The ZuluTrade Live Account: the last step

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Finally, here we are at the end of this ZuluTrade course. Let’s take a quick look at the path you have taken thus far.

From the Investing Course to the ZuluTrade Live Account – Here’s your Journey

– You learned how to best open your demo account to start practicing with the instrument;

– You have you explored all the features that are available in your account;

– You have analyzed one by one all the elements with which the Signal Providers are described and classified;

zulutrade live account– You have you delved into the most important element of a trader’s performance, the drawdown.

– You have seen how you can look for Signal Providers with the various search tools, and how you can study and manage them with some interesting tools.

And also, we can add the previous courses you attended.

The Social Trading course, where you discover the foundations of this new universe, essential to know how to take the first steps; the Forex course where you have learnt the characteristics of the largest market in the world in which Social Trading is developed, especially to understand the nature and the practical part of trading; to finish, or better to start with, you have learned what it means to truly invest your money, that is to let them work for you.

The best advice we can give you

We can say that as a starting point is not bad at all. The best advice I can give you at this point is: read them all another time.

Studying on a matter like this, which involves your money, it’s really very important. If for your that was all new, one reading is not enough to digest all the concepts. Besides reading a topic, you must also understand and internalize it.

A great way to find out if you really understood the argument is this: try to explain it to someone else who knows nothing about it. If you can make him understand, it means you have really understood it too.

Once you have become a master in all these concepts, the time will come when you will want to finally get in the game and start investing real money. Perfect, because opening a live account will take another step towards the full understanding of this investment instrument, and thus to success.

The next step with the Investing GOLD MEMBERSHIP

When you will open your live account, using indeed our affiliate link, you will receive the Investing GOLD Membership. With that you’ll be able to enter the site area reserved for the live follower investors just like you.

In this area, we provide in-depth, highly professional and successful knowledge, dedicated to those who really intend to invest with Social Trading. We’ll show you how to use the tools provided by ZuluTrade in a professional manner, how to manage your own accounts in a professional way, how to create portfolios suitable for you.

In addition, only with the Investing GOLD Membership you’ll be able to use the special tools of our own creation, which will help you in your investing journey.

But that’s not all, because in addition to advanced knowledge and professional tools, you will have the opportunity to meet, communicate, and interact with other live follower investors like you.

investingoal group social trading with zulutrade

Remember when we said that the opinions of people who don’t know at all how to invest with Social Trading don’t have any value? Well, here the situation is completely different. In the Investing Gold Area you will only find other follower investors like you, who have read all the Investingoal courses, who have studied and examined the subject in the private section, and therefore are anything but inexperienced and naive.

When everyone starts from the same solid base, then you can establish a profitable path of growth and sharing. This only requires you to open your live account through our affiliate link and complete the disbursement of funds.

For you there will be no additional cost by ZuluTrade, and we won’t ask you one single dollar for this. For now, therefore, obtaining the Investing Gold membership is completely free.

zulutrade investingoal gold membershipBe careful though, because given the high objective value of the material we have reserved in the Investing GOLD area, we don’t exclude in the future to charge something to access.

Now it’s time for you to really get involved. Opening a live account with ZuluTrade is very easy, and if you want you can do with little money.

But please be careful, do you remember when we talked about the minimum funding needed to operate freely? The choice is yours: If you open an account with very little money your operational choices will be severely limited, because you won’t have the necessary margins to cover the different operations, and if you overdo it you run many risks; if, on the contrary, you’ll have more money in the account you will have more available choices and you’ll have more operating space in order to contain and manage the risk.

We are available for any clarification. You can write and send your questions to our email. We will try to respond as quickly as possible.

However, if you feel ready, well, it’s time to open your live account using Investingoal, and gain access to the second level. The Investing GOLD area.

Let’s begin your journey into the new Social Trading world. Investingoal is the best place to start.

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