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Are you looking for the best forex brokers for trading news because you want to be ready to act fast when important economic or political events shake up the market?

We can help.

If staying informed is important for you when picking your next broker, there are several things to look out for, such as an up to date economic calendar, rolling news coverage, analytical reports, and educational materials.

A great forex broker should have the perfect combination of these tools and, more importantly, offer an excellent service that fits in with your trading style.

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Top 10 Best Forex Brokers For Trading News 2022

Here’s our ranking:

IC Markets tops our list for the best trading news of 2022 with excellent resources on hand for their traders. Like many brokers, IC Markets offers an economic calendar, however, their calendar stands out for being intricately detailed, allowing traders to click on events for more information and look at performance from the week before. On top of that, IC Markets releases rolling economic news throughout the day via several providers and has a top-rated blog for further analysis.

When all things are considered, IC Markets is an excellent broker if you are trying to trade the news as it happens. Given the lightning fast ECN execution that is also facilitated, there is no surprise that IC Markets is a very popular choice among scalpers. Add to that the fact that spreads here can start from the very bottom at 0 pips, and there is no minimum deposit in place making the broker accessible to all, and you can start to see why IC Markets makes its way right to the top of the list.

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74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money

With Pepperstone, traders can benefit from tonnes of market reviews, as well as company news and company press releases. All news comes from Pepperstone themselves and comes with excellent analysis that can help traders prepare for the short term and long term. However, perhaps the most interesting news Pepperstone offers is its informative videos where they discuss the trading strategies used by market experts, such as Kathy Lien.

Along with this great availability of up to date news and research, traders can find the reasonable minimum deposit amount of $200 to be appealing when considered alongside the fast ECN execution that the broker has to offer. There is something for everyone here with social trading features available too. The spread at Pepperstone is another much talked about great value point and starts from 0 pips with a very rewarding active trader program also in place.

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74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs

XTB releases a wealth of economic news every day as events come, some of which is only available to those who have an account with them, and all are written by XTB themselves. XTB are also prompt in their press releases to their traders and their newsfeed is also available on their mobile app. Currently, they are also offering a free guide for scalping the DAX along with 10 videos.

Besides the wealth of prompt and informative news alerts available, traders are further attracted by the fact XTB do not impose a minimum deposit amount. This is perfect for new traders. There is also a huge wealth of assets to choose to trade in. This number reaches 5,200 assets in total, 48 of which are forex currency pairs with a really great and low spread from 0.1 pips. If you are into crypto trading, they are also a top crypto forex broker, offering a range of 25 markets.

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79% of retail investor accounts lose money

Admiral Markets has an excellent trading blog and provides a good variety of trading news stories. Admiral Markets’ economic calendar is also a great tool, offering a variety of filter options and highlights the potential impact of each event. Every year Admiral Markets does an overall market review, highlighting key areas traders should watch as the year progresses. Added to that, the broker works hard to keep the costs of trading as low as possible. This is something that makes them very popular with new traders and scalping traders alike.

With over 4,000 assets available to trade on two account types, the Standard, and Prime, you are also never without choice at Admiral Markets. All of this for a low minimum deposit of just $100 is great for attracting and retaining traders. Their education section too which is stacked full of useful material and information will ensure you always learn and grow as a forex trader here.

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money

eToro is perhaps the best known social and copy trading broker in the world, and among the best known of any kind of broker. They do very well in covering the latest developments in news too. They have a dedicated section of their user-friendly platform for covering the latest events, news, and more in depth reporting analysis of many companies conducted by their team of industry experts. eToro is a top place and broker to trade stock news in particular with. You can even buy fractional stocks here from $10 making it ideal for new traders.

Many are attracted too beyond the brand name by a very solid image, excellent infrastructure and reputation, and a good value minimum deposit starting from $200 for access to one of the most intuitive, easy to use platforms in the sector. If you are just getting started, there is also an unlimited demo account to test your skills.

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68% of retail investor accounts lose money

FxPro is also a great choice for trading news offering in-depth analysis throughout most of the week. FxPro stands out for exceptional coverage on crypto markets and for covering topics such as psychology. You also do not need to trade with FxPro to get updates from them, if you want to you can simply just subscribe to their daily digest and receive it via email. This is just one of the reasons why they are an award-winning choice and considered one of the best in the industry.

A $100 minimum deposit also means that FXPro has a tag of being very easily accessible to all levels of trader. While you are here, you can also avail of either fixed or variable spreads through the trusted MT4 trading platform with EAs allowed if you are more experienced and interested in some algorithmic trading strategies.

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72.87% of retail investor accounts lose money

XM covers a very wide selection of areas, with news specifically for commodities, indices, cryptocurrency for example, as well as technical analysis. XM’s research team is also highly professional, all specialising in different areas of trading and releasing special reports. XM’s economic calendar is also very useful and even highlights expected volatility. Together with this extensive level of detail, you can also have access to the broker for trading with as little as a $5 minimum deposit making it just perfect for new traders.

Bolstering their reputation as a top choice broker for beginners and experienced traders alike is the fact that they have a well stocked educational section to help you continue your trading journey, and an unlimited demo account allowing you a no-risk start. The trading costs and spreads are excellent too with these starting from 0 pips, and a Zero Spread trading account available with just a $100 minimum deposit.

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73.57% of retail investor accounts lose money

HotForex is the best option for those who just want small bites of information and are not too interested in in-depth overall analysis. Throughout the day, HotForex is excellent at releasing this information quickly and efficiently, often only minutes apart from one another. By doing this, HotForex perhaps covers more news than most of their competitors. When you add in the low minimum deposit to get started at just $5 for a micro account, you can see why HotForex makes a great choice for new traders.

Beyond that, they are well known to provide fast, effective order execution and a broad range of account types that can suit all kinds and levels of traders. They have 6 account types in total to choose from and this even includes their own copy trading service , and a dedicated stock investment account from a $10,000 minimum deposit, so clearly they have covered every base.

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71.24% of retail investor accounts lose money

In RoboForex’s Forex Analysis & Forecasts section, traders will find a treasure trove of economic analyses published throughout the day. Often each article is short and concise without being vague, allowing traders to quickly get a hold of the information they need and decide how to act. RoboForex also has an informative economic calendar and publishes webinars too. This should still provide ample information for you to remain well informed about your trades.

The broker has become very popular among a wide range of forex traders beyond trading news too due to their low costs and easy minimum deposit of just $10. They boast very great value spreads from 0 pips through the ECN accounts that are available with top executions speeds. They also have great value rebates worldwide, and a host of bonuses to traders outside the EU that has seen them become a top broker choice.

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61.41% of retail CFD accounts lose money

While LCG, founded in 1996, doesn’t produce as much content as some of its rivals, its news stories are well researched and highly informative. LCG also publishes analysis videos that cover a range of different topics and highlight specific economic and political events to look out for throughout the week, which can affect volatility.  LCG also hosts regular webinars by industry experts. They are well known as a top ECN/STP broker with excellent execution speeds when it comes to trading though they are aimed at the more experienced trader.

If you can make the $10,000 minimum deposit though, LCG can be a great place to trade. They offer an extensive range of market choice including in bonds, interest rates, ETFs, and vanilla options. In fact, they have a massive catalogue of more than 7,000 available assets. Great value trading is offered too, with forex spreads starting at 0 pips.

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money

Is Trading News Risky?

Deciding if trading the news is risky, is something that only you can decide, though it is something that everyone looks out for, and a very popular time to trade markets regardless of if the news is good or bad. When news is released, one thing that is certain is the markets will be volatile and move in either direction during the news.

If you can interpret the news and direction of the market, then you could be left in a very good position. Just be careful because a misinterpretation could be costly, and be mindful that due to the volatility, spreads may be higher, and the possibility of slippage does exist.

Important Forex Broker News Trading Characteristics

  • Guaranteed execution of pending orders: A pending order when you ask the broker to open your position only at a certain time and/or conditions. During moments of high volatility, the broker’s servers may not be efficient enough to process your order. So it’s important that the broker’s servers are fast enough.
  • Low spreads: During these moments of high volatility, spreads may be wider than normal. This means that you will pay more money to open a position regarding an asset that is suffering or benefiting from a news.
  • No requotes: A requote happens when the price you asked for is not available, so the broker opens a position with the closest available price you have asked for. Forex brokers with a good pool of liquidity providers can usually avoid this issue.

How to Trade News in the Stock Market

With stocks there are 4 type of news you should look for:

  • Earnings reports: earning reports are published periodically. When the company meets their earning expectation for the quarter (or does even better than expected), stock prices usually raise and vice-versa
  • Economic News: when a company acquires a competitor, or when it invests money into something. A company investing is, usually, a good sign.
  • Non-Economic News: something regarding the company that may scare the investors, for example the Cambridge-Analytica Scandal that involved Facebook. This type of news is one the most traded, because it doesn’t hit the “value” of a company, but hits the emotional side of the investors.
  • Geopolitical News: not related specifically to a company. When news is negative, the markets may suffer. For example a middle east crisis, tensions among 2 or more countries, pandemics, etc.

Pros and Cons in Trading News

Of course, like everything else in the sector and forex trading world, there are good and bad points to come if you decide to trade the news.


  • Trading the news can bring around great opportunities to enter the market just before a major move.
  • Trading the news is something that can reward your study and knowledge if you follow the news on the industry. You can be prepared to make your move.


  • Trading during these times is to trade during periods of high volatility. That in itself brings around an increased risk for you.
  • During these times, the markets will tend to be more volatile, and with that, spreads can go higher than usual.

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