We have gathered data on 50 finance influencers – also known as “finfluencers” – based on their follower, like and subscriber count across Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

  • Humphrey Yang (54.3M followers, likes and subscribers) conquers social media as the most popular finance influencer.
  • Tori Dunlap (26.9M followers, likes and subscribers) and Taylor Price (21.9M followers, likes and subscribers) take centre stage in the top three.
  • The new research ranked 50 influencers based on their follower, like and subscriber count across Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.
Overall Rank Top Finance Influencers Total Follower, Like and Subscriber Count
1 Humphrey Yang 54,317,401
2 Tori Dunlap 26,911,980
3 Taylor Price 21,908,968
4 Steve 15,101,585
5 Josh Rincon 10,298,804
6 Poku Banks 9,706,500
7 Parii Bafna 5,728,161
8 Jeremy Schneider 4,162,066
9 Delyanne Barros 4,137,079
10 Anthony O’Neal 3,766,200
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1. Humphrey Yang – 54.3M

picture of Humphrey YangHumphrey Yang has been crowned the most popular finance influencer. The 35-year-old “finfluencer” has accumulated an astonishing 54,317,401 followers, likes and subscribers across social media, with 501,000 Instagram followers, 3,300,000 TikTok and 49,500,000 likes on TikTok.

Their original centres around personal finance, including savings and tax credit tips. Humphrey also works with non-profit organisations to help businesses and consumers, often handing out $1,000 in cash to members of the general public.

TikTok Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Twitter Website
3300000 followers 500000 followers 1564 followers 986000 subscribers 3798 followers 11500 followers < 5000 total visits

2. Tori Dunlap – 26.9M

picture of Tori DunlapTori Dunlap is the second most popular finance influencer. Overall, she has 26,911,980 followers, likes and subscribers across social media. Their most popular accounts are TikTok, with 2,300,000 followers and 24,500,000 likes, and Facebook, with 31,000 followers and 25,000 likes.

After saving $100,000 at 25-years-old, Tori has empowered women with knowledge about personal finance, including negotiating salary, paying off debt, building savings and investing, as well as publishing the book Financial Feminist in 2022.

TikTok Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Twitter Website
2300000 followers 32400 followers 22000 followers 5500 subscribers 25957 followers 180809 followers 107000 total visits

3. Taylor Price – 21.9M

picture of Taylor PriceThe third most popular finance influencer is Taylor Price. This “finfluencer” is a “Gen-Z financial activist”, with 21,908,968 followers, likes and subscribers across social media, including 107,000 Instagram followers, and 1,100,000 followers and 20,700,000 likes on TikTok.

Taylor has a bright and bubbly personality that transpires on screen, discussing all things money, such as improving your credit score, analysing celebrity investments and exploring the intricacies of Bitcoin.

TikTok Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Twitter Website
1100000 followers 107000 followers 1942 followers 24600 subscribers N/A 1901 followers <5000 total visits

4. Steve – 15.1M

picture of SteveSteve, also known as the Financial Freedom Coach, comes in fourth place. This financial influencer has 15,101,585 followers, likes and subscribers  – including 40,200 YouTube subscribers, 9,28,500 TikTok followers and 13,900,000 likes on TikTok.

Since reaching financial freedom at 33-years-old, Steve has been teaching people everything there is to know about personal finance, including investing, saving, taxes and more.

TikTok Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Twitter Website
930000 followers 239000 followers N/A 40300 subscribers N/A 888 followers <5000 total visits

5. Josh Rincon – 10.2M

picture of Josh RinconJosh Rincon is the fifth most popular finance influencer, with 10,298,804 followers, likes and subscribers across social media. This includes 5,300,000 Facebook followers, 479,500 TikTok followers and 4,300,000 likes on TikTok.

This millennial “finfluencer” is a proud advocate of educational finance. The Program Director of a financial non-profit, Advance Latino, Josh also posts regular videos about digital money and discount hacks.

TikTok Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Twitter Website
491700 followers 212000 followers 675 followers 4230 subscribers 19599 followers 316 followers N/A

6. Poku Banks – 9.7M

picture of Poku BanksThe sixth most popular is Poku Banks. This “finfluencer” has a total of 9,706,500 followers, likes and subscribers, with 339,200 followers and 9,300,000 likes on TikTok, as well as 29,500 subscribers on YouTube.

Poku is on a mission to help younger people make the most out of their money. The influencer is happy to meet the general public and discuss worthwhile money saving tactics, such as making the most out of the NatWest Thrive Programme.

TikTok Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Twitter Website
338800 followers 36100 followers N/A 29500 subscribers N/A 1693 followers N/A

7. Parii Bafna – 5.7M

picture of Parii BafnaParii Bafna is the seventh most popular finance influencer. Overall, the “finfluencer” has 5,728,161 followers, likes and subscribers across social media. This includes 324,400 followers and 5,400,000 likes on TikTok, and 2,251 followers on Instagram.

Parii creates engaging content around personal finance, including credit cards, drop shipping and Bitcoin. The 21-year-old is also the co-founder of Jumpstart, an organisation which helps students develop their businesses.

TikTok Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Twitter Website
323600 followers 2242 followers 245 followers 1510 subscribers N/A 166 followers N/A

8. Jeremy Schneider – 4.1M

picture of Jeremy SchneiderIn eighth place, Jeremy Schneider’s Personal Finance Club has 4,162,066 followers, likes and subscribers on social media. This includes 487,000 Instagram followers, 124,600 TikTok followers and 3,500,000 likes on TikTok.

Jeremy has a net worth of over $4 million and retired at 36-years-old. To help other people reach the same level of financial freedom, this “finfluencer” posts inspirational content about money management and investment tactics.

TikTok Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Twitter Website
124600 followers 491000 followers 1354 followers 8140 subscribers 17188 followers N/A 70100 total visits

9. Delyanne Barros – 4.1M

picture of Delyanne BarrosDelyanne Barros is the ninth most popular finance influencer. The retired attorney has 4,137,079 followers, likes and subscribers altogether, with 333,400 TikTok followers, 3,600,000 TikTok likes and 14,300 Twitter followers.

With 14 years of experience as a plaintiff-side employment attorney, this “finfluencer” has used their knowledge of investing to help people pay off their debt and start investing their money. Delyanne also hosts a finance podcast produced by CNN.

TikTok Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Twitter Website
334400 followers 190000 followers 2317 followers 108 subscribers 878 followers 5800 followers 8100 total visits

10. Anthony O’Neal – 3.7M

picture of Anthony O’NealIn tenth place, Anthony O’Neal has 3,766,200 followers, likes and subscribers across social media. This includes 347,000 Instagram followers and 599,000 YouTube subscribers.

In addition to posting inspirational content, this “finfluencer” is the bestselling author of multiple books and the Chief Executive Officer of The Neatness Network.

TikTok Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Twitter Website
161800 followers 352000 followers N/A 614000 subscribers 318971 followers 43900 followers 56200 total visits


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