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The best PAMM account Forex brokers, according to our research, are:

  1. Pepperstone
  2. FxPro
  3. AvaTrade
  4. FP Markets
  5. HF Markets
  6. FBS
  7. Fibo Group
  8. BDSwiss
  9. Dukascopy
  10. Thinkmarkets

To compile this ranking and select only the best PAMM account brokers, we have taken into consideration the following factors:

  • The PAMM account features
  • The trading platforms for the PAMM account
  • The overall broker quality
  • The minimum deposit required
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PAMM forex brokers PAMM platform PAMM account minimum deposit
Pepperstone MT4, MT5 $100
FxPro  MT4, MT5, cTrader $500
AvaTrade  MT5 $100
FP Markets  MT4 $0
HF Markets MT4 $250
FBS MT4 $0
Fibo Group MT4 $0
BDSwiss  MT4 $0
Dukascopy MT4 $0
ThinkMarkets MT4 $0


CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

What are the best PAMM forex brokers?

Below our curated list and review of the best PAMM accounts offered by major forex brokers, with details of features and characteristics.

  • With the Pepperstone PAMM account you can engage in hedging and scalping, as well as using EAs.
  • Pepperstone’s PAMM service provides one of the best execution speeds available.
  • PAMM Fund Managers at Pepperstone can control more than 100 sub-accounts on MT4 or MT5.
  • The minimum trade amount with the Pepperstone PAMM account is 1 micro lot.
74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  • With the FxPro’s PAMM account you can utilize Expert Advisors and receive comprehensive reports on the performances.
  • A rebate can be earned when using the FxPro’s PAMM account.
  • The mark-up and the performance fees can be set by the individual PAMM money manager.
  • PAMM accounts at FxPro provide a number of different allocation methods, including proportional equity against balance, or as an equity percentage allocation.
72.87% of retail investor accounts lose money
  • AvaTrade allows PAMM money managers to use automated strategies and EAs.
  • With the AvaTrade PAMM account, money managers can create multiple trading sub-groups to implement different strategies.
  • AvaTrade on the PAMM account allows traders to manage an unlimited number of sub-accounts.
  • With the PAMM account offered, AvaTrade provides good flexibility as it allows to assign trades based on equity, lots, or percentage/balance.
  • AvaTrade’s PAMM account is available on MT5, and the minimum trade size here starts at 1 micro-lot.
76% of retail investor accounts lose money
  • FP Markets makes available a number of managed forex accounts, including a PAMM account.
  • With the FP Markets PAMM account you can use EAs.
  • FP Markets offers three different allocation methods on the PAMM account. These are, by lot, by percentage, and by balance.
  • FP Markets allows managing of an unlimited number of accounts with the PAMM account.
74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money
  • At HF Markets you manage multiple PAMM sub-accounts based on your needs.
  • The allocation methods with the PAMM HF Markets account can be dynamically adjusted depending on the sub-account equity.
  • PAMM fund managers’ statistics are publicly shown by HF Markets.
  • The minimum deposit to open a HF Markets PAMM account is $250.
70.51% of retail investor accounts lose money
  • The FBS PAMM account provides a top-quality range of research and market resources.
  • The PAMM account offered by FBS is not available in the European Union.
  • The minimum lot size for the FBS PAMM account is 1 micro lot.
74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money
  • Fibo Group offers a PAMM account that allows you to manage an unlimited number of sub-accounts.
  • Fibo Group allows the fund manager to set both the minimum amount and the investment terms.
  • On the Fibo Group website, it will be possible to publicly view the performance of different PAMM fund managers.
(Your capital is at risk)
  • BDSwiss offers PAMM accounts that provide an appealing range of PAMM account types.
  • The BDSwiss account managers decide their own minimum deposit, strategy name, penalty fee, trading period, PAMM account type, and leverage amount.
  • At BDSwiss a variable penalty fee is applied when an investor withdraws any amount before the end of the trading period.
72.5% of retails investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
  • Dukascopy offers two different PAMM account types.
  • The Dukascopy LP PAMM account requires a minimum deposit of $1,000 and the sub-accounts money is managed by Dukascopy bank.
  • The Dukascopy Standard PAMM account does not have a minimum deposit, and it works by letting other traders manage your funds.
  • With the Dukascopy PAMM accounts you can manage an unlimited number of accounts.
83% of retail CFD accounts lose money
  • Thinkmarkets offers a PAMM account called “ThinkInvest”.
  • ThinkInvest ranks money managers by their performance on a leader board and users are able to choose the money manager they want for their account.
  • Thinkmarkets PAMM account charges low commissions on a wide range of markets.
72.88% of retail CFD accounts lose money

What is a PAMM account in Forex?

A PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module, also know as Percentage Allocation Money Management) account is a type of investment service in the field of online and forex trading. This service allows investors to mimic the financial operations of professional forex traders and potentially earn an income without actively participating in the trading process.

A PAMM Forex broker is a brokerage that offers Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) accounts as part of its services. These brokers provide a platform where forex investors can invest their funds in PAMM accounts managed by experienced forex traders, also known as PAMM managers.

A PAMM account is managed by an experienced trader, also known as a PAMM manager. This trader trades their own money along with the funds of their investors, on the same trading account. The profits or losses are divided among the users, according to their investments.

Investors choose a PAMM manager based on their trading performance, risk profile, and other factors. Once they’ve made their choice, they allocate a specific amount of money to the PAMM account. This doesn’t grant the manager access to the investor’s funds beyond the ability to trade with them. The investor’s funds stay in their own account, and the PAMM account manager cannot withdraw or deposit money into the investor’s account.

The manager’s compensation is usually a pre-agreed percentage of the profits they generate. This incentive system encourages PAMM managers to trade client funds carefully and responsibly.

PAMM accounts offer benefits to both traders and investors. Traders get the opportunity to manage greater capital than their own, earn a pre-agreed percentage of profits, and build their reputation within the forex community. Investors, on the other hand, get access to experienced traders, a chance to diversify their portfolios, real-time performance transparency, and control over their funds. They also enjoy the flexibility of adding or withdrawing funds at certain intervals.

However, despite these advantages, profits are not guaranteed in PAMM accounts. Forex trading is inherently risky and unpredictable, and even skilled traders can experience losses. Therefore, due diligence is essential before investing in a PAMM account.

How does a PAMM account work?

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how a PAMM account works:

  1. Creation of the PAMM Account: A professional trader or money manager sets up a PAMM account with a broker that offers this service. The manager usually invests some of their own money to provide assurance to potential investors of their commitment and belief in their trading strategy.
  2. Investor Participation: Investors, interested in the forex market but not willing or able to trade themselves, choose a PAMM manager based on their performance record, trading strategy, risk profile, and other factors. They then allocate a specific portion of their funds to the PAMM account. The money remains in the investor’s account, but is virtually pooled with funds from the PAMM manager and other investors for trading purposes.
  3. Trading: The PAMM manager trades on the Forex market using the pooled funds. All trades made by the PAMM manager are automatically replicated in the investors’ accounts, proportionate to their investment.
  4. Profit and Loss Allocation: Profits and losses from the trades are distributed among the PAMM manager and the investors, according to their share in the pooled fund.
  5. Manager Compensation: The PAMM manager is compensated by taking a pre-agreed percentage of the profits as their fee. If there are no profits, the manager doesn’t receive this fee.
  6. Reporting and Monitoring: Investors can monitor the performance of the PAMM account, including their share of profits or losses, through regular reports provided by the broker.

What does a PAMM Forex Broker do?

PAMM forex brokers are responsible for the following:

  • Providing the trading platform where PAMM managers can execute trades.
  • Ensuring that the profits and losses are accurately allocated among the investors according to their share in the PAMM account.
  • Offering support and customer service to both the PAMM managers and the investors.
  • Implementing safety measures to protect investors’ funds, such as ensuring that PAMM managers cannot withdraw investor funds from the account.
  • Enabling investors to monitor the performance of the PAMM accounts, including key metrics such as profit and loss, risk level, and trading history.

Essentially, a PAMM Forex broker acts as an intermediary between investors and PAMM managers. They play an essential role in enabling investors who may not have the skills, time, or inclination to trade forex on their own to still potentially profit from the forex market.

How to withdraw your funds from a PAMM account

PAMM systems are generally designed with periodic withdrawal windows. This means that there are specific times when you can withdraw your funds.

However, the exact withdrawal process can vary. It heavily depends on the rules set by the account provider. Some brokerages might allow you to pull out your money anytime, offering flexibility. In contrast, others might have strict rules with specific times or conditions for withdrawals.

The most crucial piece of advice is always to check the rules of the PAMM account provider before you invest. Knowing these rules ahead of time ensures that you’re not caught off guard when you want to access your funds.

What are the benefits of PAMM accounts?

PAMM accounts are appealing to both traders (or PAMM managers) and investors for several reasons.

For Traders/PAMM Managers:

  • Increased Capital: PAMM managers can trade with more capital than they personally have, as they are managing the pooled money from several investors. This increased capital can potentially lead to greater profits.
  • Profit Sharing: Managers earn a pre-agreed percentage of the profits they generate for investors. This can be a significant source of income, especially when the manager is successful and manages large investment funds.
  • Reputation Building: Successful PAMM managers can build a strong reputation within the forex community, which can help attract more investors.

For Investors:

  • Access to Experienced Traders: PAMM accounts provide an opportunity for investors to potentially profit from the forex market, even if they lack the experience, time, or skills to trade themselves. They can benefit from the skills of professional traders who manage these accounts.
  • Diversification: By investing in PAMM accounts, investors can diversify their investment portfolios. This could potentially help mitigate risk, especially if they have other investments in different asset classes.
  • Transparency and Control: Investors can monitor the performance of their PAMM account in real-time, which provides transparency. They also maintain control over their funds – PAMM managers cannot deposit or withdraw from the investors’ accounts.
  • Flexibility: Investors can add or withdraw funds from a PAMM account at certain intervals, which provides flexibility in managing their investments.

Are profits guaranteed by investing in a Pamm account?

Profits are not guaranteed when investing in a PAMM account. While PAMM accounts can provide access to the skills and experience of seasoned traders, they cannot guarantee profits.

This is because forex trading is inherently risky and unpredictable, affected by numerous factors including economic data, geopolitical events, and market sentiment among others. Even the most skilled and experienced traders can have losing trades. Therefore, an investor’s capital is always at risk when participating in forex trading, including via a PAMM account.

It’s also worth noting that past performance of a PAMM manager is not an indicator of future results. A manager who has done well in the past could still incur losses in the future.

As a result, it’s crucial for investors to do their due diligence before investing in a PAMM account.

Who can be a Fund Manager for a PAMM account?

Since you will be trusted to manage the money of others, there is a process to go through whereby you have to prove your ability to perform. Experience plays a vital role in this.

While acknowledging that every broker has their own criteria, generally speaking, you will require the following as a minimum in terms of experience:

  • At least 3 years experience with trading
  • You are a licenced fund manager
  • You are a fund manager that has been working with other institutional bodies (brokers, banks, etc)
  • qualified professional trader (according to ESMA requirements)

If you meet most, or all of these requirements then there is a good chance that you may be accepted as a fund manager to trade within one of the brokers listed above.

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