ZuluTrade Demo Account – How to best exploit it

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Here we are at the starting point, i.e. how to best open your ZuluTrade Demo account.

Whatever your goal or your purpose might be, once you have chosen ZuluTrade as your investing platform for Social Trading, the first thing to do, and the wisest of all, it’s for sure to open up a demo account.

Click Here and Open your Demo Account now while discovering how to best do it in this post.

Don’t think that opening a ZuluTrade demo account is a minor thing. With this tool you can get a healthy benefit for your future real investment, provided you open it with all due respect. The Zulutrade demo account is in all rispect a trading account with the exact same functions of a real account.

It all works the same way, and you can really try it out and get to know and appreciate it in all its features, plus the fact that it will be a useful option, when you’ll have also a real account, to continue to do some test on Signal Providers or on their settings, and then report what works on your real account.

In addition, by opening your ZuluTrade demo account through our InvestinGoal link you will get more benefits for your investment journey. Go ahead and find out what.

ZuluTrade Demo Account – Procedure to best open it

1) Open your ZuluTrade demo account through this link.

investingoal affiliate link zulutrade

To begin, go to the ZuluTrade home page of. Be sure to see this url when you enter, it must contain at least one of our affiliate REF: “ref = 1288530” or “investingoal”. This is our personal affiliate url.

By signing up using this url you will be recognized by us and by ZuluTrade as an affiliate (with no additional cost). We don’t exclude that in the future we may also make gifts to all our demo affiliates.

2) Click on “Register” at the top right.

click register zulutrade button

On the right you can find the icon to open the demo account. Here there’s shown the only real difference between a demo and a real account (except, of course, the real money).

zulutrade demo account choice

The ZuluTrade demo account only last for 30 days, after which the account is disabled. Don’t worry. Once expired, you can always open a new one whenever you want. The demo account with ZuluTrade it’s not suitable for long-term experience, because in any case all our portfolio attempts will last no more than 30 days, a too short time period to do some serious testing.

The demo account is great for getting to know the instrument as a whole, and especially to see how your personal will be account and what the available functions. To switch from a demo to a real ZuluTrade account should not scare you. Even if you didn’t have time to make a serious long term attempt, by opening a live account through Investingoal you will have access to the experience already made ​​by us and by other investors before you. You won’t be left alone and abandoned to your fate.

3) Click on the button “Get a free demo account.”

The registration modalities are two. Automatically via Facebook login, or via direct input of your personal details. Using Facebook you don’t need to enter data, which will be automatically retrieved from the social network. You will be asked if you want to allow ZuluTrade to publish a post on your profile in your name, in which you communicate to your friends you open a demo account with ZuluTrade.

zulutrade facebook login

By directly inserting your data, this will not happen instead.

Please enter a real email, an email you are using. To this email will then be sent an activation code. Enter your first and last name and nationality. Once selected nationality, your international code for your phone number will be automatically added. You have left to enter the phone number, eg 3400123456.

login personal details zulutrade account

Entering the correct account details

4) Enter the Account Details

You have to enter your demo account details imagining you have a live account to connect to ZuluTrade. Don’t underestimate this step. The best thing to do to get the most benefit is to choose the settings as if it was truly a real account, with the same conditions you would have in that case.

zulutrade demo account details

Select the currency you want your funds to be accounted with. For us, it has always been more convenient to use dollar accounts for a mere management convenience. The dollar remains the main Forex currency and doing all the calculations using dollar makes everything much easier and faster. This, however, is not a rule, if you prefer to see your account in another specific currency, because that will be the currency you will have on your future real account, go ahead.

Above all, if you want to open your trading account in dollars, make sure you can receive transfers in dollars in your bank account. Not all banks will accept them.

Select the finacial leverage allowed by your broker. If you already know what your broker will be when you will open a real account, then enter that precise leverage right now. Find out more on the broker’s website if you don’t know it. If you don’t know neither the broker’s leverage, nor what broker you will use, add a value if 100: 1. This is a value that is given to customers by the vast majority of brokers. In addition, it’s the maximum leverage allowed by AAAFX (unless you explicitly request to increase it), the best broker to work on ZuluTrade since it’s property of ZuluTrade itself.

Let’s move on to the balance of your ZuluTrade demo account. This is the time where you’ll have to be true to yourself. I know that the temptation will be to put a high value, maybe stratosferic, thinking that, after all, this is a worthless test. You have to commit yourself to become a serious investor already from these little things. If the capital which you’ll open your real account with will be of $ 2,000, it’s useless and counterproductive to open a demo account of $ 100,000. You do something like that just because you want experience the thrill of seeing big money movement into your account. But please remember it’s a demo, and you run the risk of starting then with distorted expectations, and we think it’s not the case to take the first steps with a negative educational attitude.

Open a demo account with the exact same amount of capital you’ll be using with your real account.

Behave right now as if it were a real account with real money.

5) Enter the Captcha Code

At this point, you are ready to enter the Captcha code and click on “open my demo account”. If you have used Facebook to enter your information, the dashboard of your demo account will be automatically opened.

zulutrade captcha code

If instead you have manually entered your details, then you’ll have to open your mailbox. You’ll find a ZuluTrade e-mail with the link to click to activate your account. At that point, you will arrive in your demo account dashboard.

zulutrade confirmation email

First ZuluTrade Login

6) Your ZuluTrade demo account is open, and you can see your main dashboard. In the next lesson we will begin to treat each section and function of your personal account.


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