Pepperstone Account Types: List & Characteristics (2022)

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Have you been considering opening a Pepperstone account (75.9% of retail CFD accounts lose money)?

If the answer is yes, then you are looking in the right place.

Opening a Pepperstone account is not a complicated process. You may have read our Pepperstone review and be very well informed. There are still a number of choices you have to make though.

Do you want to start with opening a Pepperstone demo account, or perhaps you are already prepared for Pepperstone standard account opening?

Well, there are a number of other Pepperstone account types as well as things you may want to consider. These include how to join the Pepperstone active trader program, or how to access a Pepperstone swap-free account.

Anyway, regardless of what you need, we can help you find it with this convenient listing of everything you may encounter along the way.

Here we will take a look at the major Pepperstone account types and some situations which may occur and how you can solve them in the most convenient and effective way possible.

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Available Pepperstone Account Types

Pepperstone account opening should be a relatively painless process all around.

There are many options to choose from when opening your account, and we have covered many of them. This should help you on every step of your journey to opening a Pepperstone account:

Demo Account Opening

Opening a Pepperstone demo account is the best place you can start if you want to try and make your career as a forex trader with Pepperstone.

Through the Pepperstone demo account opening, you can try for 30-days to trade all of the same markets as you would have access to with another Pepperstone account. A further 30-day period may be available on request.

With our guidance, you can have your Pepperstone demo account open in no time to experience all of the top features offered by the broker.

Standard Account

Opening a Pepperstone standard account is a great place to start.

Here you can access all of the benefits and features which have made Pepperstone become recognized as one of the top brokers in the forex industry.

Great spreads, top trading platforms, and the very best in regulation from ASIC in Australia, and FCA in the UK will be at your disposal as a Pepperstone standard account trader. The process can be completed in just a few minutes, including account verification.

Razor Account

The Pepperstone razor account is another excellent choice if you are thinking of trading forex with any broker.

It is becoming more popular and its cutting edge name is matched by the features you can access.

The Pepperstone Razor account uses cTrader. This provides more highly competitive spreads from 0 pips and an equally enticing low-commission.

Swap-Free Account

The Pepperstone swap-free account, otherwise known as an Islamic account is ideal for those who must follow shariah law.

It is perfectly suited to Islamic traders and does not compromise on the features in any way. If you are looking for this type of compliant Pepperstone account, the swap-free account is the choice for you.

The support team at Pepperstone is also fully aware of your requirements and on hand to help when needed.

VIP Account

As a premium level user, you will enjoy a host of additional benefits through the Pepperstone VIP account. We have checked out all of these extra features and additional supports and can confirm that you certainly get the red carpet treatment.

Things like dedicated customer support and in-depth analytics are just the beginning as a Pepperstone VIP user. If you are considering opening a VIP account as a high volume trader, then the Pepperstone VIP account is among the top choices for you to consider in the industry.

Pepperstone VIP Account

Business Account

For those interested in knowing how to open a Pepperstone Professional account, you will need a few additional documents, but as with every Pepperstone account type, you can be assured of top-quality service and the availability of all the best features.

Opening a Pepperstone business account is the perfect way to bring your trading career to the next level and to trade as a company where you can also give others the power to trade on your behalf with the correct paperwork.

Active Trader Program

As a regular trader, you want to know that your activities are being rewarded. This is exactly the function of the Pepperstone active trader program. Through this, you can take advantage of even more trading features to help you improve your potential.

These include advanced market insights and more. However, this type of rebates offering is available only for professional traders just like we explain in our Pepperstone Pro Account review.


The Pepperstone bonus account refers to the friend referral program. All you need to do is have a friend sign up to Pepperstone, make a qualifying deposit or trade, and you can receive fantastic benefits for your work. The more traders you refer, the more money you can potentially make.

The Pepperstone bonus account referral program is an excellent way for both parties to benefit from joining Pepperstone.

Pepperstone Account Openings

Another very important aspect of becoming a Pepperstone user is to learn more about the features and functions of the broker. We have noted the following areas as key for your consideration when opening a Pepperstone trading account of any type.

Live Account Opening

Opening a Pepperstone live account is something which you can complete in just a few minutes. Our Pepperstone live account opening tutorial is a perfect place to start.

Opening a live account with Pepperstone can be a significant milestone in your trading journey, and is excellent progress particularly if you have already tries and liked your Pepperstone demo account.

Account Verification

Getting your forex broker account verified can sometimes be a challenging task. Pepperstone account verification is relatively simple and an easy to follow process.

To get your account verified should be a very simple process which is also fast. This requires that you have only your ID like passport, and proof of residence like a utility bill.

Don’t forget that the Pepperstone account verification team is always ready and available to help out with your questions too. This can help to expedite the process and get you trading as soon as possible.

Account Funding

Pepperstone account funding opens up a range of safe and secure options for you to choose from. These include the most common payment methods which you will find from any top broker.

Use your card, transfer from your bank, and a selection of other simple methods.

Minimum Deposit

The Pepperstone broker minimum deposit for your live account, standard or Razor is $200. Remember to have a look at our Pepperstone account types above to choose the best account for you.

Account Currency

The importance of choosing the correct Pepperstone account currency cannot be underestimated. This is your base currency with which you can buy other currencies and advance your trading positions.

Depending on your location, you may wish to choose a different Pepperstone account currency. This is no problem since they have made multiple base currencies available.

Invalid Account

It is quite rare that you would ever get the error message of “Pepperstone invalid account” although on these occasions it would indicate through Metatrader that you need to reset your password. This is a very simple process that should take more than a few minutes.

Resetting your Pepperstone password is a task you can complete in just a few minutes.

Account Statement

From time to time, whether it be for tax purposes or other, you may need to review a history of your Pepperstone trading account. This includes a statement of your account and all of the trades you have previously closed through this Pepperstone account.

With some brokers this may be a complex task. Luckily, with Pepperstone, this is not the case. The great customer support team at Pepperstone are also on hand at all times to answer your questions.

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