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Are you looking for a tutorial to open a Demo Account on ZuluTrade and to find out everything you can do with it?

We have everything you need.

Whatever your goal or intent, once you’ve chosen ZuluTrade as your Social Trading investment platform, the first thing you should do, and the wisest, is definitely to open a demo account.

Open your ZuluTrade Demo Account now (Your capital is at risk when trading CFDs).


Don’t think for a second that opening a ZuluTrade demo account is a small time thing. Through this free tool, you’ll be able to reap a real benefit for your future investments, if you go at it properly, that is. As a matter of fact, the ZuluTrade demo account is a true and proper operational account, offering the same features a real live account would offer (you can check our ZuluTrade review to see them all).

The ZuluTrade demo account has an unlimited duration (like other famous forex trading demo accounts), as long as you log in at least once every 14 days. Otherwise, it will be cancelled.

The ZuluTrade demo account works just like a live account, and you can really test the platform, getting to know it and appreciate all its features highlighted in our ZuluTrade reviews. Besides, it will also be a useful option when you open a real account, to continue testing some Signal Providers and settings, taking whatever works to your live account.

Furthermore, opening a ZuluTrade Demo Account (Your capital is at risk when trading CFDs) you may receive some additional benefits for your investment path. Continue to find out what they are.

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ZuluTrade Demo Account – How to open one at its best

1) To open a ZuluTrade demo account, click on this link (Your capital is at risk when trading CFDs).

zulutrade conto demo url referral

The ZuluTrade site will open at the demo account registration page. Make sure the url is the same as in the image below, it must contain at least one of our two affiliate REFs: “ref=1288530“ or “investingoal“ This is our personal affiliation url.

Registering through this url you’ll be recognized by us and ZuluTrade as our affiliate (at no additional costs). In the future we might even start giving away some presents at all our demo affiliates.

2) There are two ways to register: Instant Login or Filling the Form.

zulutrade demo account instant login

Instant Login: You can create a ZuluTrade Demo Account using your Facebook or Google accounts.

Using your Facebook account, you won’t have to enter any data, as it will automatically be provided by the social network. You will be asked to allow ZuluTrade to publish a post on your profile on your behalf, communicating that you’ve opened a demo account on ZuluTrade.

Register Filling the Form: If you don’t have a Facebook or Google account, or you simply don’t want to use them to create a ZuluTrade account, you can proceed filling out the registration form you can see below.

Registering is fast, you just need to enter some personal data, as the image below shows. Enter a real email address, which you use. The activation code will be sent to this address.

Enter your name, surname, and nationality. Once you’ve selected your country, the international prefix for your phone number will be automatically filled out, for Italy it’s +39. Then, you should just fill in the phone number, i.e. 3400123456. We suggest using a real phone number. Here’s why.

zulutrade demo account personal informations

ZuluTrade has created an interesting phone number certification offer. Users with verified phone numbers may receive a Copy Trading bonus of 25$ on the platform!

To verify your phone number and receive the ZuluTrade bonus, do the following:

  1. Add a real phone number;
  2. Open a ZuluTrade Live Account (no bonus will be released until you open a real account) with the AAAFX Broker. This is ZuluTrade’s own broker, at InvestinGoal we believe this is the best choice to fully take advantage of the ZuluTrade’s Copy Trading services.
  3. When you open a real account with ZuluTrade, you’ll have to use the same phone number you used when you registered your demo account. This way, the number will be verified, and the bonus may be credited to your live account.

3) Click on “Create a Demo Account”.

Correctly fill in the Account Data

4) Fill in the Account Data.

You’ll have to fill in the details of your future ZuluTrade demo account, as if you had a real one to connect to ZuluTrade. Don’t underestimate this step. The best thing you can do to get the most benefit is to choose the settings as if yours were a real live account, with the same conditions you’d have for that case.

zulutrade demo account data

Select the currency you wish to employ to manage the funds on your account. We suggest using dollars, it’s easier to manage. Dollars are still the main Forex currency and calculating everything using dollars as the base currency is much simpler and faster. However, this isn’t a law, if you’d rather see your account with a specific currency, since it’ll be the one you’ll have on your future live account, go ahead.

Most importantly, if you open your account in dollars, make sure your bank account can receive bank wires in dollars. Not all banks accept them.

Select the Financial Leverage.

If you already know who your broker will be when you open your real account, then fill in that leverage right now. If you don’t know it yet, check out your broker’s website. In case you don’t know your leverage, your broker, nor what leverage you’ll want to use, write 100:1. This value is now granted to customers from most brokers. Besides, it is the highest leverage AAAFX allows (unless requested otherwise directly), which is the best broker to operate on ZuluTrade, since it is owned by ZuluTrade itself.

Now, let’s skip to the Balance of your ZuluTrade demo account.

Here, you’ll have to be as honest as possible. The temptation to fill in a high value will be a lot, thinking this is a worthless test. It’s the same story every time a trader decides to open a new forex demo account. But you need to learn to be committed to become a serious investor. If the capital you’ll have to open a real live account is 2,000 dollars, opening a demo account with 10,000 dollars will be useless and counter-productive. Doing such a thing would only give you the sensation of seeing big numbers roll on your account. However, since this is a testing account, you’d just risk getting false expectations, which has a negative educational impact on your first steps in this field.

Open your demo accounts with the same capital sum you’d use for your real account.

Start treating this account as if it were a real live one.

5) Prove you’re not a bot.

Now, you’re ready to fill in the Captcha code, and click on “Open my demo account”. If you used Facebook to insert your data, the dashboard of your ZuluTrade demo account will automatically be displayed.

zulutrade captcha demo account

If, on the other hand, you entered all data yourself, you’ll have to check the email address you provided. You’ll find an email from ZuluTrade with the link to click on to activate your account. Then, you’ll be taken to your demo account’s dashboard.

zulutrade demo account confirmation

First Login with the ZuluTrade Demo Account

6) Your ZuluTrade demo account is ready, you can enjoy your main dashboard. In the next lesson, we’ll start talking about every section and feature of your personal account.

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