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cmcmarkets review Broker CMC MARKETS Review
  • Regulated: ASIC, FCA, MAS
  • Platforms: NGEN, MT4, Stockbroking Standard Platform, Stockbrokering Pro Platform
  • Min Deposit: $ 200
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CMC MARKETS Review 2020 and Technical Opinions

by | May 15, 2019

Did you search CMC Markets review to figure out CMC Markets’s real value?

Would you like to fully understand if CMC Markets  is reliable or if it’s a scam?

Do you want to find out everything you can do with CMC Markets, expert opinions, and user reviews?


In this CMC Markets review, you’ll find everything you need to dispel any doubt, including our feedback on CMC Markets, both practical and technical, after years of experience on the platform.

The best thing you could is to open a free demo account to try out first-hand the CMC Markets platforms, to be able to fully follow this review.


PART 1 – CMC Markets Legal Review – Company and Legal Information

First and foremost, it is important to point out that CMC Markets has been established since 1989. This makes them one of the industry pioneers when it comes to forex trading.

If you choose to become a CMC trader, you can trust in this long history which has helped steer millions of traders in the correct direction.

Is CMC Markets a scam? Is CMC Markets reliable? CMC Markets review and legal opinions

CMC Markets trading is unequivocally secure. They are certainly not a fly-by-night operation, and you can completely trust that there will be no reports of a CMC Markets scam. CMC Markets Australia, and their many other locations globally, have been active in the forex sector for almost 30 years.

The reliability and trust which you should place in CMC Markets comes not only from their long, illustrious history, but also the fact they are stringently regulated by some of the most thorough financial regulatory bodies in the industry.

These regulatory bodies encompass the FCA in the UK, and ASIC in Australia, with the broker also regulated in Canada.

When I make a deposit to CMC Markets, where does my money go?

As CMC markets are fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the bodies who oversee them, all of your account deposits are places in segregated accounts. These accounts are separate from company operating funds.

This means your money is protected in the event of the company experiencing financial difficulty.

Is CMC Markets regulated? CMC Markets Regulations – CMC Markets license opinions

CMC Markets regulation spans a worldwide collaboration of the most respected financial organizations. They are regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is one of the primary regulatory authorities which we expect to see from top forex brokers, and reflects positively on CMC Markets trading security.

The broker is also regulated in Australia by ASIC. The Australian Financial Services License which the company possesses is another prestigious, and well thought of accreditation. Finally, CMC Markets are regulated in regions of Canada, and also by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

How to check the CMC Markets licenses

The CMC Markets licenses can be checked through navigating the websites of the licensing authorities. These are available at the following locations:

  • FCA (UK)
  • ASIC(Australia) (AFSL #238054)
  • Singapore
  • Canada

What type of broker is CMC Markets? CMC Markets technical opinions

CMC are one of the largest market making brokers in the world. While there may be some contention about the role of a market maker broker in the industry, they do fulfil a vital role of participation in the market.

CMC Markets are among some of the best market maker brokers in the industry. Their position allows them to offer some of the most competitive spreads to incentivize traders.

It also means that trading can be completed very quickly, with orders executed almost immediately.

As a market maker, the broker is also very keen to incentivize you to trade more. This has led to developments such as the GSLO (Guaranteed Stop-Loss Order), and a no-deposit required start for your forex trading adventures with CMC trading. 

How does CMC Markets profit?

There are a few key ways in which CMC Markets profits from you as a trader. The first is in the spreads which they offer. These ae among the most competitive in the industry, though they will still account for a slight profit for CMC Markets.

Many of the CMC accounts offered are commission free on trading. This is fantastic for you as a trader, with only shares CFDs being charged a commission from $10/lot.

The final way which CMC Markets can profit from your trading is through the unique services they offer. This is enacted in features such as the mentioned GSLO. The fee for employing this backup is $8 per 100,000 units traded.

Where is the legal office of CMC Markets?

CMC Markets have legal offices based around the world. Their major bases are located as follows:

133 Houndsditch

Level 20,Tower 3
International Towers,
300 Barangaroo Avenue,
NSW 2000,

9 Raffles Place
#30-02 Republic Plaza Tower I

CMC Markets 5 stars
CMC Markets logo
  • Regulated: FCA, ASIC, MAS
  • Platforms: Next Generation Platform, MT4, Stockbroking Standard Platform, Stockbrokering Pro Platform
  • Min. Deposit: $200
CMC Markets logo
  • Regulated: FCA, ASIC, MAS
  • Platforms: Next Generation Platform, MT4, Stockbroking Standard Platform, Stockbrokering Pro Platform
  • Min. Deposit: $200

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PART 2 – CMC MARKETS Account Opening

What can you do with CMC MARKETS? CMC MARKETS features opinions.

Trading CMC Markets provides you with some of the most extensive trading opportunities which any top forex broker has to offer. These include some of the widest ranges of trading options across a variety of markets.

Our professional reviewers, with many years of experience, were even surprised to see markets with such depth of trading choice.

Spread betting is permitted and regulated for UK-based account holders with CMC Markets. These accounts, along with the other CFD and Corporate accounts offered by CMC Markets provide for a vast total of more than 9,000 instruments for trading.

Included among this offering are, more than 330 forex pairs of all variety, indices, commodities, 12 cryptocurrency markets, and more than 8,500 shares CFDs. This is more than enough for any trader, regardless of experience level.

You will never be stuck for choice and opportunity with the endless markets available as a CMC trader.

cmc products

CMC MARKETS demo: how to open a free virtual account

Opening a CMC Markets demo account is a hassle-free process which can be easily completed in just a few minutes. Through entering some basic personal details, and verifying your email credentials, you can be ready to begin trading on any of the broker’s platforms with virtual funds.

cmc demo

CMC MARKETS Live: how to open a Live CMC MARKETS account

Opening a Live CMC Markets account requires some additional questions to be completed, and the verification of both identity and residence documents. These can be filed electronically, and verified within moments. From there, you are free to begin trading within any of the thousands of markets made available by CMC broker.

CMC MARKETS Deposits and Withdrawals – All the options

The first great thing to note about CMC Markets deposits and withdrawals is that they are all kept free of charge from the broker side, and there is actually no minimum deposit for trading.

You can quickly and easily deposit to your trading account using your Visa or MasterCard credit, or debit card. American Express or Diners cards are not accepted. You can also fund your account through a direct bank transfer.

For withdrawals, these can be processed directly to your bank account of choice. This account must be in your own name. This process is fast, efficient, and typically completed on the same day.

As a trader, you can feel secure in the knowledge that both the deposit, and withdrawal methods offered by CMC Markets are completely transparent and operate with the highest levels of consideration for your security as a trader.

CMC MARKETS minimum deposit

There is no CMC Markets minimum deposit. This means that you can get started with any amount you feel comfortable to trade. It represents an excellent benefit, particularly for those who may be new to the world of forex trading.

CMC MARKETS Bonus and Offers

CMC Bonus and promotions offers are quite restricted. This is likely due to regulatory requirements which are imposed upon all brokers. They do however offer some great rebate opportunities for selected traders. These traders must satisfy a minimum trading requirement to qualify.

What type of trader are you?

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Part 3 – CMC MARKETS Review – Accounts, Conditions, and Fees

CMC MARKETS Account Types

Besides the CMC Markets spread betting account which is offered within some jurisdictions, CMC Markets account types which are most widely popular among users, are their CFD account, and corporate account.

Both of these account types offer extensive access to some of the most impressive product ranges from any broker. Through these accounts, you will have access to more than 9,000 total trading instruments.

CMC Markets Stockbroking

In certain regions of operation, including Australia, CMC stockbroking is offered. This type of account differs slightly from the usual account offerings which are based on share CFDs.

This account type provides its own standard, and professional trading platforms, and allows you to directly trade in shares.

This CMC markets stockbroking option is excellent for those who want to select from the some 9,500 stocks available through the broker, but who also want to directly own the underlying asset they are trading.

Commissions, Fees, Spread and Market Trading Hours on CMC MARKETS

With the exception of CMC Markets shares CFD trading, which features a commission of approximately 0.10% on trades with a minimum fee of $10 across most regions where CMC Markets operate, the broker generally attempts to keep their offering commission-free.

CMC Markets fees also remain competitive in several other areas. This means a non-activity fee which does not come into action until a two-year non-trading period has occurred. This fee is then 10GBP per month.

As is standard with almost every major forex broker 2020, overnight holding fees do occur. Market data charges of $20 are applied in Australia, and a similar fee in Hong Kong. Other areas remain free of charge.

CMC Markets spreads are another area where the broker excels. These are among the most competitive of any top broker which we have reviewed.

CMC MARKETS Islamic Account

CMC traders are offered Islamic accounts where required. These can be requested from customer support once registration has been completed.

CMC MARKETS Leverage – What it the highest leverage CMC MARKETS offers?

A wide range of maximum leverages apply depending upon your location. Due to regulatory enforcement, the maximum leverage open to those in UK or Europe is 30:1.

Meanwhile, CMC traders in Australia or New Zealand can benefit from leverage of as much as 500:1.

CMC MARKETS Cryptocurrencies

CMC Markets cryptocurrency trading extends to some of the most popular and well-known cryptocurrencies on the market. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and Monero. All of these crypto products are paired as CFDs with the US dollar.


Beyond cryptocurrencies, CMC Markets offers a massive range of CFDs trading. This includes stocks, commodities, indices, shares, treasuries, and more forex pairs than almost any other major forex broker in the world.

The sheer volume of more than 9,500 markets which are catered for, along with major, minor, and exotic forex currency pairs numbering more than 330 places CMC Markets firmly at the head of the charts when it comes to choice of trading markets.

CMC MARKETS Privacy Policy

Your privacy as a trader is something which all the best forex brokers take extremely seriously. This factor has certainly not been neglected by CMC Markets. They have provided an extensive privacy policy within their homepage which you are free to review there in more detail.

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Part 4 – CMC MARKETS Trading Platforms Review

CMC MARKETS Trading Platform Review

If you are looking for vibrant and exciting, you may well have found exactly that, in the form of CMC Markets trading platform, Next Generation. This proprietary platform is available to you across all formats, desktop and mobile.

You are immediately struck by the slick HTML5 design throughout the platform. This give it a sharp, modern-edge feeling that some platforms lack. This beauty is more than skin deep however.

The platform provides a host of more than 100 charting indicators, is easy to navigate, and very fast at executing orders.

Sentiment and pattern recognition tools are also offered within this highly customizable platform, with more than 12 chart types available to ensure you can trade every market in your own way.

MT4 also accompanies Next Generation in being offered as a CMC Markets trading platform. The products offered for trading through MT4 are not quite as many as CMC broker’s next generation platform. This ultimately leads to many traders focusing entirely on the proprietary platform.

CMC MARKETS Tutorial: Where to find the best CMC MARKETS Guides

As you would expect, the CMC broker official site hosts a plethora of top-quality content to assist on your journey as a trader. It is never harmful though to add to this knowledge.

Respected industry sources such as Investingoal, also provide a range of the best content, guides, and educational material to help you along with CMC markets and all other top brokers.

Try the CMC Markets Platform!

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PART 5 – Support, Research and Educational Material

CMC MARKETS Customer Support

CMC Markets customer support is excellent. They provide a variety of contact options around the world. These are available on a 24/5 basis when markets are open. Contact options are available through local telephone numbers, email which is regularly monitored, and web-based live chat. All of these methods responded quickly and efficiently when tested by our expert review team.

CMC broker also provides a very wide ranging FAQ section on their website. This helps to answer almost any account, or product related question which you may have. It represents an excellent tool to avoid contact with a support operator.


CMC Markets comes out on top again in the research sector. This is thanks to a dedicated internal team of forex professionals. These research facilities include CMC Markets own insights and content published within the site, and streamed from top news services like Reuters.

They also provide wide-ranging access to some of the best charting indicators, sentiment gauges, and other analytical tools to help traders.

These tools are offered to live users in combination with the broker’s regularly updated blog. CMC broker also offers a comprehensive economic calendar with built-in countdown timer to each featured event.

CMC Markets are one of the only forex broker to print their own magazine. This magazine, Opto, was released in 2018

Educational Material

Also extensive is the broker’s range of educational material. This encompasses a broad range of educational articles and guides, produced by the top-team at CMC Markets. In addition, the broker runs their own successful video channel, CMCTV. This provides a large number of similarly helpful video content.

There are a wide range of webinars and live events offered by CMC Markets to cater for traders around the world who wish to learn about forex trading. These supplement the excellent resources available on the company website, and are often delivered by recognized forex industry experts. 

cmc education

CMC MARKETS Trading Academy

While the CMC broker trading academy is not directly referred to by name, the broker houses enough expert educational resources to be considered a trading academy.

For those who are eager to learn, it is also always a great idea to supplement you knowledge with the addition of professional outside sources. These are available in many forms, with trading guides, and in-depth broker reviews all available from Investingoal.

CMC MARKETS users, customers and bad reviews

Before moving on to our final opinion on CMC Markets, for completeness we want to give you the opportunity to read some comments and experiences written directly by other users. However, important prerequisites must be made:

WARNING: in the world of online trading, very often users who do not know how to operate professionally, and therefore lose money, vent their frustrations by giving bad reviews on the broker, reviews that have nothing to do with the quality of the broker in question.
WARNING 2: There have been many cases where non-professional rival brokers paid fake users to write false negative reviews on other brokers.

That said, it can still be useful to take a look at the direct reviews of other users, if for no other reason to understand what to pay more attention to when you start working with that broker.

You can read users and customers reviews on CMC Markets on TrustPilot. and ForexPeaceArmy

CMC Markets 5 stars
CMC Markets logo
  • Regulated: FCA, ASIC, MAS
  • Platforms: Next Generation Platform, MT4, Stockbroking Standard Platform, Stockbrokering Pro Platform
  • Min. Deposit: $200
CMC Markets logo
  • Regulated: FCA, ASIC, MAS
  • Platforms: Next Generation Platform, MT4, Stockbroking Standard Platform, Stockbrokering Pro Platform
  • Min. Deposit: $200

80% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Part 6 – Final Thoughts and Opinions – Comparison with Other Brokers

Having conducted our exhaustive review of every aspect of CMC Markets and what the broker has to offer, we will now offer our subjective, expert opinion on the pros and cons of trading with CMC Markets, and how they might be the best forex broker suited to your trading style.

CMC MARKETS review, CMC MARKETS opinions and final comments

With an amazing three-decades in the industry, it is no surprise that CMC Markets continue to attract an abundance of new traders on a daily basis.

They have managed to combine a sense of innovation and modernity through their site, and excellent trading platform, Next Generation.

This has paired up perfectly with the core values which the broker has held for more than 30 years. These ae of security and trust among others, and are exemplified through CMC markets regulation by some of the most respected bodies in the industry.

Adding in the very competitive spreads and fees, with the wealth of educational resources provided, we would have to conclude that CMC Markets represents one of the best places for new, or experienced forex traders alike, to engage and profit from the vast quantity of markets available.

Why You Should Choose CMC MARKETS

All of the key values instilled in the company and their offering are ideal for many types of trader. If you are new to the industry, you may choose to trade with CMC Markets after seeing the excellent education and research resources which can help you along. Equally, you may be attracted by the high, accessible, cutting-edge platform they provide.

As a more experienced, high volume trader, the offer of excellent rebates on your trades may be hard to resist, along with the stellar reputation of a top industry professional, which has adapted to the modern market to still provide the best trading environment and solutions, which it has done since 1989.


  • The largest selection of forex trading markets which we have seen. These number more than 300.
  • Highly respected regulation and licensing from top financial bodies across the globe.
  • Some of the most competitive spreads, and commission-free offerings of any top broker.
  • A powerful, highly adaptive, trading platform which offers a fantastic user experience and a range of helpful charting tools.


  • CMC Markets does provide MT4, but the range of instruments available for trading is limited.
  • Automated trading strategies are not yet accommodated by the CMC trading platform.
CMC Markets 5 stars
CMC Markets logo
  • Regulated: FCA, ASIC, MAS
  • Platforms: Next Generation Platform, MT4, Stockbroking Standard Platform, Stockbrokering Pro Platform
  • Min. Deposit: $200
CMC Markets logo
  • Regulated: FCA, ASIC, MAS
  • Platforms: Next Generation Platform, MT4, Stockbroking Standard Platform, Stockbrokering Pro Platform
  • Min. Deposit: $200

80% of retail CFD accounts lose money