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Did you search HotForex review to figure out HotForex’s real value?

Would you like to fully understand if HotForex is reliable or if it’s a scam?

Do you want to find out everything you can do with HotForex, expert opinions, and user reviews?


In this HotForex review, you’ll find everything you need to dispel any doubt, including our feedback on HotForex, both practical and technical, after years of experience on the platform.

The best thing you could is to open a free demo account to try out first-hand the HotForex platforms, to be able to fully follow this review.


HotForex review

From the outset and before getting into great detail with our broker review, it is important to point out that there are two different entities in operation when we refer to the HF Markets Group.

Within the EU, the broker and entity is known as HF Markets, while outside the EU, it is known as HotForex. This is still referring to the same broker operating under the HF Markets Group, and the features are much the same, with the vast majority available through both entities, though there are a few exceptions.


security 94
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72.76% of retail investor accounts lose money

Starting our HotForex review in one of the most important places, security is always top of the list for many traders, new and experienced. This is also a top priority for HotForex and the HF Markets Group throughout. Let’s see what the broker has to offer in this respect.

Foundation and Offices

The broker was founded in 2010 and has managed to cultivate a very strong, and much trusted reputation in the intervening years to make it one of the top choice brokers worldwide. They now have a presence worldwide in the following locations and under the following entity names:

HF Markets (Europe) Ltd

Spirou Kyprianou 50

Irida 3 Tower, 10th Floor

Larnaca 6057, Cyprus

HF Markets (UK) Ltd

Bloomsbury Building

10 Bloomsbury Way, Holborn WC1A 2SL

London, United Kingdom

HF Markets SA (PTY) Ltd

Katherine & West, Suite 18, 2nd floor

114 West Street,

Sandton, South Africa

HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd

Index Tower, floor 6, unit 612

DIFC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

HF Markets (SV) Ltd

Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre,

P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont

Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

These locations and entities for the backbone of HF Markets, HotForex, and the HF Markets Group around the world.


When it comes to regulations, the broker does very well in ensuring that they are regulated by some of the most well-respected bodies in global forex trading and finance. They are regulated by a number of top-tier bodies.

The broker, operating under the HF Markets Group, have the following regulations in place around the world for their entities in that region:

Within the EU, HF Markets (Europe) Ltd, are regulated by CySEC under the regulation number 183/12. In the UK, the brokers UK entity HF Markets (UK) Ltd. is regulated by the FCA #801701, while in South Africa HF Markets SA are overseen by the FSCA #46632.

In Dubai, the broker also has regulation in place from the DFSA as HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd. (F004885), and in the global market  they are regulated under the FSC as HF Markets Ltd. (C110008214), and HF Markets (Seychelles) Ltd. (SD015).

So, the take away from all this information, is that considering the broker and group in its entirety, you are getting a comprehensively regulated broker that takes the security of traders and its own responsibilities here very seriously.

Money Protection

Another area that they take very seriously is in regards to the protection of your funds. Here the HF Markets Group, no matter the entity that you are trading under, will hold your money in segregated accounts. This provides the maximum level of protection if anything were to happen to the broker such as bankruptcy or insolvency.

Within the EU and UK, these protections are further increased through the cover of the ICF which provides for an insurance of up to €20,000 (or £85,000) in case something happens to your money. Ultimately, this all means that your funds are very well protected all over the world.


Not only are they highly secure, but HotForex as a broker, and the complete HF Markets group, are very well decorated in the industry, having won many awards over the years. This adds up to a total of 34 awards some of which include the best FX Broker in Asia for 2019 as well as the Best FX Broker in Latin America for 2019 too.

Not Accepted Clients

Although the HF Markets Group and HotForex as a broker under multiple entities offer trading around the world in most places, there are a few areas that they do not reach. These include the following few places.

In fact, this list is much shorter than that of other major forex brokers and this in itself is another great credit to HotForex.

    • Belgium
    • Canada
    • United States
  • Pros
    • They are an extremely well-regulated broker with many top-tier regulatory bodies
    • The broker has a very strong international presence with multiple offices around the world
    • HotForex offers some of the best fund protection of any broker in the industry
    • Having multiple awards under their belt is a very attractive point for some traders
    • The only downside is that they have yet to break into a few markets, one of which is the US

    HotForex review
    Costs and Accounts

    The next vital area to examine in our HotForex broker review is that of the multiple account types that are available along with the costs associated with trading at the broker.


    cost 91
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    72.76% of retail investor accounts lose money

    Account Types

    There is a fantastic selection when it comes to choosing an account for trading at HotForex. Here is what is available.

    HotForex Demo

    The demo account is one of the best ways to get to know any broker, and HotForex is no different. Trading on a demo account means you can try out the exact trading conditions of a real account but with no risk at all. This includes no obligation to deposit real money when you are finished with the demo account.

    The HotForex demo account is unlimited in the sense that the trial period does not end. This is a great advantage that is not always available with all brokers. Added to this, you can have as many as 3 demo accounts at once. This is perfect for learning or testing strategies if you are an experienced trader. Just one point to keep in mind is that if you are inactive for more than 30-days, the broker may close your account.

    Micro Account

    HotForex also offers a micro account, though this account type is only offered by the South African entity (HF Markets SA PTY Ltd.), and the SV entity (HF Markets SV Ltd.) of the broker. This is a great account for those starting out in trading with a minimum deposit of just $5 in place.

    The account also allows for a very high leverage of up to 1000:1 on major forex pairs and with a very competitive spread that starts from 1 pip.

    Premium Account

    Although it is named a Premium Account, this account type is actually the standard account type offered by HotForex, and HF Markets. The minimum deposit here is $100 or equivalent. If you are located in South Africa, then this minimum deposit is 1400 ZAR, or in the UAE it is 400 AED.

    The spreads on trading through this account also start at a great value 1 pip across a wide range of assets and the available leverage depends on your location, from 30:1 in Europe up to 500:1 in some other jurisdictions.

    Zero Spread Account

    The Zero Spread Account is offered by both HotForex and all HF Markets entities with the exception of the UAE where this account is not available. It offers the best value in spreads from 0 pips and is an ideal account type for scalpers or those using EAs who are relying on the lowest cost of trading possible.

    Here the minimum deposit is $200 or 2800 ZAR, and you can rely on the very best prices given direct from the liquidity providers. There is a commission of $3 per lot to consider ($6/lot round turn trade), though this is reasonable compared to other brokers. The leverage situation remains the same with 30:1 available in Europe and the UK, and up to 500:1 available elsewhere depending on the jurisdiction.

    Auto Account

    The Auto Account is offered by HF Markets SA (PTY) Ltd., and HF Markets SV Ltd. as the entities for the broker in both South Africa and SV jurisdictions. This type of account is specialized for the use of those who are using EAs to engage in auto trading. Through this account you are free to use signals and strategies from the MQL5 community or other paid trading signals.

    This account has a minimum deposit of $200 in place and a maximum leverage of 500:1 is available though this may be lowered if your equity available exceeds $300,000 with the leverage. Spreads here are competitive too and start from 1 pip.

    HF Copy Account

    The HF Copy Account is a copy trading account and proprietary copy trading service that is offered by all entities of the broker with the exception of in the UAE. If you are interested in copy trading, then this is the account type for you. The minimum deposit here will vary depending on the particular account you would like to open.

    If you want to be copied, providing your own signal to others, then the minimum deposit will range from $300 to $1000 depending on area. If however, you wish to copy other traders, then this deposit will range from $100 to $300.

    If you are a signal provider, you can have as many as 400 followers, though trading is only allowed in forex, Bitcoin, and gold. The leverage again will range from 30:1 in Europe, to 400: 1 in other areas, with a spread from 1 pip.

    VIP Account

    This account type is only offered by HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd. the broker entity in the UAE. The minimum deposit for this VIP account type is $20,000 or 74,000 AED. For that though, you gain access to a range of benefits including your own personal relationship manager and an excellent spread starting from 0 pips with a $6 round turn commission per lot, or 44AED.

    MAM/PAMM Account

    A MAM/PAMM Account is offered only by the HotForex entity under SV jurisdiction, HF Markets SV Ltd. and this is available if you are experienced in the industry and wish to manage several accounts under yourself, similar to a fund manager.

    With these sub-accounts, you can trade in forex, metal, oil, and indices with a minimum deposit of $250 on the two different accounts that are available, PAMM Premium, and PAMM Premium Plus. The spreads on these accounts start from 1.1 pips with the PAMM Premium Account, or 0.3 pips with the PAMM Premium Plus Account though the latter has a $10/lot round turn commission attached.

    Premium Pro Account

    The Premium Pro account is a professional account type that is available under every HF Markets entity. The minimum deposit here is $500 and while the spread here is still from 1 pip, you will have increased leverage up to 400:1 through this account.

    There are some stipulations though, in order to qualify in accordance with ESMA/MiFID II rules, you must meet two of the following three requirements at least:

    • Have an average of 10 transactions of significant size per quarter in the past year.
    • A financial instrument portfolio of over €500,000 (in your bank or into the trading account).
    • Relevant experience in the financial services sector.

    If you do not meet these requirements and are based in Poland, then you may be classified an Experienced Retail Trader (ERT) which can extend leverage to 100:1 but this is the only exception.

    Islamic Account

    The HotForex Islamic account is available where requested, with the minimum deposit again changing depending on which account type you choose. The Micro, Zero, Premium, Auto, and VIP accounts are all available as swap-free.

    Since there is no swap-fee, the broker may apply an additional charge for you to hold positions for longer than 7 days which we will discuss later in this section.

    Account Base Currency

    The base currency of your account is the currency that you will be trading in. Like many brokers, there are several available through HotForex. The availability will depend on the jurisdiction you are based in, but will generally help you avoid any conversion fee when the base currency is the same as your deposit currency.

    With HotForex, a USD base currency is typically available in all areas, and the following may be available in these specific areas:

    ZAR base currency in South Africa, NGN base currency in Nigeria, EUR available in the EU, GBP available in the UK, and AED base currency available in the UAE.


    Moving on to deposit methods and fees, let’s take a loot at what HotForex makes available.

    Minimum Deposit

    The minimum deposit you will have within the HF Markets Group depends on which account type you select and also which jurisdiction you are located within. Many of the account types facilitate a minimum deposit around $100, but generally it can range from $5 up to $1,000 for the most common account types

    Deposit Methods

    The deposit methods available with HF Markets are everything that you would expect from a major broker. They include wire transfers, deposit by credit or debit card in the form of Visa and MasterCard, and eWallet deposits that include PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

    A small note is that while these are widely accepted, they may not always be available worldwide depending on the area. Also, some countries or jurisdictions may not accept eWallet, and credit/debit card funding, though this is generally not the case. Deposits from wire transfers can take a couple of days, card deposits are typically much faster around 24 hours maximum, and the same for eWallet methods.

    Deposit fees

    Deposits are typically fee-free. Added to that, the HF Markets group will cover any of your wire transfer fees from your bank if you deposit at least $100 ($250 in the EU).


    The same methods and conditions also apply to withdrawals. This means that wire transfers, credit/debit cards, and eWallets can all be used in most areas, though you should check with your specific jurisdiction to see what is available. There may be more or less methods depending on where you are.

    Keep in mind too, that the withdrawal method typically must match the method you used to deposit.

    Minimum withdrawal

    The minimum withdrawal usually depends again on the method you choose, and the jurisdiction you are in. Therefore, this can vary. Most withdrawals usually take between 2-5 days to complete.

    Withdrawal Fees

    As with deposits, withdrawals with all HF Markets Group entities, are typically fee-free.

    Spreads & Commissions

    The spreads and commissions with HotForex and HF Markets will vary depending on the account type that you have chosen. With that said, a common starting point on many of the accounts including the micro, premium, auto, hf copy, and premium pro account types is 1 pip.

    Beyond that, the VIP account, and Zero account both start at 0 pips with a $3/lot commission, while the MAM/PAMM accounts start at either 0.3 pips, or 1.1 pips with a $5/lot commission.

    Minimum spread on some assets:

    Here is an example of some minimum spreads we have found on popular assets from the broker. Remember though that these may be subject to change based on where you are, and the market.

    • EUR/USD – 0.1 pips
    • Gold – 0.19 pips
    • S&P500 – 0.400 pips
    • Bitcoin – $26/unit


    The next point to address is the fees at HotForex. Here is some of what you can expect trading at the broker.

    Overnight Fees

    The broker does charge an overnight fee unless you have a swap-free account. With being a CFDs broker, then the overnight fee basically can be applied to every asset. Depending on the market, this fee could be gained, or may have to be paid. Since it is a fluid fee, depending on the market, you can usually check the exact fee through your Metatrader trading platform.

    Inactivity Fees

    HotForex and HF Markets does also charge an inactivity fee, though this will only apply after 6 months of inactivity. The fee charged at this time is $5 per month and it comes from your account balance. If you do not maintain sufficient balance to cover the fee, then the broker reserves the right to close your account.

    • They work to provide an excellent range of account types to all levels of trader
    • The broker provides a proprietary copy trading platform which is very popular
    • A good choice of base currencies are available around the world
    • The low minimum deposit in place makes it very easy for all levels of trader to get started
    • Trading costs and fees are kept to a very low level
    • Although it is small, the inactivity fee may still be an inconvenience to some
    • The account offering differs between the various entities and where you are based as a trader

    HotForex review

    Moving on to trading, we will take a more in-depth look at exactly what types of trading are facilitated by HotForex and the HF Markets Group, and the trading platforms they make available for doing so.


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    72.76% of retail investor accounts lose money

    Trading Features

    Here are some of the important features when you are trading through HF Markets.


    All trading through the HF Markets Group entities is on an ECN/STP basis with both HF Markets and HotForex providing market executions.

    Ultimately, this means that as a trader, you get the very best price from the many liquidity providers that the broker has in place. An excellent positive for making sure you get the best deal.


    The minimum size of lot available to trade through HotForex and HF Markets anywhere is 1 micro lot. This is equal to 0.01 standard lots and means you can get started with a minimum trade size of $1000 in cash value. If you are using leverage, you can bring this down even further.


    Under all entities of the broker, scalping, hedging, and the use of EAs from Metatrader is permitted. In fact, the Zero account is ideal, and very popular with scalpers due to the excellent value trading costs with a low spread and $3 per lot commission.

    The specialized Auto Account is also offered, but only under the entities based under FSCA and SV jurisdictions.

    Risk Management

    As you would expect from a top broker, HotForex and HF Markets offer excellent risk management tools through the trading platform to ensure that your orders are as safe as possible.

    These include stop losses, take profits, and limit orders, that can all be applied through your trading platform, as well as a trailing stop. All of these can both limit your exposure if the market is down, or help you cash out of a positive position in good time.

    The broker also utilizes margin calls for those trading on leverage. This ensures that your equity does not drop below a desired level without your knowledge.

    Trading Hours

    The trading hours are the times during which certain markets are available and as far as this broker goes, forex markets are available on a 24/5 basis, crypto can be traded 24/7, and commodities markets generally on a 23/5 basis with closure between midnight and 1am daily.

    Trading in bonds, indices, and stocks will depend on the time of the local market where that asset is traded, and respect the hours of that market.


    The leverage available through the HF Markets Group depends on a number of factors that includes the entity you are trading under, and the assets you are trading too.

    Within the HF Markets (Europe) Ltd. entity, and that of HF Markets (UK) Ltd. the leverage is restricted to 30:1 on all accounts due to ESMA/MiFID II laws.

    Within the UAE and under the HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd. entity, the leverage allowed is 50:1 maximum across all accounts due to regulation.

    Finally, with the other HotForex jurisdictions, it will depend on your account type with 1000:1 leverage on micro accounts, 500:1 on xero spread and auto accounts, 400:1 on HF Copy accounts, and 300:1 on MAM/PAMM accounts.

    Leverage Exceptions

    There are a few exceptions when it comes to these leverage restrictions. Firstly, if  you qualify as a professional trader in the EU or UAE, you can access higher leverage of up to 400:1 on major forex pairs.

    Further to that, if you are based in Poland, and qualify as an ERT mentioned above, you will get leverage of up to 100:1.

    Finally, with auto accounts, the leverage allowed is 500:1, but if your equity exceeds $300,000 this may be decreased.

    Platforms & Mobile

    A vital cog in the wheel for any broker and trader alike are the trading platforms. With that in mind, let’s see what is on offer with HotForex in this area.

    Charting and Trading tools

    Since the broker is a Metatrader broker, they have the benefit of providing the range of charting tools and indicators offered by the trading platform. These are known as some of the most extensive in the industry and so, there are a total of 51 charting indicators, and 31 tools to completely customize the charts to your need.

    Added to this, HotForex premium charting tools caters perfectly for scalpers and others, with one-click trading, regular price alerts, the ability to receive signals, and more.

    MetaTrader Platform (Desktop, web, mobile)

    Of course, MetaTrader on all fronts is very well-known and respected in the industry thanks to the robust and comprehensive nature of the platform. If you are trading under the HF Markets entity, then only MT4 is available. Though if you are trading under the HotForex entity, both MT4 and MT5 are available depending on your account type.

    Whether you are using MT4, or MT5, these are available through desktop, webtrader, and mobile and accessible through Windows, and Mac, or iOS and Android on Mobile.

    The offering changes little based on the desktop/webtrader/mobile choice, with the same excellent, and highly customizable, powerful trading platform available to all traders.

    HF Mobile Application

    The HF Mobile application is a proprietary mobile trading platform for the broker and is also available on both Android and iOS. The platform provides for a good variety of charting tools and capabilities as well as the opportunity to manage your account and trading efficiently.

    It is a very user-friendly platform with good functionality in making deposits, withdrawals, and trading and it is ideal and popular among HF Copy account holders in particular. It also provides for a range of market analysis tools, trading calendars, and calculators to keep you informed as well as providing access to trading ideas, webinars, and more information.


    The asset availability, the total number, and the costs, may vary depending on the HF Markets Group entity you register with, on the jurisdiction and on the account chosen. With that said, here is what they broadly make available.


    The broker caters for a good range of forex currency pairs. There are 45 in total available to trade and a low spread that starts out from 0 pips depending on your account choice.


    Trading commodities you will find more than 15 assets available to choose from. This choice includes energies, soft, and hard commodities all traded as CFDs in addition to futures contracts on oil and some soft commodities.


    There are 22 global indices to trade in on both the spot and futures market. These come from every region of the world including major indices from the EU, US, Australia, and Japan.


    If you are interested in stock trading, then you will have a choice of 55 major company stocks that are listed on stock exchanges in the US and EU.


    Crypto is available too with more than 7 crypto assets for trading. Included in this is BItcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. You should be mindful that these are traded as CFDs so you will not own the underlying assets and they cannot be transferred to a wallet.


    When it comes to bonds trading, 3 assets are available here. These are the Euro Bund, UK Gilt, and 10-year US Treasury notes.


    There are also several other trading programs and bonuses to note from the HF Markets Group entities depending on where you are based around the world.

    Proprietary trading platform (HF Mobile App)

    The proprietary trading platform available on mobile only, is the HF mobile app. This is a popular choice particularly among cop traders and offers a great deal of research, analysis, charting, and trading capability all inside one app. A great all-round choice.

    HotForex Loyalty program

    This program is offered by the HotForex entity, and so, is not available within the EU. It provides reward for trading in the form of HF Bars. These can then be redeemed for prizes such as free VPS for a certain period of time, or 1-on-1 private lessons with an HotForex Market analyst.

    HotForex 100% supercharged bonus

    This bonus is available through the HF Markets SV Ltd. and HF Markets (SA) Pty Ltd. entities and provides for rebates of $2 per lot daily on trading of up to $8,000 as long as you deposit more than $250.

    HotForex 30% rescue bonus

    Again this bonus is available through the HF Markets SV Ltd. and HF Markets (SA) Pty Ltd. in SV and South Africa and can protect account drawdowns up to $7,000 and facilitate trading with increased leverage in some cases, if you deposit more than $50.

    HotForex 100% credit bonus

    Yet again this bonus is available through the HF Markets SV Ltd. and HF Markets (SA) Pty Ltd. in both SV and South Africa and can potentially double your deposit, though you have to meet specific requirements as laid out in the terms and conditions of the bonus.

    HotForex Contests

    If you are based under the South Africa or SV entities of Hotforex, then the broker does cater for a variety of contests including demo account trading contests where you can compete with other traders to win real prizes.

    Social Trading – Copy Trading

    While it does not provide for any real social trading features, the HF Markets Group does offer a proprietary copy trading platform in the shape of HF Copy.

    A HF Copy account can be opened with a minimum deposit of between $100 to $300 if you are following other traders, or between $300 and $1000 if you want to be copied. These amounts depend on the HF entity and on the area you’re based in. The signal providers earn a performance fee of 35% on every copier.

    • The broker allows for a wide range of trading techniques. This includes hedging, scalping, and the use of EAs
    • The low cost of trading makes them a popular choice for scalpers and algorithmic trading
    • Very high leverage is accessible depending on your area
    • The broker provides for an excellent range of copy trading features
    • There are many bonus opportunities available, particularly if you are under SV or South Africa regulation
    • Some traders may like to try a smaller trading size than 1 micro lot starting out
    • The broker does cater for quite a limited number of assets
    • While the copy trading is great, they lack any social trading capability

    HotForex review
    Education and Support

    Continued development and facilitating this through strong support are very important aspects of all forex brokers. Here we will take a more detailed look at exactly what the broker has to offer in both areas.


    education 70
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    72.76% of retail investor accounts lose money


    The website caters very well for many languages with a total of 20 available. Other than most of the languages of the EU, there are also languages such as Chinese (traditional and simplified), Thai, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Malay and more. These languages may not be available within every platform or HF Markets Group service though it is still an excellent number.


    Research is very well catered for under the HF Markets Group. This comes in many forms, from the technical analysis of the many markets available, to more fundamental analysis, detailed insights from market experts, and a range of reports.

    The broker also provides for daily updated market news and analysis in the form of articles, videos, and progressive updates and notifications. A detailed economic calendar charting the important events of each day will also keep you well informed.

    Customer Service

    When it comes to customer service, this is excellent with the HF Markets Group. A strong FAQ section is well provided for on the broker website, but if you do need to get in contact with the support team, you will find them readily available in English through live chat, email, or phone. They are both knowledgeable, professional, and fast to respond.


    The HF Markets Group as a whole under all entities recognize the importance of continued learning. This is demonstrated through an excellently resourced education section. It provides more than 15 trading topics with over 60 video tutorials and ebooks available. In addition to this, there are informative webinars to cater for all levels from beginner to expert, and a forex e-course that covers 10 topics related to forex trading.

    In all, it is a great place to come if you wish to continue learning and growing as a trader.

    • The broker website provides for an excellent range of languages
    • The research section is very extensive and ensures you are provided with all the latest information
    • Education is a priority, and this section is one of the most well-developed in the sector
    • The customer service language availability could be improved beyond just English

    HotForex review
    Our Opinion

    Having completed our HotForex broker review, it is very clear to see that despite being one of the newer brokers on the market, they  have quickly forged themselves into position as one of the best. This is demonstrated not only by a global presence and impressive regulation, but also in the number of awards they have managed to collect. This industry recognition is very valid.

    They provide an excellent environment for traders, keeping spreads as low as 0 pips, and commissions where they do apply, to a very low level. A low minimum deposit of $100 in the EU, and $5 outside, helps in attracting many traders too.

    With auto trading and copy trading accounts both catered for depending on the region, it is clear the broker has something to offer every type and level of trader in a way that few competitors can match. Given that they also provide for MAM/PAMM accounts in a dedicated way, we can clearly see that they are not only an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate traders, but experts too.

    If you are seeking growth and development also, this is one of the best brokers to join in terms of an educational offering. In all, there is something positive here for all, and it will be no surprise to see the broker continue to develop and advance at the top of the industry in the years ahead.

    HotForex Pros and Cons


    • The broker is extremely well-regulated around the world providing great security to traders.
    • They have an international presence with office locations in several countries.
    • All levels of trader are catered for here.
    • Leverage is great and can extend up to a huge 1000:1 under certain conditions.
    • The minimum deposit is kept low enough so that the broker remains completely accessible to all.
    • The costs of trading are kept to a minimum with great value spreads and commissions on top of limited fees.
    • There are a great range of bonuses and contests available depending on your location.
    • Copy trading features are very well developed making it a great broker for copy traders.
    • The great educational section is one of the best in the industry.


    • The broker is not available in a few major markets as yet, especially in the US.
    • The company structure is complex meaning that the offer can differ somewhat depending on the area you are in.
    • For such a major broker, they have a more limited range of assets.
    • There are no social trading features available.

    HotForex FAQs

    Is HotForex a good broker?

    Yes. HotForex is definitely a good broker. They have something to offer for all levels of trader from beginners to experts. This is backed up not only from first hand trader experiences, but also from the multiple awards they have collected over the years. Find out more on our full HotForex review.

    Is HotForex legit?

    HotForex and the HF Markets Group as a whole is completely legit and safe. In fact, they are one of the most trusted brokers in the sector. This is showcased by their top regulation and the number of traders they have active.

    Is HotForex regulated?

    HotForex is comprehensively regulated by CySEC, FCA, DFSA, FSCA and the 2 offshore regulations of FSA (Seychelles) and FSC (St. Vincent). Read our Security section on this HotForex review for more information on the subject.

    How do I get a HotForex card?

    You can request a HotForex debit card once you fund your account. This is another great feature that is not available with all top brokers.

    How long does HotForex withdrawal take?

    Withdrawals with HotForex take between 2-5 business days depending on the withdrawal methods you are using. Card withdrawals will typically be faster, while wire transfers tend to take a little longer.

    Can I trade in HotForex with $100?

    Yes, $100 is more than enough to get started trading with HotForex. In fact,  the minimum deposit starts from just $5.

    Open an account
    72.76% of retail investor accounts lose money
    HotForex Review 2021 and Technical Opinions

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    Trading CFDs, FX, and cryptocurrencies involves a high degree of risk. All providers have a percentage of retail investor accounts that lose money when trading CFDs with their company. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money and whether you understand how CFDs, FX, and cryptocurrencies work. Cryptocurrencies can widely fluctuate in prices and are not appropriate for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework. Your capital is at risk. The present page is intended for teaching purposes only. It shall not be intended as operational advice for investments, nor as an invitation to public savings raising. Any real or simulated result shall represent no warranty as to possible future performances. The speculative activity in forex market, as well as in other markets, implies considerable economic risks; anyone who carries out speculative activity does it on its own responsibility.
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