XTB Spreads Review - Types and Characteristics

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Every broker you choose to deal with will feature some type of spread or other. XTB account types are no different.

They feature a selection of competitive spreads that allow the broker to make a marginal profit based on the trades which you enter.

Here we will learn more about exactly what you can expect when it comes to XTB spreads within each area of the broker (you can also see our XTB review for a full in depth look at the broker).

We will also investigate how these compare to other brokers in the industry.

This should give you a precise idea about the costs of your trading with XTB.

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XTB 5 stars
XTB logo
  • Regulated: FCA, CySEC, KNF, IFSC, CMB
  • Platforms: MT4, xStation 5
  • Min. Deposit: $250
XTB logo
  • Regulated: FCA, CySEC, KNF, IFSC, CMB
  • Platforms: MT4, xStation 5
  • Min. Deposit: $250

79% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Type of Spreads with XTB

Firstly, let’s examine the different types of spread you can expect to encounter when trading with XTB:

Variable and Fixed Spread

The XTB spread which you can expect to find is one which is variable. This variable spread is obtained from the interbank market price generally. The exception which can sometimes occur is that within some markets, particularly indices, the spread will depend on the market itself and not the actual liquidity providers directly.

Despite this, the XTB spread remains one which is always highly competitive.

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79% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Spread on accounts

Now that we have looked at the general XTB spread, let’s take a closer look at how this variable spread impacts your XTB standard, and other accounts:

Standard Account

The one account type which is available to XTB traders is the standard account. This makes the spread relatively easy to interpret since there is only one account type.

The XTB standard account features no fees for the majority of assets that you can trade. This does apply to most markets although there is a commission on trading Stock and ETF CFDs. This comes to 0.08% for a round turn trade in total.

The minimum spread with this account type is very competitive although it does vary depending on the region you are trading in. Spreads in the EU are starting from as low as 0.8 pips in major currency markets, these are lower again in the UK at 0.35 pips, and 0.6 pips starting in Turkey. China spreads start from 0.9 pips while the rest of the global markets are also based at 0.35pips.

The only area where you can choose between more than one standard account type with XTB is Latin America. Here you will have access to three different standard account types, each with a different spread.

Starting with the lowest, Standard account A features a minimum deposit of $15,000 and a spread from 0.7 pips. The B option has a spread starting from 1.5 pips with a $1500 deposit minimum, and finally, the C option has a lowly $1 minimum deposit, but a spread starting from 2.8 pips.

Professional Account

Coming on to the professional account type, the first thing to note is that this account functions as an upgrade on the standard account type. This is available if you meet the criteria, and while the spreads are lower, commissions are added on a number of assets.

These commissions start from $4 per round turn lot traded on crypto, forex, indices, and commodities markets as well as the standard 0.8% on stock CFDs and ETFs.

The minimum spread on these accounts will also vary as it does on standard account types, with the following being available as a starting spread:

  • EU: Spread as low as 0.1
  • UK: Spread as low as 0.28
  • Global: Spread as low as 0.28
  • China: Spread as low as 0.28
  • Turkey: Spread as low as 0.28
  • America: Spread as low as 0.3

Again, these spreads are highly competitive when compared with other top brokers operating in the industry presently.

Islamic Account

The XTB Islamic account is an account suitable for those observing Shariah Law and is in many ways similar to the standard account without any rollover fees. These similarities also extend to the spreads which are the same on both account types.

Due to the fact there is no rollover on the Islamic account though, commissions are added to trading. These commissions are $10 per lot round turn on forex, indices, and commodities, and the same on stock and ETF CFDs traded.

Spread review on various assets

Delving deeper into the XTB spreads, it is time for us to examine the exact spreads on each asset. These are correct at the time of writing and can be double-checked through the broker website.


XTB provides for trading in a wealth of forex pairs, 48 currency pairs in total. This includes major, minor, and exotic pairs that are traded as standard through MT4 and xStation5 trading platforms. As a trader, you can be sure to receive no requotes at all, and the XTB standard account is always fee-free.

With the professional and Islamic accounts as mentioned above, you will need to contribute some commission. This amounts to $4 per round turn lot with the professional account, and $10 for the same with an Islamic account.

Indices CFDs

A total of 35 indices are catered for through XTB. Again these are traded through the same trading platforms and you can always be certain the price is not a requote. The commission-free standing of the standard account remains the same, and the commission added to round turn trades with the Professional and Islamic account of $4 and $10 respectively is also the same.

Stock CFDs

XTB stock trading presents a tremendous range of options with more than 1500 stocks available for trading through the broker. These are all traded through the well known Metatrader 4 and xStation5 platforms. There is effectively no difference in the stocks spread based on your regulatory area either.

Commission is applied on this market at a rate of 0.08% and there is typically a minimum commission charge of $6 per trade.

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79% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Commodities CFDs

Moving on to commodities CFDs trading, there are a total of 21 hard and soft commodities made available for you to trade with XTB through the same trading platforms. Again the markets are mostly fee-free with commissions only applied at the usual rates on professional and XTB Islamic accounts.

Cryptos CFDs

Cryptocurrency CFDs trading through XTB is another important market which is popular with many traders. Available here are a wide range of cryptos which can be traded with currency or other cryptos in the form of CFDs.

When it comes to spreads in this area, they remain the same across regulatory regions. The only difference here is that these markets are unavailable in Turkey.

Again, commission is charged on Pro ($4 per round turn lot) and Islamic ($10 per round turn lot) trades.


The final market for us to look at here with XTB is ETFs trading. There are 60 ETFs available to be traded on MT4 and xStation5 platforms. These spreads do not differ based on area and also feature a commission of 0.08% with a minimum typically of $8.

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79% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Comparison with other major brokers

Taking an objective look at the XTB spreads to conclude our detailed review, we can see that the broker presents a very wide range of markets. This can be excellent for traders seeking variety to add to their portfolio.

The availability of these assets across each and every regulatory area, with the exception of cryptos, is something very positive for the broker and indicative of a uniform trader experience. The fee-free nature of the broker and the fact that no requotes are applied is something which you should also consider a positive if you are thinking of getting involved with XTB.

Finally, if you are a trader interested in scalping or hedging, you will be glad to know that XTB allows both to take place.

XTB 5 stars
XTB logo
  • Regulated: FCA, CySEC, KNF, IFSC, CMB
  • Platforms: MT4, xStation 5
  • Min. Deposit: $250
XTB logo
  • Regulated: FCA, CySEC, KNF, IFSC, CMB
  • Platforms: MT4, xStation 5
  • Min. Deposit: $250

79% of retail CFD accounts lose money

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