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The ZuluTrade platform comes with distinct features that allow traders to take advantage of the market. For instance, it has features such as social charts, combos plus, forex tools, forum, ZuluGuard, and ZuluTrade Automator. Today, you will get a detailed knowledge of ZuluTrade Automator, how it works, and ways to take advantage of it.

ZuluTrade is an automated platform that uses signals generated from professional traders for both new and experienced traders as we’ve talked about in our ZuluTrade review. The platform is also offering the ZuluTrade Automator which is the key to revolutionize your trading experience. Are you ready for such experience? Let’s get the game started.

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What is the ZuluTrade Automator?

Trading is never easy, especially if you are new to the market. Despite this, you don’t have to wait for years to understand the market to start earning. You can take advantage of the ZuluTrade Automator to kick-start your journey.

The ZuluTrade Automator is an easy-to-use tool in trading that allows you to create and execute your own automated rules. You need to stop limiting yourself to the rules created by other professional traders. The tool enables you to configure your trading to suit your style or personality.

Furthermore, all you need is to connect your MetaTrader to the ZuluTrade Automator. The signals from the Automator come from different ZuluTrade Signal Providers who reside in other parts of the world. You can pick the provider you want and get connected through the ZuluTrade Automator.

How does the ZuluTrade Automator work?

Understanding how the ZuluTrade Automator works is essential to limit the risk. The Automator notifies you when there is a trade opportunity or executes the trade automatically depending on the rule you create.

In other words, the Automator works according to the rules you personally set. You can receive the notification by email or get an instant alert on your phone.

Creating your rules in ZuluTrade Automator

The ZuluTrade Automator has a unique feature that allows you to set personal rules and conditions. You don’t have to lock yourself to the rules of your signal provider. You can create, execute and set your rules to do different things such as:

  • Lock your profit
  • Update your stop and limited for selected trades
  • Close profitable trades
  • Notify you

The ZuluTrade Automator follows a simple process by making the creation of rules very easy. Give it a title, a short description and set the conditions and actions you want. With these, you can get notification whenever trades meet your rules.

In creating your personal rules, the Automator uses two logical operators. It uses the IF and Then operator to perform these rules. With the logical IF operator, you can set the variables you want to keep track of. For instance, you can create rules for your account properties (Balance, Margin, Equity, and P/L), Open positions (Trades P/L, total open positions), and Risk management.

Furthermore, the logical operator “THEN” executes actions based on what rules you defined using the logical “IF” operator. With this, the ZuluTrade Automator can execute trading orders such as:

  • Limit
  • Fixed stops
  • Trailing stop
  • Close trades
  • Stop copying the trader.
  • Lock trades and profits

Besides this, you can also set rules for warnings and alerts, which you can configure to your email.

ZuluTrade Automator rules: practical example

Take profit to $1000 example:

IF P/L from this position is more than $1000

THEN close trade

What if you want to set an alert?

IF P/L from this trade is $200

THEN send me an email

ZuluTrade automated trading with your rules

Who can use ZuluTrade Automator?

Looking at the uniqueness and simplicity of the ZuluTrade Automator, you would agree that everyone deserves to use it. However, the following set of people can use the ZuluTrade Automator without thinking twice.

Who is a beginner in Trading

To make profit trading, you need to have your own working strategy. However, building a strategy is never easy. Notwithstanding, you can take advantage of automated trading since such automation comes with a trading strategy.

Beginners can use the ZuluTrade Automator efficiently since it comes with rules to take profit and stop loss, which is a significant challenge for most traders.

People who don’t have much time to spend trading

Automated trading is automatic and doesn’t need your physical presence. The ZuluTrade Automator performs all activity for those who are busy with work or don’t have much time to analyze the market. It is highly suitable for anyone who doesn’t have the time to check the market frequently.

Who is not ready to stand the mental effort that trading takes

Trading is emotional and drains you mentally. Not everyone has the mental capacity to trade the forex market. The psychological pressure of stop loss and take profit is inevitable; you cannot avoid it altogether.

However, ZuluTrade Automator takes away that emotional stress as you can connect your account to a signal provider and trade without trading.

Here, on our other guide on free forex signals you can learn where you’ll find the best free signals for your trading.

How to Start ZuluTrade Automation

To enjoy the benefits of automated trading with ZuluTrade, you need to follow these steps. Firstly, you need to create an account with ZuluTrade. The registration on the platform is seamless, which requires your name, email, password, and phone number.

Once you complete the registration/signup process, you need to confirm the email. Then, you can search and select the signal provider of your choice. These providers are professional traders; the platform is designed in such a way that you can see their ratings based on their previous signals.

Immediately you are satisfied, you can select the provider. Furthermore, you need to deposit money into your account; with this, positions will be opened automatically once your provider opens a position.

How ZuluTrade Selects Traders

ZuluTrade is a reputable platform that ensures its customers get the best service. To become a signal provider, you have to create an account and share your trading strategy. ZuluTrade then ranks you as a trader based on your risk behavior and return on investment.

Based on the ZuluTrade rating, investors can decide on the trader or strategies to copy based on their risk and capital appetite.

Why Use ZuluTrade Automator?

  • You create your own rules
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Protect your trades using ZuluGuard
  • Great customer support system
  • Error-free signal delivery
  • Administer your account seamlessly
  • Constant attention to new features and instruments
  • Create your own portfolio and currency pairs
  • Enables you to make better trading choices


ZuluTrade is a copy trading tools for CFDs, Forex, and Binary Options. You can copy expert traders’ trades and make a fortune without becoming a trader.

The ZuluTrade Automator is one unique feature of the ZuluTrade platform where you can get quality signals and trading strategy from professional traders. Connect your MetaTrader platform and trades will be opened and closed automatically.

If you are busy, a beginner or not ready for the mental weakness in trading, you can take advantage of the ZuluTrade Automator since it only features top signal providers. Besides that, ZuluTrade as a platform is reputable for providing quality service, which is getting stronger by the day.

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