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Did you search Tradeo review to figure out Tradeo’s real value?

Would you like to fully understand if Tradeo is reliable or if it’s a scam?

Do you want to find out everything you can do with Tradeo, expert opinions, and user reviews?


In this Tradeo review, you’ll find everything you need to dispel any doubt, including our feedback on Tradeo, both practical and technical, after years of experience on the platform.

The best thing you could is to open a free demo account to try out first-hand the Tradeo platform, to be able to fully follow this review.


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The Fundamentals – Tradeo’s Company Information to Assure Users of Their Integrity

The successes of any company are built upon reliable foundations. Throughout this Tradeo review, we will see that they are no different.

As a trader, the first important points you will be seeking to establish are that the company is both genuine and of good standing.

Tradeo 5 stars
Tradeo logo
  • Regulated: CySEC
  • Platforms: Tradeo Web Platform, MT4 Web Platform
  • Min. Deposit: $250
Tradeo logo
  • Regulated: CySEC
  • Platforms: Tradeo Web Platform, MT4 Web Platform
  • Min. Deposit: $250
(76-81% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

Is Tradeo a scam? Is Tradeo reliable? Tradeo review and legal opinions

Firstly, it is vital to point out that Tradeo is not a scam.

The company is fully licensed and regulated both by CySEC and IFSC.

Founded in 2012, the company changed hands in 2017, but continues to operate under full regulatory oversight of the bodies mentioned previously. is operated through UR Trade Fix Ltd, which is a Cypriot investment Firm, with being operated by Belize based investment firm Delwyn Trading Ltd.

Both companies fall under the umbrella of the Tradeo ST Pte. Ltd. This company was incorporated on 10th October 2017 as the corporate holding to facilitate the purchase of the Tradeo Company.

Legally, Tradeo is operating under the regulations and authority of the IFSC and is fully registered and compliant with all legal requirements.

Although they have changed direction since originally founded as a social trading platform by Jonathon Advest in 2012, this has not impacted the fact that Tradeo have acted within regulation on all trading matters. Essentially, this means that after reading this Tradeo review in its entirety, investors should be left in no doubt about the trusted legal status of the company.

When I make a deposit to Tradeo, where does my money go?

As with any other broker or regulated social trading platform, your deposit does not go directly to the personal financial accounts of the company or any of its directors.

Due to regulatory requirements, your deposits will be placed in separate accounts held with top-tier banking institutions. This degree of separation is required by regulation and provides a large degree of protection to the user in the case of bankruptcy, or embezzlement.

Tradeo reviews these processes on a regular basis to ensure legal compliance, as well as being bound by the oversight of both local and international authorities.

Is Tradeo regulated? Tradeo Regulations – Tradeo license opinions

Yes. Tradeo is fully regulated and licensed.

This is done in Cyprus through UR Trade Fix Ltd, a Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF) which is regulated and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange commission with CIF License number 282/15 and Company registration number HE336677. This company operates is operated through Belizean company Delwyn Trading Limited. This company is supervised and regulated by the International Financial Service Commissions (IFSC) with license number IFSC/60/284/TS/17 and company registration number 126444.

Ultimately, both companies fall under the control of Singapore based Tradeo ST PTE Ltd. This means that Tradeo is regulated in a variety of jurisdictions around the world all of which are highly respected.

CySEC approval and registration is not something which is possessed lightly or by companies who are engaged in any substandard regulatory performance. Being part of the EU means that Cyprus has to abide by extremely stringent regulations in terms of financial regulation and recently vastly improved their consumer data protections.

This can all lead to the conclusion that Tradeo is highly regulated and operating within the upper bounds of transparency and positive ethical standards.

How to check the Tradeo licenses

Here we have prepared access to the relevant licenses for current and potential traders to review Tradeo and the regulatory bodies through which they are controlled. These are both highly recognized licensing authorities which operate with the highest standards in the industry.

We have also prepared a link to ACRA, the official company registrar of Singapore for users to inspect the registration information of the overall holding company for the Tradeo Group.

What type of trader are you?

76-81% of retail CFD accounts lose money

What type of broker is Tradeo? Tradeo technical opinions

Tradeo, like other social trading brokers and platforms, operates on an STP (Straight-through Processing) model. This means that users can be assured of the most direct access to the markets when compared with other operations.

Ultimately, this means that Tradeo users do not pay any commissions on trading as would be common with many other dealing desk style brokers.

How does Tradeo profit?

Similar to many brokers, Tradeo achieves the majority of their profits through a marginal charge on the spread which they offer users. There are a number of other, more complex ways in which social trading brokers, and platforms can increase profits, you can read about some of these methods by clicking here.

The reality though stands that Tradeo is one of the most transparent companies in the marketplace when it comes to pricing and fees.

Where is the legal office of Tradeo?

Due to being regulated by several authorities worldwide, there are three accompanying registered legal addresses for Tradeo.

UR Trade Fix Ltd. (
333, 28th October street,
Ariadne House,
CY-3106 Limassol,

Delwyn Trading Ltd. (
No. 5 Cork Street,
Belize City, Belize, C.A.

Tradeo ST PTE. LTD. (Main Legal Office)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#10-15 The Central

Each of these addressed are registered with the local authorities under the licensing terms of the company and each can also be accessed by clicking on the related links in the previous license section.

tradeo review

Tradeo Features Reviews – Everything you can do with Tradeo

In this section of our Tradeo review, we will get down to business in outlining the range of features which Tradeo offers, how you can use them best, and how you can find and utilize some of the best social trading guides in the business to help you progress your trading career.

What can you do with Tradeo? Tradeo features opinions

Tradeo is a social trading platform and brokerage. This means that you can perform a range of trading functions through the trading platform which incorporate a social network based element.

Tradeo offers two major types of trading to its users, these are:

  • social trading, which involves a social interaction between users who are ultimately trading on their own
  • automatic copy trading through which users can replicate proportionally all the trades from other traders.

Tradeo users will have full access and compatibility to both the companies own Social Web Trader and the industry renowned MetaTrader 4. This is compatibility which many other major social trading operations simply do not have.

Tradeo demo: how to open a free virtual account

Registering for a free virtual account with Tradeo could not be simpler.

Just head over to this link, input your requested information, and you will have a free $50,000 virtual account ready to begin learning.

Unlike the majority of other brokers, this virtual account is yours to use for as long as you wish. There are no time-based limitations.

Tradeo Live: how to open a Live Tradeo account

As with opening a virtual account, getting started with a real live account on Tradeo is also a relatively simple process.

  • Head over to the Tradeo account registration page (CFD Service. 80.6% lose money)
  • Input all the necessary personal details.
  • Confirm your account to gain full trading functionality.

Tradeo Deposits and Withdrawals – All the options

Now that you have established your very own trading HQ through opening your Tradeo account, let’s review Tradeo deposit and withdrawal methods so you can get started trading for real.

There are many options when it comes to depositing. This should help ensure that there is a choice available for each and every user.

Tradeo Deposit Methods

  • All Major Credit & Debit Cards
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Wire Transfer

Tradeo does not charge fees on deposits, however you may be charged a fee by your issuing bank depending on their policy. The company does not accept third party deposits. This means all deposits should be made in the same name as the account holder.

Deposits will be available almost immediately in most cases with the exception of a wire transfer which can take 2-3 days depending upon your bank.

Tradeo Withdrawals

You are free to withdraw funds from your account back to the source of original funding, this will take between 2-5 days depending on the withdrawal method you have chosen. Tradeo does not impart a minimum withdrawal amount on its users, however, this should be above 15 USD/EUR/GBP in order to cover charges imposed by the financial institutions.

For bank wire transfers up to 10.000 USD/EUR/GBP, the fee will be 30 USD/EUR/GBP. For withdrawals above this amount, a 0.3% fee of the amount will be charged.

For alternative payment methods, a 1% fee along with the minimum 15 USD/EUR/GBP is required. An in-depth schedule of fees is available by clicking here.

Tradeo minimum deposit

Tradeo has a minimum deposit amount of $250 to begin trading.

In certain cases, and for following deposits, not for the first one, this may be reduced to $100 after prior consultation.

Learn more here about tradeo minimum deposit.

Tradeo Bonus and Offers

Due to the regulatory requirements of CySEC which regulate Tradeo, no bonuses can be offered by the company.

tradeo reviews

Did you know that thanks to Social Trading you don't have to be a Trader to earn like one? OPEN AN TRADEO ACCOUNT AND TRY!

(76-81% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

Tradeo’s Social Trading Features

The Social Web Trader platform which Tradeo implements for its users really works to change the game in terms of social trading features and interactions.

Within this platform we can clearly view the market sentiment indicator. This will detail in candle chart form, which traders were buying and selling at a particular time.

Moving on, there are a variety of other features within the social trading sphere as follows:

  • News Feed: Here you can view live new events and headlines from the most reputable sources.
  • Trading Feed: This allows you to see live trades from other users within the community as they are occurring.
  • Social Feed: Here you can broadcast trade messages and signals, or view those which others are broadcasting to the community.
  • Chat Screen: This is where you can engage in private messaging with other community members.
  • Copy Signals: You can follow your favorite traders. This will prompt their trades to show up in your live social feed as soon as they occur. From that point, you can manually copy their trades in the touch of a button.

All of these features are actionable within the platform, meaning you can implement anything which you encounter within your own strategy at the touch of a button.

Tradeo Copy Trading Features

Did you find a good trader you would like to replicate all the trades of in order to replicate also his performance on your account? With Tradeo you can do it thanks to the Automatic Copy Trading function.

From the Traders section you can view the list of all traders in the Tradeo network. From there you can access the profile of each individual trader and view their performance and social activity.

Keep in mind that the Signal Provider in Tradeo can in turn replicate the signals of other traders. However, the statistics you will see will only be related to their personal operations.

You can see, for both the live and demo account, different data on the trader’s performance, including:

  • Win ratio
  • Max Drawdown
  • Average Leverage
  • Average Trade Time
  • Risk Level

… and many more

Overall, Tradeo is reaching the completeness of data of other industry platforms, such as ZuluTrade, and this is a good thing, although it can still be improved.

Once you have chosen a trader to copy, you can click on the Copy button, and you will have to set the replication mode.

The settings are very basic, although it is still necessary to understand the sizes and quantities to make sure you understand what you are doing. The only automatic protection tool is a Total Loss Limit to automatically block each activity if reached a total level of losses.

In this sense, Tradeo’s copy trading settings are very simple, perhaps a little too much, and they do not allow a more advanced level of money management for the more advanced users. However, there is everything you need for those who want to keep the business on a simpler level.

tradeo copy trading review

Tradeo Trading Platform Review

Tradeo offers trading with both MT4 and its own proprietary Social Web Trader platform.

MT4, as mentioned, is one of the most well-known trading platforms in the industry, and features some of the most comprehensive professional tools and indicators in the industry. Ultimately, this helps to create a well-rounded trading environment which produces the best ingredients required for successful trading.

As we discussed, the Social Web Trader platform features a number of distinctive features and is a key reason why we recently featured Tradeo in our review of the best social trading platforms.

Tradeo mobile platforms for iOS and Android

Tradeo offers a mobile trading application which is available on both iOS and Android with the same functionality and features as web-based trading.

Tradeo CFDs

Tradeo offers a range of CFDs trading options in the following areas:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Commodities

If you are just getting started and wish to learn more about CFDs, be sure to check out our beginner CFD guide.

tradeo trading platform review

Tradeo Markets and Trading Instruments

In total, Tradeo offers approximately 150 trading instruments in all of the major markets and complimented by a range of market tools including a comprehensive economic calendar and extensive financial news and other professional tools provided by its platforms.

Tradeo Cryptocurrencies and Leverage

Tradeo offers markets on a range of the most popular cryptocurrencies, with a leverage of up to 1:200 available on all CFD markets including cryptocurrency.

  • BTC vs Euro
  • BTC vs USD
  • ETH vs USD
  • Dash vs USD
  • Litecoin vs USD
  • XRP vs USD

Can I use Metatrader with Tradeo?


Tradeo features MetaTrader 4 which is available for use through their network. This is an impressive function, providing compatibility where many others platforms fail to do so.

Tradeo Leverage – What it the highest leverage Tradeo offers?

Tradeo promotes the availability of leverage up to 1:200 on all markets featured within the platform.

Commissions, Fees, Spread and Market Trading Hours on Tradeo

Tradeo is commission free, though the spread ranges from 2.1 to 8+ pips depending on the trading pair and market.

Generally, the range on the most traded markets is around 2.1-2.5 pips.  Tradeo offers 24 hour market trading.

Tradeo Account Types

Unlike some other platforms, Tradeo offers just one type of account to all of its users.

Although, as you can see from our Tradeo review, once you have made the minimum $250 deposit to get started, there are a variety of trading options available once you have deposited.

Tradeo Islamic Account

Tradeo does not feature the capability to transfer your account to an Islamic account as some other services do.

Tradeo Customer Support

The Tradeo customer support is comprehensive and has always received positive mention from users who have had to avail of the services for any reason.

The company offers both email support on [email protected] or telephone based customer support on a UK based phone number which is available 24-hours a day during the trading week for the convenience of users.

Also offered is the live chat function which enables users to have a live text chat with a representative to solve their problem at any time.

Tradeo Learning Center

One of the most positive aspects of this Tradeo review is reserved for the Tradeo training academy.

Here you can avail of extensive resources which range from beginner videos to professional trading webinars. There is a host of content available. Everything from video lessons, to webinars and e-books which will assist you on your social trading journey.

The best way to consume this information is to team it up with some of our own excellent investment guides and educational materials when you are ready to take that next step.

tradeo learning center

Tradeo Privacy Policy

Tradeo has an in-depth and highly comprehensive privacy policy and a variety of other policies aimed at keeping user’s data and other information safe and secure.

This is especially prevalent given Tradeo’s EU base and the recent introduction of GDPR.

Tradeo tutorial: Where to find the best Tradeo Guides

The first stop in this respect has to be the training academy of Tradeo as mentioned above.

Here you can find some extremely helpful guides and resources. We have also composed our own reviews and social trading guides which make a fantastic addition to this material.

Try the Tradeo Platform!

76-81% of retail CFD accounts lose money


After completing our exhaustive Tradeo review to reflect the company position under new ownership in 2018, these are our final thoughts on the company overall.

Tradeo review, Tradeo opinions and final comments

Tradeo is an excellent offering to the sector overall. It provides everything which all levels of investors are looking to find in a social trading broker.

This means there are extensive opportunities to engage socially through a number of mechanisms such as the news feed and trading feed, as well as the ability to make trades in one simply click. This enables fast and effective signals manual copy trading to take place in a user friendly environment which the proprietary trading platform allows.

With the integration of MetaTrader 4, the company also provides a very useful feature other social trading platforms do not possess.

In addition, the automatic copy trading mode allows you to create a real investment portfolio based on other traders. Tradeo’s standard regarding copy trading is quite high, although not yet at the levels of other companies in the sector such as eToro or especially ZuluTrade.

Pure Social Trading features instead are at the top level.


(CFD Service. 80.6% lose money)

Tradeo Reviews – PRO

  • Proprietary trading platform which allows for fast and efficient trading.
  • Advanced Social Trading features and capabilities
  • Automatic Copy Trading option
  • Virtual trading account with no expiration time.
  • Compatibility with MT4 provides excellent access to the most advanced tools in the marketplace.
  • An extensive and growing range of markets and trading instruments with comparatively good levels of spreads.
  • A highly comprehensive training academy with a range of resources dedicated to helping traders both new and experienced.
  • Fee free deposits.

Tradeo Reviews – CONS

  • Basic money management options for Copy Trading
  • Live chat functionality between users is no longer provided.
  • Relatively high withdrawal fees to credit cards and alternative payment methods.
  • Only one account type to choose from may discourage advanced level users.

relatively small in terms of the number of users (even though is growing)

Tradeo 5 stars
Tradeo logo
  • Regulated: CySEC
  • Platforms: Tradeo Web Platform, MT4 Web Platform
  • Min. Deposit: $250
Tradeo logo
  • Regulated: CySEC
  • Platforms: Tradeo Web Platform, MT4 Web Platform
  • Min. Deposit: $250
(76-81% of retail CFD accounts lose money)