Are you looking for a tutorial to open a Demo Account on Tradeo and learn everything you can do with it?

We have everything you need.

When you have decided you like a reputable social trading platform, such as Tradeo, it is always advised you try out a demo account for at least a week or two to learn how it works.

Open a Tradeo Demo Account (CFD Service. 80.6% lose money)

There’s no point signing up and paying the deposit if you later decide you hate the service.

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  • Regulated: FCA
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Darwinex logo
  • Regulated: FCA
  • Platforms: MT4/MT5 for desktop, iOS, Android
  • Min. Deposit: $500
(77% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

Review of Tradeo’s Demo Account

Tradeo is the result of more than three years of investment and research into social trading, and you can really see it when you test out their demo account.

The demo account is smooth and easy to operate, and aesthetically it is very light on the eyes and doesn’t bombard you with too much data to get lost in.

Click here to open a Tradeo Demo Account now (CFD Service. 80.6% lose money)

Tradeo Demo Account Characteristics

  • Despite the account being a demo, you can still copy real trades that are actually happening with real money (though your money, of course, is not real). This a huge plus because you get to experience the real environment, not a simulation. They can be found under the ‘TRADES’ column on the Social WebTrader or from the sidebar under ‘TRADERS’, which also highlights their editor’s picks.
  • Perhaps one of Tradeo’s biggest pros is that it gives it’s users tips and explainers as commentary. This is incredibly useful for newbies who don’t understand what all the buttons do. A new user can just hover over them and a small explainer pops up.
  • No time limit. You can test this demo out as long as you want, which is a huge plus for those who either really want to figure out how it works or those who don’t have too much free time.
  • 50,000 virtual money in your own currency which is plenty to play around with. Bear in mind, if you live in a country that doesn’t use a major currency pair such USD, EUR, GBP or JPY, your account will automatically be in USD.
  • Customizable profile settings. You don’t necessarily have to put your full name and job title for example. You can even choose to make your profile invisible.
  • You do not need to deposit money to use the demo or any identification. You only need these if you want to create a real account.
  • Get daily breakdown emails from Tradeo, just like a normal user.
  • After your account has been set up, Tradeo will try to reach you by phone to push you into trading. If you miss their call, they will keep calling until they get an answer. When you finally speak to them, don’t give in to them, just stick with your demo for now. If you ask them to stop calling they will.
  • A limited amount of traders to follow. You will notice the same names popping up in your trades newsfeed quite often. This is because Tradeo is still quite young and still developing a following.
  • Cannot test the signals feature unless you create a real account.
  • As a demo user, you are unable to message other traders or broadcast posts

How to open a Tradeo Demo Account

The whole process can be done in a matter of minutes with no need to submit any documentation or a deposit.

Step 1: Finding the demo account

Opening an account is relatively easy, however, you won’t find it by simply Googling “tradeo demo account”, that will just lead you in circles around the web looking for a mythical demo account.

Instead, you need to go directly to Tradeo’s website and click ‘SIGN UP’ (circled in red in the top right-hand corner of the picture below), or alternatively, just click here.

tradeo demo account

As obvious as that may sound, Tradeo doesn’t seem to explain anywhere else on its site how to set up specifically a demo account. You need to sign up and create a kind of ‘master account’ first, which gives you the option to open either a demo account or a real account.

Step 2: Your details

tradeo demo tutorial

When signing up you will need to provide the following:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • A password
  • Phone number (you’ll need to select your country code if it isn’t correct)

Once you have entered the above, you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by ticking the box at the bottom, and then click the big green button that says, ‘START NOW’.

Alternatively, you can also sign up with either a Google account or via Facebook (options on the top), though you will need to verify your phone number. This option is quicker as your details are just automatically sent.

If you have entered all the details correctly, you will automatically be sent to a new page (your dashboard which you will see in the next step) and you will also receive a “Welcome to Tradeo!” email to confirm you are signed up (don’t worry, no activation code is needed).

tradeo account confirmation email

Step 3: Selecting the demo account

Now your account has been created you will be taken directly to your dashboard, which looks like this:

tradeo account dashboard

You have three options to pick from:

  • Auto-copy entire portfolios
  • Trade with Real Money
  • $50,000 demo account.

All you need to do is click on the demo account option in the middle and it automatically sets it up for you and you can start testing it out, it’s that simple. You will see options to upload documents, but you don’t need to do this unless you are going to open a real account.

What type of trader are you?

77% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Step 4: Start (demo) trading

After clicking on the demo option, you will automatically be taken to the Social WebTrader, which will look like this:

tradeo demo trading

This is where you conduct the majority of your trades and probably where you’ll spend most of your time. And now you’re free to test out the demo for as long as you’d like!


Getting a Tradeo demo account is hugely beneficial not only for those who are interested in Tradeo, but also those who want to learn how to trade or how social trading works.

Open a Tradeo Demo Account (CFD Service. 80.6% lose money)

That said, there are some features you cannot test with a demo account, such as trade signals or messaging, and the social network part of the platform doesn’t offer much aside from the ability to copy trades, which heavily limits the interaction experience for demo users.

eToro 5 stars
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  • Regulated: CySec, FCA, AFS
  • Platforms: Proprietary
  • Min. Deposit: $200
etoro logo
  • Regulated: CySec, FCA, AFS
  • Platforms: Proprietary
  • Min. Deposit: $200

76% of retail CFD accounts lose money