why the Refund
This may result in differences between the operation executed by the Signal Provider and that one replicated on your follower account. Sometimes these differences will be in your favor, therefore you will cash out more than the Signal Provider you are replicating, or you will lose less than what he lose. Other times instead they will be against you, and you will gain less, or lose more.

These are precisely the cases in which we can intervene with the Zulutrade refund.

Zulutrade is one of the few Social Trading companies that reimburse operations poorly replicated. We talk about it in detail in Zulutrade refund lesson.

Zulutrade provides all the tools necessary to perform these checks. If on the Zulutrade side there’s all the possible transparency and good will, on the follower’s side, therefore on yours, there has to be unfortunately (not anymore) a great job of verification.

Depending on how many signal providers you choose to follow, and how many operations they do daily, before our program you would have performed lengthy and tiring controls, until probably you would have quit the verification routine.

Here is where InvestinGoal took action.

We found ourselves in first person facing long sessions of analysis and control, and like you, we found them very boring, but still very important. To resolve the situation we have created Refund, the tool that performs these calculations for us, quickly and with a single click.

From today it’s at your disposal.


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