Top 10 Best Lowest Spread Forex Brokers 2021

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Are you looking for the lowest spread Forex Brokers to find a cheap trading solution?

You’re in the right place.

We have collected for you the 10 best major Forex Brokers with low spreads, with different features and functionality so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Lowest Spread Forex Brokers Minimum Deposit Average Spread (pips)
Pepperstone No minimum deposit 0,09
IC Markets No minimum deposit 0,10
XM $5 0,10
FxPro $100 0,45
FBS $1 0,50
FXTM $5 0,10
FP Markets $100 0,45
Vantage FX $100 0,50
OctaFX $100 0,40
HotForex $5 0,70
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Top 10 of the Best Forex Brokers with Low Spread 2021

Here’s our ranking.

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74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs

1. Pepperstone

An Australian broker, Pepperstone offers sophisticated trading solutions for veteran traders but also targets the less experienced ones. It offers various account types to suit every trading style and tops the list for the best Forex broker/lowest spread ratio. During high liquidity times, as it is often the case, the Pepperstone spread drops to zero, while the average spread offered is 0.09 pips.

With Pepperstone, it is very easy to get started. You can do so with a minimum deposit of just £200 and begin trading on either their standard, or ECN Razor account types for the best spreads and execution speeds in the sector. They also provide social trading features for those who are interested, and a great active trading program that can help you further reduce their already low trading cost. These key features with traders in focus, help Pepperstone retain a top spot.

Rated: Excellent
security 94
cost 75
trading 100
education 71

Platforms: cTrader desktop, cTrader web, ZuluTrade, MT4 Dekstop, MT4 Web, MT5 Desktop, MT5 Web, MAC Platforms Regulations: FCA, MIFID-ESMA, ASIC, DFSA, CYSEC, Offshore Minimum Deposit: 0
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74-89 % of retail CFD accounts lose money

2. IC Markets

Another Australian broker, IC Markets offers access to over two hundred and thirty tradable instruments, with no spreads whatsoever during certain market times. With an average spread of 0.1 pips, it is no wonder that IC Markets makes the list when it comes to best Forex broker/lowest spreads ratio.These great spreads together with the fast ECN execution provided, make them a top choice particularly for scalpers.

IC Markets are a favored selection for both new and experienced traders too. The new traders are typically attracted by the strong and long standing reputation the broker has for being both transparent and trustworthy while allowing access with no minimum deposit needed. Those experienced traders also find the low trading cost and range of available markets to be appealing. Both together continue to make the broker one of the most popular choices in the industry.

Rated: Excellent
security 93
cost 91
trading 100
education 66

Platforms: cTrader desktop, cTrader web, Mirror Trader, ZuluTrade, MT4 Dekstop, MT4 Web, MT5 Desktop, MT5 Web Regulations: ASIC, CYSEC, Offshore Minimum Deposit: 0
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73.57% of retail investor accounts lose money

3. XM

With spreads as low as zero pips, plus over a thousand financial instruments offered for trading, runs a huge brokerage business. The average spread of 0.1 makes it one of the most competitive brokerage houses. Beyond keeping the costs as low as possible, XM operates with a fantastically low minimum deposit of just $5 needed to get started. This makes them a great choice as a first broker for many new traders together with all the educational help, support, and availability of an unlimited free demo account.

As a more experienced trader, these accounts such as the Zero Spread are also some of the most accessible around in terms of minimum deposit which stands at just $100 and appeals to many since over 99% of all trading orders are executed in less than one second, with no re-quotes and no rejection. Islamic traders too flock to as a broker of choice thanks to their great conditions with the XM swap-free account.

Rated: Excellent
security 94
cost 74
trading 65
education 68

Platforms: MT4 Dekstop, MT4 Web, MT5 Desktop, MT5 Web, MAC Platforms Regulations: MIFID-ESMA, ASIC, CYSEC Minimum Deposit: 5
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75.54% of retail investor accounts lose money

4. FxPro

From the United Kingdom, FxPro has the reputation of executing over two hundred and fifty million orders so far. With spreads as low as zero pips on some pairs and an average of 0.45 pips, FxPro sits as one of the most efficient brokerage houses for the retail trader. Beyond their reputation for keeping trading costs very low, they are also one of the most respected and awarded brokers in the industry. FxPro operates as a top NDD broker (subject to order execution policy), and is very popular with all types of traders.

The minimum deposit to get started here is just $100 and the low cost spreads are offered as both fixed and floating, with the floating spread also starting out from a very competitive point at 1.2pips trading through the MT4 platform. FxPro offers value for everyone.

Rated: Excellent
security 95
cost 58
trading 76
education 83

Platforms: cTrader desktop, cTrader web, MT4 Dekstop, MT4 Web, MT5 Desktop, MT5 Web, MAC Platforms Regulations: FCA, MIFID-ESMA, FSCA, CYSEC, Offshore Minimum Deposit: 100
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74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money

5. FBS

With over nine million traders choosing FBS for their online operations, it is no wonder this brokerage house is present all over the world. FBS‘ spreads reach minimum zero pips, making it for a very attractive environment when it comes to reducing the associated trading costs. This competitive spread that starts from rock bottom 0 pips is available with a Fixed Zero Spread account that you can open with a $500 minimum deposit.

That is not all, FBS makes a range of accounts available with a low minimum deposit that starts from only $1 for a cent account. Spreads also remain consistently low throughout all account types. The general spread here is 0.5 pips, while within Europe they start from 1 pip. This is unbeatable value and choice range from a top global broker who also provide their own proprietary copy trading platform for you to trade on if desired.

Rated: Excellent
security 93
cost 81
trading 68
education 60

Platforms: MT4 Dekstop, MT4 Web, MT5 Desktop, MT5 Web, MAC Platforms Regulations: MIFID-ESMA, CYSEC, Offshore Minimum Deposit: 1
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81% of retail investor accounts lose money


With a great choice of account types and multiple regulatory bodies under its umbrella, FXTM is a terrific brokerage house with low spreads starting with 0.1 pips. FXTM is headquartered in Cyprus, it gives access to over two-hundred markets, starting with foreign exchange and ending with cryptocurrencies or ETFs. The extensive range of choice offered by this top ECN broker appeals to a wide range of traders from new to more experienced. There is a strong selection of markets to choose from in the shape of more than 48 forex pairs and more.

You can gain access to these very low spreads and start trading on one of three FXTM ECN account types offered with a low minimum deposit from just $200. This is attractive to the more experienced trader, while still being well within range for newer traders, with all trading done through the respected MT4 trading platform.

Rated: Excellent
security 94
cost 71
trading 71
education 80

Platforms: MT4 Dekstop, MT4 Web, MT5 Desktop, Proprietary Web Platform Regulations: FCA, MIFID-ESMA, FSCA, CYSEC, FSC (Mauritius) Minimum Deposit: 10
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74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money

7. FP Markets

A true ECN Forex broker with competitive spreads starting with zero pips and averaging 0.45 pips, FP Markets the best lowest spread Forex broker classification. Regulated by ASIC, this Australian regulated broker claims to offer the ultimate trading experience to its customers. They were founded in 2005 and have grown to become a highly respected market maker broker in the sector offering high-speed ECN/STP execution at the best rates.

A further attraction to many traders, particularly those that are newer to the industry, is the low cost to get started with FP Markets. A minimum deposit of $100 is all that is needed to open up a Standard, or Raw account trading on MT4 with these low spreads. The low cost of trading provided here by the broker also makes them a popular selection among scalpers.

Rated: Excellent
security 93
cost 64
trading 100
education 47

Platforms: MT4 Dekstop, MT4 Web, MT5 Desktop, MT5 Web, Proprietary Desktop Platform, MAC Platforms Regulations: ASIC Minimum Deposit:
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74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money

8. Vantage FX

Vantage FX is next to feature on our list as a top low spread forex broker. They have established themselves as a major player in the industry since being founded in 2009 and one of the most trusted. They are now regulated by ASIC, the FCA, and CIMA. Here you can choose from 2 of their ECN account types to get the lowest spread which starts from 0 pips.

The startup cost is not very high and also attracts all levels of trader. A standard account can be opened with a $200 minimum deposit, while the best value spreads on an ECN account come with a $200 minimum deposit. With this though you will get access to a wide range of tradable assets with more than 150 CFDs, including 40 forex currency pairs to choose from. The broker also caters very well to Islamic trading, with excellent value swap-free accounts available where needed.

Rated: Excellent
security 93
cost 70
trading 65
education 57

Platforms: ZuluTrade, MT4 Dekstop, MT4 Web, MT5 Desktop, MT5 Web, MAC Platforms Regulations: FCA, MIFID-ESMA, ASIC, Offshore Minimum Deposit: 200
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74-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money

9. OctaFX

With a mission to minimize the costs to optimize the clients’ profits, OctaFX offers spreads ranging from minimum 0.4 pips all the way to averaging 0.45. A multi-awarded brokerage house, OctaFX’s mission is to bring Forex trading accessibility to everyone. They are by now very well-known as a top ECN/STP broker headquartered in Estonia since being founded in 2011. They cater to all markets worldwide and retain a great following in each, though they are particularly popular among Asian traders.
Many more, beginners and veterans alike, are attracted by the low minimum deposit of $100 and availability of a range of 28 forex currency pairs with the choice of fixed or variable spreads, something not offered at the same great value by many. As well as the top value variable spread starting at 0.45 pips as mentioned, the fixed spreads starts at a competitive 2 pips and with their own copy trading platform available, it is easy to see why OctaFX have become the popular choice of many.

Rated: Excellent
security 94
cost 79
trading 69
education 59

Platforms: cTrader desktop, cTrader web, MT4 Dekstop, MT4 Web, MT5 Desktop, MT5 Web, MAC Platforms Regulations: MIFID-ESMA, CYSEC Minimum Deposit: 5
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72.03% of retail investor accounts lose money

10. HotForex

A proud sponsor of Porsche Carrera Cup and offering no less than six trading platforms, HotForex spreads start from 0.7 pips. A multi-asset broker with 24/5 customer support, HotForex even offers zero spreads accounts for clients that meet specific requirements. They have developed into one of the most respected brokers in the industry over the years and their range of 6 account type choices together with a $5 minimum deposit starting cost on a micro account, have proved very appealing.

They are a broker that truly caters for everyone, with a range of options scaling up to a great value zero spread account for a $200 minimum deposit, their own well-regarded copy trading service, and even a stock trading account option with $10,000 minimum deposit. They really are a top broker with something for all types of trader.

Rated: Excellent
security 94
cost 86
trading 69
education 70

Platforms: MT4 Dekstop, MT4 Web, MT5 Desktop, MT5 Web Regulations: MIFID-ESMA, CYSEC, Offshore, FSC (Mauritius) Minimum Deposit:

What is a low spread in forex?

Spreads are considered to be low when they are below the average on that market. Many may start at 1 pip, although on some more traded markets this could be less, while on other markets like commodities, it could be much higher.

Are low spreads worth it?

Sure. Since a spread is effectively a commission from the broker, then a lower spread is always better. It can also be very necessary if you want to employ trading strategies such as scalping.

With that said, while a lower spread is always better, just make sure you examine the broker offering closely to avoid any other types of commission in place of a spread.

How are forex spreads calculated?

You will very often hear mention of spread in forex, and it is a key figure in determining your trading cost. The spread is the difference between the bid/sell prices of an asset. This price difference is calculated in another common term you will often hear referenced, pip. This stands for percentage in points and typically when trading forex, 1 pip is a 1 point movement in market value based on the fourth decimal place of your currency pair in most cases including the USD.

For example in case of EUR/USD:

bid/ask of 1.08335/1.08340 (0.5 pips spread)

bid/ask of 1.08335/1.08345 (1 pip spread)

bid/ask of 1.08335/1.08485 (5 pips spread)

One of the only exceptions among the major currency pairs are the JPY forex pairs (such as the USD/JPY) which is measured to 2 decimal places instead of four, so where 1 pip would be 0.0001 for the EUR/USD, it is 0.01 for the USD/JPY

Forex spreads and commissions per lot: what you should expect?

In many cases, where you may see a regulated forex broker offering a 0 pips spread, what they are in fact offering, is a spread that starts from 0 pips. This is still excellent although you should be prepared for it to vary depending on the volume, and volatility of the forex market at any given time. This does mean that it could sometimes be significantly higher so it is something to look out for.

Since the spread is the main revenue for a broker, you should also take care to note any commission that may apply to low spread, or zero spread trading. If such commission does apply, this will typically be calculated on a per lot ($100,000) of currency traded basis and is usually below $5 depending on the market.

How to estimate Forex Trading fees when opening a trade

Choosing a forex broker with the best spreads to offer you is one thing, but you also need to consider, and be able to estimate how much this spread is actually going to cost you. Also even though a broker may have the lowest forex spreads, you should also be mindful of any commission which is in place.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how you can calculate currency trading commissions easily:

Forex Spread

So, let’s take an example. The lowest spread forex broker you can find is offering a spread of 0.1 pips. This number translated onto a currency pair price would take effect as 0.00001.

This means that you could be looking at a situation for example, where the bid/ask would look something like, 1.08335/1.08336.

Here you can see the 0.1 pip spread has moved the ask price up to 1.08336. With a higher spread, of course this price will climb further in the same way.

Translating this number into an actual percentage, and real cash value shows us just how small it really is. In this example case, a 0.1 pip spread is equal to just 0.00092% (0.00001 / ask price), or $0.92 per standard lot traded.

Forex commission per lot

Another point you need to consider when looking at forex brokers with low spreads and low deposit minimums, is to double check any commission per lot charges they have in place.

This typical commission charge, even for brokers with the lowest forex spreads, is usually around $7 per lot. Using this as our benchmark, it means that if you open a position for 0.5 standard lots, you will have a commission of $3.50 on opening. This is one way to charge the fee which is sometimes referred to as “per-side, per lot” commission.

In other cases with some brokers you may see commission written as “round turn”. In these cases, a round turn commission of $7 means $3.50 on opening of the trade, and $3.50 on closing. These are important details since you need to check beyond just the lowest forex spreads with all brokers.

Best low spread broker for scalpers

Finding the lowest spread forex broker is great for many. For many though, such as day trading forex traders like scalpers, a forex broker with low spreads, and low commissions is not quite enough.

Scalpers will ideally prefer forex brokers with low spreads and low deposit of course, but they will also need fast order execution, and the ability to harness leverage to make money with their style of trading which relies on a high number of trades.

With that in mind, you should remember that within the EU and UK, as well as under ASIC regulation, the highest leverage available to retail traders from any regulated forex broker is 30:1. Among these brokers, one regulated forex broker offering high leverage is IC Markets.

They, along with some others that we have mentioned in our high leverage forex brokers top 10, can offer 500:1 leverage to some traders outside the EU, UK and Australia. There is also a higher leverage available from many who also provide the lowest forex spreads if you are a professional trader in these countries.

There are many good brokers for scalping, and among the best forex brokers for scalping in the world there’s VantageFX. An Australian firm regulated worldwide, which is also one of the best Canadian forex brokers.

Which broker offers the lowest forex commissions per lot?

Finally, as we mentioned, already, it may not be enough to just select the broker with best spreads. Let’s take a look then at a top broker choice with the lowest forex trading commission.

This broker is FXTM with their ECN account. This account charges traders just a $4 round turn commission. As explained in our example above, this means you pay a $2 commission on opening, and a $2 commission on closing a trade. This is great value in the industry.

They are also a top choice when it comes to providing the lowest forex spreads. These start from only 0.1 pips which is very competitive. Again, the trusted MT4 and MT5 platforms are available for you to trade with, and the minimum deposit on this account type is $500.

Forex Brokers with Zero pips spread: Which is the best one?

If you are looking for the best broker with a truly real zero spread that is fixed, then the FBS Fixed Zero Spread account type may be perfect for you. This remains fixed at 0 pips spread and does not increase though it is available only under IFSC regulation in Belize, and so, not accessible to Europeans regulated within Europe. The only downside of this account type, is the huge $20 commission per lot traded.

With that being said, if you plan to use a commission-only trading strategy, then this currency trading account is the one you have to look for.

Forex broker with the lowest Fixed Spread

Of course, we are all looking for the broker with the best spreads possible on the market. When it comes to the broker offering the lowest fixed spread in the market currently, that is AvaTrade. They offer CFD trading on forex from a fixed spread of 0.9 pips with no commissions per lot at all to worry about. If you check our example above, you will see just how good a deal this is.

You can open a forex trading account here with a minimum deposit starting at only $100. This is a great combination then from AvaTrade being one of the forex brokers with low spreads, and low deposit minimum that you can choose from.

They also make available a great range of the top forex trading platforms including both MT4 and MT5. For more in-depth on this broker, and more great choices with the lowest forex spreads, check our Top 10 Brokers with the Lowest Fixed Spread.

Forex Brokers with the Lowest Spreads Comparison

There are a lot of forex brokers in the industry, and many of them offer low spreads. Here you can find a list of brokers offering tight spreads, but if you’re interested in ECN brokers, we have written an article to help you choosing the best ecn broker for you.


CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money

Broker Min. deposit EUR/USD Avg Spread Fee/lot
Pepperstone $200 0.09 pips $7
IC Markets $0 0.10 pips $6
XM $100 0.10 pips $7
FxPro $100 0.45 pips $9
FBS $500 0.00 pips $20
FXTM $200 0.40 pips $4
FP Markets $100 0.09 pips $6
Vantage FX $200 0.50 pips $4
OctaFX $100 0.50 pips $10
HotForex $200 0.30 pips $6

Low Spread Forex Brokers FAQs

What are the best Low Spread Forex Brokers?

The best low spread forex brokers are: 1. Pepperstone – 2. IC Markets – 3. XM – 4. FxPro – 5. FBS – 6. FXTM – 7. FP Markets – 8. Vantage FX – 9. OctaFX – 10. HotForex

What is the lowest spread in forex?

The lowest spread in forex is 0 pips, and it’s usually offered by ECN-STP brokers. When spreads are this low the broker also charges a small fee per lot traded, which is usually around $3.

Do Different brokers have different spreads?

Of course: even though the minimum spread usually ranges between 0 pips and 1 pip, the average spreads may differ depending on a number of factors, including the broker’s liquidity providers

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