Trading forex or other assets, it is always beneficial to learn from others. There are many wonderful, experienced, and successful forex traders in the industry, both male and female.

These often professional traders can be an excellent resource for others who are learning or getting started in trading.

The expert InvestinGoal team has taken a closer look here at some of the best female traders around the world, with interests in various financial markets.

We have researched the background of these traders alongside providing insight into their trading strategies and how to connect with them through social media or their websites.

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List of the best female full-time traders in the world

Here is the full list.

Karen Foo

picture of karen fooKaren Foo is a Singapore-based forex trader from a family of stock investors. Foo is award-winning in the industry and recognized as one of the most skilled traders in Asia.

She has a degree in finance and started trading stocks at 21 and has traded forex for 10 years. Foo has also authored books and won a nationwide forex trading competition.

She also works as a motivational speaker. Foo runs her own trading course and has a YouTube channel.

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Singaporean Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram N/A Forex

Raghee Horner

picture of raghee hornerRachel Horner is a multi-asset trader trading forex, stocks, futures, and options. She believes traders should know how to trade various asset classes and prefers to look at the broader market before deciding what trade to make and in which form.

Throughout her more than 30-year professional career she has also used the same foundational tools for most of the period.

She is one of the names behind the SimplerTrading course.

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USA YouTube, Twitter TradeStation Forex & Stocks

Linda Bradford Raschke

picture of linda bradfordLinda Raschke is a Chicago-based trader who began her career as a professional trader in 1981. She has also been a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) since 1992.

Raschke focuses on trading forex, futures, stocks, and options and is an exchange member of Pacific Coast Exchange and Philidelphia Exchange.

As well as trading and advising, she has her own website and has authored internationally sold books.

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USA LinkedIn, Twitter N/A Forex & Stocks

Kathy Lien

picture of kathy lienKathy Lien is a New York-based forex market analyst and expert.

Having graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business, before joining Wall Street at 18. She went on to work for JP Morgan Chase focusing on the currency market and has also worked with FXCM and specialized fx websites.

Lien also has extensive experience in developing trading strategies and has appeared in financial media including the WSJ, Bloomberg, and CNBC.

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USA LinkedIn, Twitter N/A Forex & Stocks

Shay "Humbled Trader"

picture of humbled traderShay is a self-taught stock trader who has worked in the VFX industry.

She had a difficult start to trading in 2014 after following the trading signals of “chat room gurus”. In total, she lost over $20,000. She then developed her own trading strategy.

Now she is a price action trader and follows strict rules to prioritize risk management.

She has also founded the Humbled Trader Academy, and has a YouTube channel with over 850,000 subscribers.

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USA YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Interactive Brokers Stocks

Heloise Greeff

picture of heloise greeffHeloise Greeff is a UK-based, South African trader and one of the most successful female traders with eToro.

She has an MBA from the University of Oxford in machine learning and is considered a long-term equity investor with a time horizon in excess of five years.

She utilizes machine learning and fundamental analysis in making investments decisions while she also runs her own website, Greeff Investment.

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South African LinkedIn, Twitter eToro Stocks, ETFs

Neza Molk

picture of neza molkNeza Molk is a popluar Slovenian eToro investor.

She is a master’s student of biotechnology and invests mainly in stocks and ETFs with a long-term value focus.

Molk uses fundamental analysis to spot healthy and growing companies that solve both current and future problems.

She has gained a strong following on eToro and is also active through other social media channels including YouTube and Instagram.

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Slovenian Instagram, YouTube eToro Stocks, ETFs

Sharon Connolly

picture of sharon connollySharon Connolly is an Australian trader based in Sydney.

She is an elite and popular investor on eToro where she started trading in 2013 with just $25. She now has more than 1,000 copiers and a portfolio worth over $100,000 trading mostly stocks and ETFs.

Connolly is a long-term growth investor who uses fundamental analysis and she has also passed the CISI L3 International Investing and Wealth Management.

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Australian LinkedIn, Twitter eToro Stocks, ETFs

Jennifer Kempson

picture of jennifer kempsonJennifer Kempson is a Scottish trader, author, entrepreneur, and award-winning content creator.

She is also known under by username “mamafurfur” on eToro and also runs her own website and acclaimed blog as well as being a YouTube digital creator.

Kempson is a long-term stock investor though she also has a small crypto allocation.

She does not trade with leverage or open short positions on any stock.

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Scottish LinkedIn, TwitterInstagramYouTube eToro Stocks, ETFs, Crypto

Masi Trades

picture of masitradesMasi is a full-time options trader with a primary focus on stock options. She has a background in IT and experience in the corporate field.

Technical analysis forms a major part of her trading strategy and she also runs her own website.

Here she offers trading courses along with his boyfriend, Nikolas, who is a professional large-cap options trader.

Masi is well-known as being a day trader is also active on several other social media platforms.

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USA Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Interactive Brokers Stocks

Mandi Pour Rafsendjani

picture of mandi pour rafsendjaniRafsendjani is an Australian trader based in Germany. She has more than 15 years experience as a trader and trading coach specializing in German DAX and forex trading.

She also trades a variety of assets in different markets such as stocks, indices, and commodities both as Futures and CFDs.

Rafsendjani coaches people on their trading performance, strategy, and psychology and is respected by retail, professional, and institutional investors alike.

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Australian LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube Pepperstone Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities

Jane Gallina

picture of jane gallinaJane Gallina is a Canadian self-taught trader based in Montreal who has been trading since 2015.

She is a day trader primarily focused on stocks, penny stocks, and options trading. Gallina uses market technical analysis as a part of her strategy and also has her own website where she offers trading coaching and a YouTube channel.

She also has a presence on other social media networks including LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Canadian LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube N/A Stocks

Lauren Simmons

picture of lauren simmonsLauren Simmons is a US stock trader who is also an author, and speaker as well as being a TV and film director.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in genetics which she obtained in 2016.

Following that, in 2017 she became the youngest female trader to work at the NYSE, and the second African American woman to work there.

Simmons has a social media presence on a number of networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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USA LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram N/A Stocks

Jennifer Fan

picture of jennifer fanJennifer Fan is a US trader with a focus on commodities.

Her focus on this market derives from her belief that these items are essential to people and society.

She majored in finance and statistics at New York University and has worked for big financial names like Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, as well as a number of hedge funds.

Fan now works from her own family office and was mentioned in the Forbes under 30 in 2012.

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USA Linkedin N/A Commodities

Stephanie Link

picture of stephanie linkStephanie Link is a US trader and graduate of the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

She began her career in 1992 and since 2020 has worked as the chief investment strategist and portfolio manager at Hightower Advisors.

She is skilled in securities, investment advisory, mutual funds, trading, and fundamental analysis and is a regular CNBC contributor.

She also has a presence on both Linkedin and Twitter.

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USA Linkedin, Twitter N/A Forex & Futures

Geraldine Weiss

picture of geraldine weissGeraldine Weiss is known as “the Grande Dame of dividends” and “the dividend detective”.

She was born in 1926 and graduated with a degree in finance from the University of California in 1945.

She is an author and started investing in 1962. Weiss is well-known for her investing strategy which uses dividends to spot stocks that may be overvalued or undervalued.

She continues to trade and invest in stocks to this day.

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USA N/A N/A Stocks

What are the favorite markets and brokers of professional female traders?

According to this ranking, the top female traders in the world invest with stock brokers, forex brokers, and generally brokers that offer derivatives trading (futures and options).

Only one trader also invests in cryptocurrencies, as it is a highly risky market that requires extensive dedication and specific study on the subject.

Also very popular among professional female traders are brokers that offer algorithmic trading services.

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