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InvestinGoal is where passion meets cool expertise. Founded in 2014 by three Italian enthusiasts with a proven background in forex and online trading, the vision for this new venture was clear: to give traders at every level the tools and practical advice to choose the best brokers for online trading.

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What we do for you

From the very beginning, InvestinGoal has been committed to simplifying the trading jargon and eliminating confusion around the forex industry, placing the focus instead on clear and immediate tips based on first-hand experience and meticulous research of the industry’s top brokers.

In 2021, this vision remains firmly at the heart of our business, powering a site that welcomes both new and experienced traders every day, providing them with in-depth industry knowledge.

InvestinGoal today is one of the most comprehensive and reliable sites of its kind, with a full portfolio of services.

These include our easy-to-use broker comparison tool to our in-depth reviews, our specialized broker guides, our top broker rankings and broker search engine. We have everything you need to find the best online brokers.

And since we’re 100% independent, you can always count on us for honest, unbiased advice.

Global reach

InvestinGoal was born in Italy, but with the purpose of helping traders worldwide.

In fact, with our website InvestinGoal.com we reach traders from all over the world: from the United States to Australia, passing through the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia and Southeast Asia.

InvestinGoal.it is our Italian project with which we focus on the specific needs of traders and investors in our homeland.

Finally, we are also developing the InvestinGoal.es site for all Spanish and South American traders.

New sites specific to other parts of the world are currently under construction.

Our Approach

Every online trading broker is unique.

With InvestinGoal we have created a broker rating system based on an large database and algorithms.

Each broker is evaluated according to 4 macro-categories: Security, Costs, Trading and Support.

Each Macro has a specific rating, and all of them together form the overall rating of the broker.

Each one of these Macros is divided into Sections, and each Section is divided into individual Data or Labels, which are manually filled in and verified by us.

Macros, Sections and Labels all have different weights within the overall calculation.

Defining the formulas and their weights is our effort to transform our experience with dozens of brokers into a structured system, so as to provide reliable comparisons.

Of course, not everything can be summarized in numbers and formulas.

That’s why you should also consult the specific reviews of each broker as well the in-depth guides.

Learn more about our broker evaluation method.

The InvestinGoal method in numbers

4 macro-areas evaluated
24 sections for detailed analysis
187 manually inserted data
30 hours on average spent on the analysis of each broker
4 brokers comparable at the same time

Always free and always transparent

InvestinGoal has always been free and always will be.

Our business model is based solely on the concept of affiliate marketing. In other words, it is the brokers themselves that we include in our content that pay us for the advertising we provide them.

This might make you think that the brokers we mention or that we tend to prefer are only those from which we have an economic return, but it is absolutely not so.

First of all, unlike several other sites, InvestinGoal has always dealt with and published major regulated brokers recognized worldwide for the quality of their services. Here you will never find a broker whose legitimacy or quality you might doubt.

Secondly, our first rule has always been to prioritize the users, and to provide them with the real best options on the market.

You can read the list of brokers we collaborate with here.

Decentralized from the beginning

To date, 12 people work at InvestinGoal including permanent employees and freelancers.

We have always been a “smart” company.

Since the beginning we have always adopted a fully “decentralized” management of our business. Every member has always been able to work from home or from anywhere they want in the world.

Discover our job offers.

Meet the team

filippo ucchino

Filippo Ucchino

Co-Founder - CEO - Broker Expert
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anthony gallagher

Anthony Gallagher

Broker Expert
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puddu luca

Luca Puddu

Broker Expert
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alberto villa

Alberto Villa

Content specialist
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simone cantoro

Simone Cantoro

Content specialist
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