Here we are finally to the conclusion of this course on investing with Social Trading.

It’s been a long journey, but this way we have been able to really touch the key topics that are critical for the success in this discipline.

If you have followed all the path we have suggested in this “Learn” section, now you have all the information to really know what the art of investing is, how it’s applied in Social Trading, and the market in which you will operate mostly, that is Forex, the foreign exchange market.

Now, to move to the last free course of the Learn section, your next step is to open your Social Trading account with the two most famous and valuable companies in the world: Zulutrade and eToro.

You can open a demo account with both, to begin working with the exact same features you can find in a real account. We recommend that you open your demo account through our affiliate links, with NO additional cost:

It’s time to invest with Social Trading

So, here we are.

Now it’s time for you to really begin to invest with the Social Trading.

With your demo account in hand, we recommend you to explore all the available features and practice in general as much as possible. Do not make the mistake of starting to take decisions lightly, or even worse randomly, just because “the account is demo…”

Get used immediately to make smart and reasoned decisions, even though you may not have yet all the advanced knowledge required to operate as a true professional.

For now you have to get familiar with Social Trading, with the tool you will use. Start to observe the Signal Providers and the investors, try to interpret their performances through what you have learned so far.

I know you won’t resist the temptation to start following some traders, and I would say it’s the case that you do it. A demo account is also made for this. Just don’t be surprised if by chance strange things happen or your start losing without even realizing it. It’s ok, it can happen if you don’t have the right advanced knowledge.

But this is definitely not a problem.

You’ll have the chance to understand how to analyze practically a trader, which are specifically his strengths and weaknesses and how to identify them, how to really calculate possible risks, and above all, how to build a well-balanced people-based portfolio and how to manage it over time.

Your journey in this new investment opportunity is about to begin. Let’s start by opening an account with the two leading companies in this field: ZuluTrade and eToro.

Then, you have two free courses to start demo-investing with both these companies:

This is a journey that, if done properly, can give you a lot of personal, emotional, but of course, for what matters us the most, especially economic satisfactions.


#1 History of Social Trading #1
#2 Key Players in Social Trading #2
#3 Signals replication process in Social Trading #3
#4 Being a Signal Provider in Social Trading #4
#5 Being a Follower in Social Trading #5
#6 Signal Providers characteristics #6
#7 Signal Provider categories #7
#8 Risk factor in Social Trading #8
#9 Equity Line and Drawdown in Social Trading #9
#10 Money Management principles in Social Trading #10
#11 Expectations in Social Trading #11
#12 Social Trading Guide overview #12

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