Plus500 spreadsAs with every major forex broker, Plus500 incorporates a spread to the prices which you are offered as a trader.

Once you have selected one of the Plus500 account types to open your account, you will likely find yourself wanting to know more about the spread they charge.

You could even be curious of this while still searching for the ideal account.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

We have worked to compile the most detailed and accurate information available on all of the Plus500 spreads to enable you to make the best possible choice.

You can also see our Plus500 review for a full in depth look at the broker.

Plus500 5 stars
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  • Regulated: FCA, CySEC, ASIC, MAS, IE Singapore, FMA, SA FSP
  • Platforms: Proprietary
  • Min. Deposit: $100
Plus500 logo
  • Regulated: FCA, CySEC, ASIC, MAS, IE Singapore, FMA, SA FSP
  • Platforms: Proprietary
  • Min. Deposit: $100
(76.4% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

Type of Spreads with Plus500

The very first thing to take a look at with the Plus500 spread is the standard different types available and where exactly they can be found.

Variable and Fixed Spread

Plus500 spreads are offered in both fixed spread and variable spread format. The type of spread which you are offered here does not particularly depend on the asset itself, but instead on the single instrument which is used.

The Plus500 fixed spread differs slightly from what you may consider a fixed spread with other brokers. With Plus500, a fixed spread simply refers to a situation where the spread is fixed on your open positions. This spread can still change outside of these positions though.

Spread on instruments

Plus500 features trading in more than 70 forex pairs of all types. This is in addition to CFDs trading in indices, commodities, shares, options, ETFs, and 14 cryptocurrencies. All of these assets are available commonly for users from around the world, no matter the location.

Plus500 is a no-commission broker. This means they only profit from the spread provided. The spread on these instruments also does not change based on the regulatory area. This provides a uniform feeling.

Spread on accounts

As mentioned, each account type offered with brokers can sometimes be subject to different spread amounts and types. Here is the situation with Plus500:

Retail Account

The Plus500 retail account is available to traders in the EU, UK, Singapore, and Australia. Unfortunately, a plus500 Islamic account is not an option at the moment on these accounts.

As previously mentioned, there is also no commission on trades made here.

These account types also cater for 4 different types of stop orders. When it comes to spreads, only one of these types of stop, the guaranteed stop, has any impact on the spread (slight increase). This type of stop is reliable in the sense that it guarantees your position at a certain rate meaning you will not suffer from slippage as can be the case with other types.

Professional Account

The Plus500 professional account is available only to traders in the EU and UK who meet a specified criteria in relation to volume, trading experience, and trading frequency. You can upgrade to here from a retail account if you meet these conditions.

Although the professional account offers several additional benefits on a Plus500 retail account, none are specifically related to spread.

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(76.4% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

Spread review on various assets

We will now take a more in-depth look at the Plus500 spread on their various assets so that you can have a comprehensive knowledge of the cost of trading in each individual asset.


As we mentioned above, Plus500 forex trading encompasses more than 70 forex pairs. There is no commission on trading, and the only commission applied is that of the spread as listed in the chart below:

InstrumentMin. SpreadAvg. Spread

Commodities CFDs

Commodities are traded as CFDs with Plus500 and there are more than 20 available, both soft and hard. These are again traded without commission, and metals can be found further down the page.

InstrumentMin. SpreadAvg. Spread

Indices CFDs

With Plus500 you can also trade CFDs on some of the most popular indices in the financial world. This includes the likes of the Nikkei from Japan, the FTSE 100, and the AUS200. Sector and situation indices such as the Brexit Index are also made available. Again, these are traded with no commissions and based on the average spread as charted below:

InstrumentMin. SpreadAvg. Spread
AUS 20033
Nikkei 2251010
FTSE 1001.81.88

Shares CFDs

Plus500 shares trading as CFDs opens up a huge range of options for traders too. This allows for dozens of shares to be traded from top global companies. These companies are based all around the world in more than 15 countries, and spreads on these share CFD markets start from 1pip. As always with Plus500, there are no commissions, only the spread.

InstrumentMin. SpreadAvg. Spread
Tesla Motors0.420.42

Options CFDs

There are dozens of options available for trading through Plus500 on different instruments. Spreads start from 2pips with no commission. The Plus500 options spread works with a dynamic spread at all times. This means it can be anything between 100%-120% of the market spread at the time.

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76.4% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Cryptos CFDs

Plus500 crypto trading opens up 14 instruments to choose from including a crypto index. Through Plus500, crypto/USD instruments can be traded. The only crypto/crypto trading market available is the BTC/ETH.

The spread on these markets start from 20pips, and again, no additional commission is applied.

InstrumentMin. SpreadAvg. Spread
CRYPTO10 (index)39.739.7

Metals CFDs

Plus500 has 5 metal CFDs markets to choose from where traders can trade metals/USD markets as you can see from the chart below. As always with Plus500, there are no commissions applied.

InstrumentMin. SpreadAvg. Spread

Energies CFDs

There are a total of 5 energies available for trading as CFDs with Plus500. The spreads for these can be noted from the chart below, and as usual the company applies no commission.

InstrumentMin. SpreadAvg. Spread
Low Sulphur Gasoil0.30.32


More than 50 ETFs are available to trade as CFDs through Plus500. As always with Plus500 this is on a commission-free basis.

InstrumentMin. Spread

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(76.4% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

Comparison with other major brokers

When comparing Plus500 with other major forex brokers, we can conclude that they are one of the best low spread brokers around. This is a reputation which the company have worked hard to create since their inception.

A major point in what makes Plus500 competitive is the fact that they apply commission-free trading throughout all of their markets. This means that the only cost you have to consider is the spread which is applied.

A point of differentiation between Plus500 and other brokers is the fact that their fixed spread is subject to change outside of the positions which you are currently in. This may be a point which some traders take time to adjust to, although it does not always mean the spread will worsen, it can also improve.

Plus500 also makes a huge range of instruments available across the board. This provides traders with an excellent level of choices to rival any competing broker. If you are looking for the best brokers for scalping or hedging, then you should also look elsewhere as these activities are not allowed at Plus500.

Overall, Plus500 though remains a highly competitive player when it comes to having the best spreads, and this is something which you should certainly consider when choosing your next broker.

Plus500 5 stars
Plus500 logo
  • Regulated: FCA, CySEC, ASIC, MAS, IE Singapore, FMA, SA FSP
  • Platforms: Proprietary
  • Min. Deposit: $100
Plus500 logo
  • Regulated: FCA, CySEC, ASIC, MAS, IE Singapore, FMA, SA FSP
  • Platforms: Proprietary
  • Min. Deposit: $100
(76.4% of retail CFD accounts lose money)