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A broker for algo trading refers to a brokerage firm that provides platforms or services for algorithmic trading, usually for trading forex (Foreign Exchange), CFD (Contract For Difference) or stocks.

Algorithmic trading, also known as algo trading or automated trading, is a method of executing orders using pre-programmed trading instructions that account for variables such as time, price, and volume. These algorithms are typically based on complex mathematical models and are capable of making high-speed decisions and transactions that would be impossible for human traders.

In this article we have grouped the best forex brokers for automated trading and algo-trading through EAs and trading robots.

To compile this ranking, we have taken into consideration the following factors:

  • The number of automated trading platforms
  • The presence of APIs
  • The general quality of the service
  • The efficiency of order execution
  • The presence of forex VPS
  • Special features for experienced traders
  • Unique broker’s features
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What are the best brokers for algo trading?

Below our curated list of the best brokers for algorithmic trading and automated trading in general, with details of features and characteristics.

1. Pepperstone : best for automated trading overall

  • Pepperstone offers a wide range of options for algo traders.
  • Pepperstone allows algorithmic trading system via EA on MT4, MT5 and cTrader, while also offering the ability to use Tradingview to be able to create and test EAs.
  • For those interested in automated trading via copy trading, Pepperstone also offers Duplitrade.
  • Automated trading is supported by all Pepperstone’s accounts, but in particular by the ECN Razor account which allows access to spreads as low as 0 pips.
  • Pepperstone also provides a customizable low-latency VPS in NYC Servers, and a VPS provided by FXVM.
74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs

2. IC Markets : best for algo-scalpers

  • IC Markets is an ECN broker that allows you to create and install Expert Advisors on MT4, MT5 and cTrader.
  • The strength of IC Markets is the speed of the order execution, which makes the broker great for implementing automated scalping techniques.
  • By opening a cTrader account, IC Markets will also make a FIX API available.
  • Spreads on IC Markets are equally low, starting at 0 pips.
74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money

3. FP Markets : most flexible auto trading broker

  • FP Markets is an extremely versatile algo trading broker.
  • In addition to allowing algo-trading on MT4 and MT5, FP Markets offers internal solutions such as a copy trading platform, and external solutions such as MyfxBook Autotrade.
  • FP Markets allows Autochartist to be linked to MT4/MT5 accounts, for further testing of automated strategies.
  • FP Markets provides its traders with a VPS connected to the Equinix NY4 servers network, which minimizes latencies and allows EAs to run 24/7.
74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money

4. Admirals : best for MT4 algo-trading

  • Admirals offers automated trading on both MT4 and MT5.
  • With Admirals you can benefit from the enhanced version of MetaTrader (Supreme Edition) for free, which can also be installed on the broker’s VPS.
  • Admirals’ VPSs are located in the Equinix data center, and can be obtained for free if the trader reaches certain conditions.
76% of retail investor accounts lose money

5. Roboforex : best for beginner algo-traders

  • RoboForex is known for its advanced multi-asset R StocksTrader algorithmic trading software.
  • R StocksTrader allows you to create trading robots on multiple markets through a detailed editor, even without knowing how to program one through the API.
  • This feature makes RoboForex the best broker for algo trading for many beginner users.

  • The RoboForex platform offers an efficient backtesting tool for algorithmic trading strategies that allows traders to analyze historical data dating back to 1970.
  • With RoboForex, you can create, test and run an unlimited amount of trading robots.
61.41% of retail CFD accounts lose money

6. AvaTrade : top fixed-spread automations

  • AvaTrade allows you to remove the psychological component through automated trading, but also remove the spread component through fixed spreads. Fixed spreads with AvaTrade start at 0.6 pips (0.9 for retail clients).
  • AvaTrade offers algo trading on several platforms, including MT4 and MT5.
  • ZuluTrade and Duplitrade are both automated trading platforms supported by AvaTrade.
  • For those who want to do automated trading 24/7, AvaTrade also allows you to connect a VPS to your trading account.
76% of retail investor accounts lose money

7. Interactive Brokers : for professional algo-traders

  • Interactive Brokers offers an advanced API system that allows experienced traders to better manage their automated trading.
  • IB offers a REST API, the open-source IBKR API, and the FIX API.
  • Through IBKR’s proprietary platform you can create trading robots and algorithms in C++, C#, Java, Python, ActiveX, RTD or DDE.
  • Professional clients, with an IBKR Pro account, will be able to access more advanced automated trading services with 13 pre-functioning algorithms, where the user will simply have to set the settings according to his strategy
74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money

8. HF Markets : best VPS service

  • HF Markets provide a HF Copy account to automatically copy the strategies of more experienced traders.
  • The alternative with HF Markets, is to open an MT4 or MT5 account, where you can create or download Expert Advisors.
  • Autochartist is available to connect to the MetaTrader platform, and with this you will be able to test algorithms.
  • HF Markets offers a great $30/month VPS service to run the robots 24/7, but with a deposit of at least $5000 you will be able to access it for free.
  • Gradually, with a deposit of $8000 and $15’000, the VPS offered by HF Markets will be more and more powerful and efficient.
70.51% of retail investor accounts lose money

9. IG Markets : best forex API services

  • With IG Markets you will be able to follow automated trading strategies on over 17,000 assets on the MT4 and ProRealTime.
  • ProRealTime, allows you to create and manage advanced charts, and consequently create more complex EAs.
  • IG Markets provides customizable APIs in Java and other HTTP supported languages. Among the available APIs is the REST API.
  • Institutional clients, on the other hand, can obtain a FIX API on request.
68% of retail CFD accounts lose money

How to choose a broker for algo trading

Selecting one among the many brokers for algorithmic trading is a crucial task. Not all brokers are created equal, and your choice can impact the success of your trading strategies. Here’s how you can choose the right one:

  1. Choose a regulated algo trading broker. Trading with a regulated broker provides traders with a level of assurance that their funds are safe and that the broker operates with transparency. Some of the top regulatory bodies in the industry include the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK, ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) in Australia, and NFA/CFTC (National Futures Association/Commodity Futures Trading Commission) in the USA. Always verify a broker’s regulatory credentials before proceeding.
  2. Consider the broker’s features because certain features may become critical. For instance, if you’re aiming to create a proprietary trading bot, the broker must be compatible with Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to ensure uninterrupted trading. Also, they should offer a robust API that allows for easy integration with your code. These features ensure that your trading algorithms work seamlessly.
  3. Consider the amount of money needed to get started brcause hile many brokers might have a standard minimum deposit requirement, such as $200, each trading algorithm might have distinct requirements based on the trading strategy. For example, a scalping algorithm might require a larger balance compared to a long-term trend-following system. Always ensure your deposit matches your trading strategy’s needs.

What is the best automated trading software?

The best software for automated trading is Metatrader.

The trading software  developed by MetaQuotes of course refers to and includes both MT4, and MT5 trading platforms. These are supported by almost every forex broker and are lightweight enough to run on almost any device, trading in a broad range of markets including forex, stocks, and many more. Metatrader.

Metatrader is one of the most trusted software and algorithmic trading platform, and is home of some of the best forex robots in the industry. Their own encryption process means that your data is kept completely secure at all times, and focusing on auto trading, they have the very best support infrastructure of any software.

This includes EAs which are automated trading strategies that can be developed by you or another member of the huge platform support community for use within the MetaTrader trading platforms providing the best access to support and advancement when it comes to auto trading with the best forex signal platforms.

Is automated trading profitable?

Automated trading can be profitable, however the results depend on the trading strategy used and the quality of the trading robot. But like all forms of trading, it is not without its risks.

The profitability of automated trading hinges on the strategy used and the efficacy of the trading robot. Here are some reasons why it can be profitable:

  • Eliminating Emotional Interference: Automated trading removes the psychological component, which can sometimes lead traders to make impulsive decisions, thereby improving the potential for profitability.
  • Robust Testing: Trading robots are rigorously back-tested against historical data to gauge their efficiency. They are specifically designed to detect and act on market biases in real time, potentially offering a higher success rate than manual trading.

Pros and Cons of Automatic Trading

Naturally, as with any other form of trading, there are a few positives and some drawbacks associated with automatic trading. Here are a few we have found:


  • Auto trading can be a good fit for both new traders and those with more experience. It can generate the same results for both and in a very convenient manner.
  • Auto trading removes some key factors that can lead to market losses. This includes trading on emotion, market pressure, and feelings of undue stress when trading. It really removes the emotional factor from your trading.


  • It does remove some element of control from your trading. Therefore, if you prefer a more hands-on trading style, it may not be ideal.
  • You are putting your trust in forex robots and automated strategies. The results of these depend heavily on the coding, and may bring unproven or inconsistent results that can impact your profit and loss.

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