ZuluTrade Supported Brokers Lists 2020 by Regulations (EU, US, others)

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Are you looking for a list of ZuluTrade supported brokers to figure out what is best to choose?

We have created a very useful list.

(Have you already tried the ZuluTrade demo account instead? With that you can try the service and see completely how your future real account will be. Take advantage of this opportunity)

There are about fifty brokers around the world with which you can use ZuluTrade, but some of them are not regulated and authorized by any authority. This does not mean you cannot or should not use them, but that they should be the second choice, because regulated and licensed brokers are definitely preferred.

What we did first  was to create a list excluding all the non-regulated ones.

Next, we have divided the list between the three major categories of regulations: Europe, USA, and other various countries in the world (eg Switzerland or Russia).

At the bottom of this post we will also reveal the most important factor you must pay attention to in order to correctly choose your ZuluTrade broker.

(This post is part of the best broker forex series)

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    ZuluTrade Brokers regulated in the EU 2020

    This is, in our opinion, the most important list, namely that of the brokers supported by ZuluTrade that have the authorization to operate in Europe.

    Among them you will also find what we believe is the best broker for ZuluTrade.


    AAAFx are the top choice when dealing with Zulutrade. The broker is actually owned by Zulutrade so they are perfectly matched sharing the same server and fast execution speeds.


    Swissquote is a Swiss broker and bank. They bring a range of features and depth of assets as an ideal Zulutrade broker. Here you can trade Futures, CFDs, forex, and much more.

    IC Markets

    They are a top MT4 ECN broker. A top choice as a Zulutrade broker if you are looking for fast execution and great spreads. These start from 0 pips, with a very low minimum deposit.

    PhillipCapital UK

    They are a top STP broker with more than 40 years of experience. PhillipCapital UK are a much-trusted Zulutrade broker who also make binary options available for trading..


    FXCM are another of the best brokers to partner with Zulutrade. They are a top market maker with a very low minimum deposit, and trading through MT4 on CFDs and more.

    ZuluTrade Brokers regulated in US 2020

    Three of the brokers regulated in EU are also regulated in the US by the NFA (National Futures Association).


    Oanda are the only Zulutrade partner broker available within the US market and they make for a positive and popular choice with forex traders.they are very well regulated by both the NFA and CFTC and are recognized as a big name broker. They have a great value no minimum deposit and are perfect for new or experienced traders alike.

    ZuluTrade Brokers with other countries’ regulations

    Finally, there’s the large list of all those brokers that are regulated by institutions of countries that are neither EU nor US, such as Switzerland, or Russia, or the Arab countries and others.

    AAAFx International

    AAAFx again are the top choice for working with Zulutrade as they are owed by the company. They also offer a wide range of assets including forex, stocks, and cryptos.


    FXCM are another top broker choice who provide for trading through the MT4 platform and offer an extensive range of CFDs to trade with a very low minimum deposit.


    ADSS is an Abu Dhabi based broker where you can utilize Zulutrade. They retain an all-round focus with stocks, forex, Bitcoin, and more asset classes available to trade.


    AxiTrader are a top ECN broker from Australia that utilizes a very low spread and trading through Metatrader in more than 60 forex markets available with Zulutrade.


    Another excellent Metatrader broker, they offer a massive choice in assets to be traded. These include bonds, ETFs, and options, all at a very low and competitive spread.


    FXDD is a top market maker broker offering ECN execution and based in New York. The broker is a great choice with Zulutrade and promotes trades with no slippage to worry about.


    They are a very well-respected ECN/STP broker that are a very popular choice as a Zulutrade broker offering excellent value minimum  deposits from $1. Ideal for new traders.


    Again Oanda is a top name in the sector. The Canadian broker are perfect for beginners with very competitive trading costs, and no minimum deposit to get started trading.


    Instaforex are one of the best ECN forex brokers around and a top choice in particular for Asian traders. They have excellent trading conditions for both new and experienced traders.


    TitanFX brings extremely low spreads as a Zulutrade broker.They also offer some of the very lowest spreads available. This and with super fast execution make them perfect for scalping.


    They are an Australian broker offering ECN execution to traders along with low spreads, limited slippage, and low requotes. Free technical analysis too make them a popular choice.


    Everfx are a great choice for higher volume traders. They are a well-known international broker though the spread can be high on a low budget. Ideal if trading over $10,000.


    Welltrade are a popular STP broker choice for those using Zulutrade. They bring a range of bonuses and contests as well as very extensive leverage of as much as 1000:1.


    NPBFX are another offering excellent STP style trading. They also have access to great liquidity to provide the best prices, and offer free news and market analysis to traders.

    Blackbull Markets

    A top New Zealand based broker, they are committed to bringing the most transparent true ECN trading and execution to traders. One of the most popular Zulutrade broker choices.

    Amana Capital

    They make a very wide range of markets available. There are more than 360 instruments to choose from with Armana. They also provide low spreads and a great low minimum deposit.


    FXCL is another top trader choice with Zulutrade for those based in Malaysia or Thailand in particular. .The broker also offers a great range of account types to choose from for traders.

    4X CUBE

    4X Cube is a  Zulutrade partner broker that has gained popularity thanks to low spreads and professional trading conditions like offering a VPS combined with low minimum deposit.

    GKFX Prime

    GKFX Prime is one of the Zulutrade brokers that are offering a fixed spread to traders. This starts from a great value 1.8 pips. They also offer free market analysis and regular updates.


    ICM.com is a broker offering the very best when it comes to execution speed, and top trader protection with insurance up to $5,000,000 and very competitive spreads on all assets.

    Royal Broker

    Royal Broker is another Zulutrade broker that is ideal for those particularly wanting to trade with crypto. They offer a Bitcoin account where you can trade for a wide range of assets.

    IFS Markets

    IFS is a top MT4 broker that offers excellent pricing thanks to a vast range of liquidity provider options. Here you can trade CFDs at the best institutional rates through Zulutrade.

    FX Gate

    FX Gate is another top MT4 trading broker that operates with Zulutrade. They offer an extensive range of trading in many markets and that includes a great range of forex pairs.


    QtradeFX is a quite new Zulutrade broker, founded in 2017. They are gaining popularity though for their top-tier liquidity and NDD execution that can provide very competitive prices.

    Lesson No. 1 for Choosing your ZuluTrade broker

    The things to check when you have to choose a broker are many, and there are several resources on the web to find out what they are: the quality of the platform, the assistance, the presence or absence of certain tools, and so on.

    When, however, we have to choose a broker to be connected to ZuluTrade to use the copy trading service, then the main factor is definitely one.

    The loss in value that can happen on the copied trades, otherwise called Slippage.

    The best thing, of course, is make sure you have the lowest slippage possible, in order to replicate as closely as possible the signal provider operations, and thus replicate with precision the performance of these.

    To help you analyse this important parameter, ZuluTrade provides a useful table, which you can find in each signal provider’s profile (you can find it and observe how it works with the demo account).

    In this table ZuluTrade shows the slippage values that users have achieved with their respective broker by replicating the operations of that specific trader.

    This way you can know in advance if with a particular trader, and with a particular broker, you may have more or less distorted performance.

    Keeping you better informed

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