Investing For Dummies – Guide for Modern Investors

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Welcome to Investing For Dummies, the first InvestinGoal free course, dedicated to the basics for learning how to invest today.

We live in the “information” era. Nowadays more than ever, knowledge and even advanced concepts are accessible to everyone very easily. It didn’t take too long that even a as complex and variegated universe as investing benefited from this advantages.

The knowledge to be able to discover this field and to start your investments for dummies is now available to everyone, as you will discover in this first Investing For Dummies course and the others to come.

  1. The initial capital to start
  2. The two main roads
  3. Investment instruments
  4. Time for investing
  5. The investment goal
  6. Working and investing
  7. Compound Interest
  8. Investing in knowledge
  9. The investment portfolio
  10. Summary and Conclusions

Investing for Dummies – Technologies and evolutions

Evolution and the new form of technologies have created the conditions for new modern form of investment, always more accessible and fast, one among all being Social Trading.

But, the fact that today everything is more accessible and easy to use, should not let us believe that also having success with investing is easy and risk-free. Despite evolution, for a beginner the chances of success or failure have remained more or less the same.

investing for dummies

What has changed is the possibility that a beginner has to access more easily to the resources needed to invest today.

The Investing For Dummis course and the other InvestinGoal Courses, together with our Social Trading blog, are the places where you can find everything you need in a well-organized and sequential path. You can start even if these topics are totally unknown to you. Step by step you will learn everything.

How to invest for Dummies

To start investing today is easy, but doing it in the right way requires the right knowledge (sometimes even technical). You may also try it all alone, and go for a long road of trials and errors.

Or you can start with Investingoal and his first course Investing For Dummies.

Here is where the journey begins, a journey that will get you, in the shortest time possible, to become an evolved investor.

Then, you will discover the most accessible market, the Forex, where you can invest even with a small amount of savings.

You will then learn how Social Trading works. It’s an innovative form of investment based on Forex, which will allow you to invest today without necessarily becoming an expert in this market.

There’s a better, modern and evolved way for investing today, and the path that will lead to discover and really understand it starts right here.

Let’s start with the first chapter of Investing For Dummies. What does “investing” really means?

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