Welcome to the InvestinGoal’s blog.

We had a long time and several meetings talking about what topics this blog should be treating. The reason is simple: there is so much to talk about!

Looking at our name, it’s clear what our main topic will be. Investing.

<< What a news… there are already hundreds of blogs talking of that… >>

That’s true, we are certainly not the first. But we want to distinguish ourselves. Our goal is to bring people closer to the investing activity, but not just at a theoretical level, for that there are already hundreds of blogs. We want to make it absolutely at a practical level.

We want to talk in simple, immediate language, explain even difficult things but in understandable terms. But above all, we want to show you how today, thanks to the great innovations that are shaking the world of finance, the practice of investment is extremely affordable for everyone.

How did we decide to do that? With 5 courses (+ 2), and this blog.

Where did all this come from? Let me tell you.

The evolution of the investing activity

In recent years the development of technology, especially of information technology and Internet, has allowed the total abatement of many barriers.

<< A practical example? >>

The currency market, commonly called Forex, is a market that originally was used only by banks. In fact, only the latter had the means and the sufficient capital to be able to operate. Later the doors were opened to the first investors from the private sector, but still always of large dimension only. It took a few years, and the entry barriers to this market were completely demolished. Today, any individual can open a trading account with a few tens of euros or dollars, and operate on the stock and currency market as a real trader.

What happened in reality?

Almost all the people who have tried (or are still trying) to work alone on Forex did not understand one basic thing: it’s very difficult. The fact that it’s easy to access does not mean it’s also easy to make money out of it. On the contrary, it takes years of study. It is said that only 5% of those who try actually manage to get steady profits.

<< So, end of story ?! Better not to operate on the Forex ?! >>

No, or rather… not alone.

If on one hand people could open a trading account with very little money, so they could actually invest online not having great capitals, on the other hand, however, they were forced to do it by themselves, and this caused enormous difficulties. Fortunately, however, evolution did not stop there.

Today everything runs through internet, we are all connected. If desired, we can show the whole world what we do, even in real time.

<< So why not showing me what those few profitable traders do? What they buy? What they sells? When they do it? If I make their same exact trades I will make money too! >>


Here it comes Social Trading

Some companies had this idea, that is to allow any investor to connect his trading account to that of another trader, to copy everything that was done there, automatically, even with the computer turned off.

This new type of automated trading immediately divided into two variants, Copy Trading (I select a trader and I copy his signals) or Mirror Trading (I select an automated strategy and I replicate its signals).

We live in the social networks era. It didn’t take a lot that the “social” functionalities were integrated into these systems. Users started to exchange views, votes and comments on that particular trader, to discuss investment ideas, to talk about strategies. Here was born the Social Trading.

Any user today can invest, even with small capital, even without knowledge or experience. It just takes to copy the choices and operations of those traders and investors who have already proven to be profitable.

<< So, that’s it! I’m going to be rich! >>

Here it comes InvestinGoal

Dampen your enthusiasm! It’s true, Social Trading has made it easier than before, but there are still some pitfalls. You can earn very much money, but if you don’t know some of the factors, you can just as easily lose them.

We want to guide you in the best (and especially fastest) way possible to your objective, or, as we prefer to say, to your GOAL. To do that we have created:

  • the Forex Market course, not to make you a trader, but to show you how this market is structured;
  • the Social Trading course, the first in the world, to discover in detail how it works;
  • the ZuluTrade guide and the eToro guide courses, dedicated to what we consider today the two best platforms to invest with Social Trading.

We will talk about Social Trading, concrete online investment opportunities, we will review services and companies, we will discuss topics of finance and personal savings, everything always at the most practical level possible.

This is InvestinGoal. The journey starts here.