The best Forex funded accounts and trader programs, according to our research, are:

  1. Topstep Forex
  2. Fidelcrest
  3. FTMO
  4. Surgetrader
  5. The Funded Trader
  6. MyForexFunds
  7. City Traders Imperium
  8. Earn2trade
  9. Oneup Trader
  10. The 5%ers

To choose the best Forex-funded program, then it’s important to know exactly what these programs are, what the requirements are, and what to look for in these programs.

So, let’s take a closer look at this type of forex trading deal, how it works, and what we think are the best forex-funded accounts.

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  1. Topstep Forex: best funded account overall
  2. Fidelcrest: wide range of funded trading accounts
  3. FTMO: rigorous application process
  4. Surgetrader: profit retention up to 90%
  5. The Funded Trader: gamified forex funded program
  6. MyForexFunds: funded accounts for all levels
  7. City Traders Imperium: free educational resources included
  8. Earn2trade: fast registration process
  9. Oneup Trader: funded program with monthly subscription
  10. The 5%ers: one-time fee funded programs
(your money is at risk)

What are the Best Forex Funded Accounts and Trader Programs?

Now that you know what forex-funded accounts are, you probably want to know about the best-funded forex Trader programs. Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of our favorite funded accounts and tell you why we prefer them.

By the end of this overview, you should be able to find the best Forex-funded account for you.

1. Topstep Forex

  • Topstep Forex has a somewhat unusual approach to funded forex accounts: Trading Combine.
  • The Trading Combine is a combination of a learning center and an evaluation program.
  • Traders can join the Combine to learn and prove their abilities.
  • If traders are profitable and adept at managing risk, they can pass the Trading Combine and receive funding.
  • The program doesn’t operate on MetaTrader but is available on platforms like NinjaTrader, TS Trader, and Quantower.
  • A perk of the program is receiving 100% of the first $10,000 in profits and 90% of all successive profits.
  • The main focus of this trader program is on futures trading.
Visit Topstep (your money is at risk)

2. Fidelcrest

  • Fidelcrest is one of the best forex-funded accounts for aspiring full-time traders lacking sufficient funds.
  • They provide different sizes of trading accounts to accommodate traders at different experience levels.
  • The micro trader funded trading account offers funding up to $25,000.
  • The microprogram also includes account sizes of $10,000 and $15,000.
  • The pro-Trader funded trading account is larger, ranging from $75,000 to $500,000.
  • This account is ideal for professional traders seeking a capital boost.
  • Profit splits in the pro-Trader account can go up to 80%.
Visit Fidelcrest (your money is at risk)


  • FTMO is a trusted forex-funded account provider with a rigorous application process.
  • The application process starts with the FTMO challenge, a 30-day challenge with profit targets.
  • Successful completion of the challenge leads to the 60-day verification procedure.
  • During verification, traders must replicate the success achieved in the challenge.
  • Only after successfully completing the 90-day process will FTMO contact the trader with an offer.
  • Forex-funded accounts offered range from $10,000 to $400,000.
  • Noteworthy aspects of the FTMO-funded trading program are the 1:100 leverage, the trading platforms available (MT4, MT5 and cTrader), the free trial option and the wide range of markets available (currency pairs, crypto, indices, and stock CFDs).
Visit FTMO (your money is at risk)

4. Surgetrader

  • Surgetrader is a noteworthy funded trader program with a high profit retention of up to 90%.
  • Surgetrader offers 6 types of funded fx accounts in total.
  • Starter: $25,000 account with a $250 audition fee.
  • Intermediate: $50,000 account with a $400 audition fee.
  • Seasoned: $100,000 account with a $700 audition fee.
  • Advanced: $250,000 account with a $1,800 audition fee.
  • Expert: $500,000 account with a $3,500 audition fee.
  • Master: $1,000,000 account with a $6,500 audition fee.
  • Other noteworthy factors include leverage up to 1:20, daily loss limit of 5%, target profit of 10% and maximum trailing drawdown of 8%.
Visit Surgetrader (your money is at risk)

5. The Funded Trader

  • The Funded Trader is an interesting funded account with challenges constructed to appear somewhat like a video game.
  • You can choose from one of four challenges at the funded traders.
  • Standard Challenge: Accounts funded with $10,000 to $400,000. Choose between swing and regular risk. 35-day trading period. 1:60 leverage. Profit target: 10%.
  • Rapid Challenge: Accounts funded with $10,000 to $200,000. Choose between swing and regular risk. 35-day trading period. 1:30 leverage. Profit target: 8%.
  • Royal Challenge: Accounts funded with $50,000 to $400,000. 35-day trading period. Regular risk. 1:200 leverage. Target profit: 8%.
  • Knight Challenge: Accounts funded with $25,000 to $200,000. Unlimited trading period. 1:30 leverage. Target profit: 6%.
  • There is a fee related to each challenge, but it depends on the type of challenge and size of the account, so consider carefully before deciding on one.
Visit The Funded Trader (your money is at risk)

6. MyForexFunds

  • MyForexFunds is an exciting forex-funded account in that it has options for all levels of traders.
  • Depending on your experience level, you can participate in any one of the trading programs.
  • Rapid: A training program for novice traders with sizes ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. Earn bonuses while you learn. No time limit. The payout increases over time. Registration fee ranges from $99 to $749.
  • Evaluation: Testing ground for traders who want funding with sizes ranging from $5,000 to $300,000. 1:100 leverage. Registration fee ranges from $49 to $1,389. 8% profit target.
  • Accelerated: For professional traders, skip the evaluation and dive right in with sizes ranging from $2,000 to $50,000 (can later be scaled up to $2,000,000). 1:100 leverage. Registration fee ranges from $99 to $4,900. 10-20% profit target.
Visit MyFxFunds (your money is at risk)

7. City Traders Imperium

  • City Traders Imperium allows you to become a funded trader by passing a challenge.
  • Challenges range in value from $5,000 to $100,000.
  • They have one-time fees that vary based on the challenge size, starting at $59 and going up to $509.
  • The challenge consists of two parts, where the part 1 lasts 45 days and has a 10% profit target, while the part 2 lasts for 5 days and has a 5% profit level.
  • The profit split values during the challenge can go up to 100%.
  • All challenges offer a leverage of 1:33.
Visit City Traders Imperium (your money is at risk)

8. Earn2trade

  • Earn2Trade is one of the fastest forex-funded trader programs to get into.
  • The eventual account values can go up to $400,000, but the challenges themselves may be valued at $25,000 or $50,000.
  • You can get funded in as little as 15 days.
  • You can keep 80% of the profits.
  • Funded traders have a fixed drawdown.
  • Choose between a $75 monthly subscription or a $95 subscription.
  • Follow a progression ladder with improved earnings.
Visit Earn2Trade (your money is at risk)

9. Oneup Trader

  • Oneup Trader offers a unique approach to Forex-funded accounts with a one-step evaluation and a monthly subscription model.
  • Subscribe for as little as $125 monthly for a $25,000 account, or for $650 monthly for a $250,000 account.
  • Free 7-day trial available.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • 90% profit splits.
  • No daily loss limits.
  • First $10,000 in profits are free.
Visit Oneup Trader (your money is at risk)

10. The 5%ers

  • The 5%ers offer three different programs, all of which come with a one-time fee. They offer three different programs with different fees and overall potential capital:
  • Hyper Growth Program: $260-850 entry cost. $5,000-$20,000 funding capital. 1:30 leverage
  • High-Stakes Challenge: $39 entry cost. $5,000-$100,000 funding capital. 1:100 leverage
  • Bootcamp Program: $95 entry cost. $100,000-$250,000 funding capital. 1:10 leverage
  • The profit target for all programs varies between 5% and 10%.
Visit The 5%ers (your money is at risk)

What are Forex Funded Accounts?

Forex-funded accounts, alternatively known as funded trading programs or proprietary trading programs, give novice and aspiring traders the opportunity to trade Forex (Foreign Exchange) using funds they haven’t invested.

In other words, a Forex-funded trading accounts allows fledgling traders to use capital provided by third parties in order to trade in the Forex market.

It’s worth noting that traders usually have to prove that they have sufficient knowledge to trade the foreign exchange market. Then they also have to demonstrate their trading abilities and meet other criteria set by the trading platform. If they can accomplish these tasks, the funding company will provide a certain amount of capital for the trader’s use. This capital does not belong to the trader but is the property of the funding company.

However, a funded forex account is well worth it because the traders get to keep a certain percentage of any profit they produce. Typically they get to keep a share of between 50% and 80% of the profits depending on the specific agreements reached with the funded trader program.

Forex-funded programs are a unique approach to trading that can give aspiring traders the room to grow and learn in a practical but safe environment.

How do Forex Funded Accounts work?

Here’s a broad overview of how these programs typically work:

Evaluation Phase: Many funded account programs start with an evaluation phase. Traders are given a demo or live account with a certain amount of capital and asked to demonstrate their trading skills. They must adhere to certain risk management rules, achieve profitability targets, and possibly meet other criteria.

Account Funding: Once a trader successfully completes the evaluation phase, they are allocated a funded account. This means the proprietary trading firm provides the trader with capital to trade, which can range from a few thousand to several million dollars, depending on the program and the trader’s demonstrated skill.

Trading Rules and Guidelines: Even with a funded account, traders must typically adhere to strict risk management rules. These can include limits on the maximum drawdown, rules about holding trades over the weekend or major news releases, and guidelines on the maximum lot size per trade, among others.

Profit Split: Profits made in the funded account are usually split between the trader and the funding firm. Common splits range from 50/50 to 80/20 in favor of the trader. It varies based on the program and the account size.

Costs and Fees: Some programs might require traders to pay for the evaluation phase or even monthly fees for the platform and data. Others might be free to enter but may have steeper profit splits or other conditions.

Account Growth: Some funded programs allow traders to manage more capital if they consistently generate profits and adhere to risk rules. For instance, a trader might start with a $50,000 account and, after meeting certain milestones, get bumped up to a $100,000 account, and so forth.

Account Reset or Termination: If a trader breaches the set risk management rules or incurs significant losses, the funded account can be reduced in size, reset, or terminated altogether. Depending on the program, traders might be given an opportunity to try the evaluation phase again, sometimes for an additional fee.

Why choose a funded forex account over trading with personal capital?

Forex trading can be capital intensive, and not everyone has the financial capacity to put up significant sums to generate meaningful profits. This is where the concept of a funded account comes into play.

A funded account lets traders access larger capital without risking their own money. This arrangement benefits both the trader and the funding firm. When you trade with your own capital, the amount you can invest might be limited, and so will be your potential profits. With a funded trader program, you’re granted access to a larger pool of money, which can amplify both potential profits and risks.

However, the significant advantage lies in the risk distribution. If traders perform well, they profit. This is a motivating factor, as performing well can lead to higher profits than they could achieve with their personal capital. On the flip side, if they don’t, the funding firm bears the loss, not the funded trader. This arrangement provides a safety net, especially for traders who might be hesitant to risk their savings.

How does funded trader program compares to other investment opportunities?

The funded trader program focus on currency trading. Currencies are traded against one another, and their values fluctuate based on various economic and geopolitical factors. Forex trading, especially through funded accounts, can offer significant profit opportunities because of the leverage provided.

On the other hand, other investments might involve stocks, bonds, or commodities. Stocks represent ownership in a company, bonds are debt instruments, and commodities involve trading in raw materials or primary agricultural products. Each of these investment opportunities has its dynamics, benefits, and risks.

How can funded traders qualify for the best forex funded accounts?

When you’re looking for the best forex-funded accounts, there are several criteria that you need to consider. Bearing these things in mind can help you ensure that you find a safe, fair, and profitable forex-funded account.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the critical elements of the best forex-funded accounts.

The Profit-Sharing Model

The best funded forex trading accounts will allow traders to keep a significant percentage of the profit they produce through their trading endeavors. Many funded accounts will allow traders to keep between 50 and 80% of the profit.

However, this can vary significantly between different brokers and different types of funded accounts. So, to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal, always read the terms and conditions carefully and ensure that you’re getting at least 50% of the profits you managed to win.

The Account Size And Leverage

One of the most significant aspects that will allow you to produce sufficient amounts of profit is the amount of capital you have to work with and the leverage you can use.

So, when looking for the best-funded forex trading accounts, ensure that they give you an ample amount of capital to work with. You should also aim for a reasonable amount of leverage but not so high as to make the investment opportunities overly risky.

The Risk Management Policies

When looking for the best forex-funded accounts, the risk parameters need to be clearly defined. The program should also have detailed and descriptive descriptions of the rules and policies that will protect both the trader and the funding company.

An essential part of this risk management policy should be regular risk assessments that take a closer look at the trader’s trading technique, the decisions they make, and whether or not they are trading responsibly.

Evaluation Of Trading Performance

There are many different types of funded accounts, and not all of them work the same way. but one standard that is held among all the best forex-funded accounts is that the companies involved regularly check the performance of the traders in question. this may take place by considering evaluation metrics such as risk-adjusted Returns, performance consistency drawdowns, and net profit.

Traders should be aware of, and brokers should be transparent about, the metrics that they will be evaluated on, as well as the frequency at which evaluations will take place.

What are the advantages of Funded Forex Trading Accounts?

There are many unique and worthwhile advantages to using forex funding programs. Let’s take a look at just a few of the most noteworthy benefits:

Access To Capital: By taking advantage of this type of funding program, traders have access to more capital than they would otherwise be able to use. Even if the trader has little to no capital of their own, they can trade on their skills and knowledge to help produce profits.

Risk Management Conditions: The best forex funding programs have a plethora of predefined risk management rules and policies which help protect both the funding company and the trader in question. Thanks to these conditions, fledgling traders can easily learn to manage risk appropriately, which will help them later in life when trading with their own capital.

Real Trading Conditions: Unlike demo accounts and other tools used to teach traders the tricks of the trade, a forex-funded account typically works with real money. Unlike demo accounts and other simulations, this gives novice traders exposure to the real-life conditions that they will be facing on a day-to-day basis when trading with their own capital. Using real money rather than simulated currency helps to build strong traders who know the risks and rewards of appropriate trading.

How to Choose the Right Forex Funded Account or Trader Program?

When you’re trying to choose from the best forex-funded programs, to find the best program for you, you need to know which aspects are essential to consider for your benefit.

Here are some of the most critical elements to consider when trying to choose the account that suits you best.

  1. How Much Experience Do You Have? Most forex funding programs focus on traders of a particular experience level. Most commonly, they focus on beginners with the potential to become professional traders in the future. Other companies specialize in experienced professional traders who simply want a capital increase. Before choosing a program, define your experience level and choose a program that matches it.
  2. How Much Capital Do You Want To Trade With? Different types of forex-funded accounts come with different capital options. Before deciding on a program, consider the amounts on offer. Some may offer $10,000, while others may offer $500,000. You need to know what you can safely work with.
  3. How Much Of A Safety Barrier Do You Need? Possibly the most important question of all is, how prepared are you for the risks that go with professional trading? Different funding accounts come with different levels of risk management and protection. If you’re new and not particularly risk-savvy, you might want to opt for one of the programs with a better risk management system.
  4. How Much Time Will You Spend Trading? If you only have limited time for trading, you probably don’t want to choose the type of professional trading option that necessitates long hours spent trading on the markets. If you know you’ll spend limited time on it, choose one of the smaller packages with less strenuous requirements.

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