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ZuluTrade is a social and copy trading platform that gives users the ability to copy the trades of professional and expert traders in the financial market.

The ZuluTrade is an online platform that provides multiple trade automation and copy trading system across assets like forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. With this social auto-trading platform, beginner or novice traders can easily follow the activities and trading strategies of a wide network of traders.

The platform automatically analyzes and monitors the market on behalf of the trader. With our ZuluTrade Review, you can learn more about this trading platform and discover features that can make trading flexible.

A ZuluTrade app is an intuitive application that gives traders the ability to trade on the go, anywhere, and at any time. The ZuluTrade app can be downloaded right into a mobile phone and automatically gives you the ability to follow and copy seasoned traders. The app supplies a wide selection of leading trading signal providers, avails a ranking list based on success and currency, includes risk management and trading strategy tools, and includes a forum where you can be part of a successful trading community.

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How to Setup the ZuluTrade Mobile app: Step by Step guide

Step 1 – Choose a broker for your ZuluTrade App

There exist a wide range of online brokers that you can choose from in order to connect to ZuluTrade. Just as how trading needs and trade patterns differ from one trader to another, each brokerage firm has its own unique features therefore, choosing the right broker for a ZuluTrade depends on the features attributed to that broker.

For example, a good list of criteria can be considered. You have to provide answers to questions like: whether or not the broker is regulated in Europe or elsewhere, does the broker offer mobile applications like iPhone and Android, can you trade with micro-lots and CFD, what type of trading platforms does the broker avail for traders (MT4, MT5, etc.), what trading tools are available, what is the broker’s commission and pips charges for the ZuluTrade, etc. So, the choice is dependent on what you are searching for.

Once you successfully choose a broker, you can now connect it to ZuluTrade before downloading the app because it cannot be done via the ZuluTrade App.

We completely understand that surfing through the internet in order to choose one broker for ZuluTrade can be a difficult task. In this respect, we have thought about making it easier and providing you an analysis of why for us AAAFX is the best broker for ZuluTrade

Step 2 – Download the ZuluTrade App on your device

 As a trader, you need to open a ZuluTrade account first before downloading the App. You have to input your personal details and documents then register with your email.

Your email will be automatically bunded to the ZuluTrade then you will be granted access to the platform. Once you complete the account opening process, you can then proceed to download the ZuluTrade platform via App.

The ZuluTrade App can be used on both Android and IOS Systems.

How to download the Android App

The ZuluTrade App can be downloaded from Google Play.

Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device, sign in with your Google email address, on the search button, input “ZuluTrade”, click on the download button, accept all permissions if any then wait for the installation to be complete.

Once the installation is complete, you can go to the menu and launch the app.

How to download the IOS App (iPhone and iPad)

 The ZuluTrade IOS App can be downloaded from the Apple store.

Open the Apple store app on your iPhone or iPad, on the search button, input “ZuluTrade”, click on the download button, accept all permissions if any then wait for the installation to be complete.

Once the installation is complete, you can go to the menu and launch the app.

Step 3 – First Login into the ZuluTrade App: Here’s what to do

Once the ZuluTrade App has been downloaded and installed, you can take the next step which is logging into your trading account. Use the login details sent by your broker via email, input your password and you will be signed in.

The fallback with the ZuluTrade App is that you won’t be able to connect your broker account.

How to use ZuluTrade App: a brief guide

With the ZuluTrade App you can:

  1. Choose the signal providers, and expert traders you want to follow based on their performance factors like stability, exposure and minimum equity required. This is the basis of you being a follower/copy trader.
  2. Get a tangible reward if the supplied strategies are successful, if you’re a signal provider.

7 key Features of the ZuluTrade Mobile App

The ZuluTrade mobile App has almost all the features of a ZuluTrade Desktop version. This App comes with better and more sophisticated features with each update. With the ZuluTrade mobile app, traders have more practical access, however, some specific opening manual trades are advisable to be done with the desktop version. Below are some functionalities you can run through the ZuluTrade App:

  1. The ZuluTrade App gives traders the ability to open, close, and edit manually traded positions.
  2. With the App, traders can automate the execution of selected trading systems’ signals without the need to monitor the financial market at all hours of the day.
  3. It empowers traders/users to utilize a wide range of trading strategies and exchange models from multiple Expert Advisors.
  4. Traders can manually adjust stops and limits.
  5. Traders can be able to diversify risk among a wide range of currency pairs and trading strategies.
  6. Gives traders the ability to adjust the trade size they want their trader to trade.
  7. With the app, traders can manually close trades from traders.

Advantages of trading with the ZuluTrade App

The ZuluTrade App is simple to use and requires no additional form of knowledge. The App generates a report that contains an accurate list of expert traders you can choose from, ranked by an advanced algorithm thanks to Zulurank. If you don’t know how to do it, we can help you with our guide on sorting signal providers with ZuluRank.

sorting signal providers by zulurank

The trading platforms include a ZuluGuard which is known as an advanced risk management tool that protects traders by monitoring their accounts, secure profits, and minimize perceived risks.

Therefore, it is a traders’ safety net when trading with the ZuluTrade platform.

ZuluTrade App: is it really worth it?

Although the ZuluTrade is an effective auto-trading platform for social and copy trading and for providing trade signals, the ZuluTrade App is not as good as the desktop version and lacks many features.

With the ZuluTrade mobile app, traders have more practical access, however, some specific opening manual trades are advisable to be done with the desktop version. The ZuluTrade App does not include an option where you can connect your broker account.

So, if you are planning to trade mostly with your mobile phone, we think there are better alternatives for you. In this case, we recommend checking our personal listing of the best trading signals app.


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