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IG Markets is one of the most popular online trading brokers globally. If this is the first time, you’re hearing of them, we suggest reading our IG Markets Review where we conduct a complete technical review of all features and services.

This IG Markets demo account guide presumes you’ve already chosen which type of account you want to test drive. If you’re still unsure which account is right for you, we’ve also covered that subject in detail. Head to our IG Markets account types guide to explore the many offerings.

If you’ve already chosen the trading account that’s right for you, this guide will help you to get started with the procedure of opening your IG Markets demo account.

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IG Markets Demo Account Opening Tutorial

Step 1 – Getting Started with Your IG Markets Demo Account

Keep in mind that IG Markets has several variations of its website to cater to different jurisdictions. This guide follows the international version of the site. If you notice any variation between this guide and the IG Markets website, it’s probably due to regional differences. However, we hope to be as clear and helpful as possible. Visit the broker’s website to get started or simply.

  1. Go to the IG Markets international homepage.
  2. To switch the site to your location, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the flag on the left; you can choose another country from the list of options or remain on the international version.
  3. When you return to the home page, click’ create demo account’ in the first section of the page.
  4. By doing this, you’ll see a registration page, complete it to create a demo account to access IG’s Webtrader.
  5. If you want to open a demo in another platform, such as MT4, refer to step 6 of this guide.

Step 2 – IG Markets Demo Account – What Documents/Information do you Need?

To open a demo account, very little information is required. As such, you will only need to provide:

  • A valid email address
  • A valid phone number
  • Basic personal information

Whenever you feel ready to open a real account, you should be prepared to provide various documents or electronic verification methods. The scope of information required depends on your country of residence or under which regulatory jurisdiction you choose to trade.

Step 3 – Fill in the Registration Form

You’ll be asked to fill in the registration form to open a demo account. As mentioned, limited information will be required. Here’s what you’ll be asked to enter:

  • Username and password
  • Name
  • Country of residence
  • Main contact number
  • Valid email address

ig markets demo account registration

Step 4 – Confirm the Account via Email/Telephone

Once you submit the demo account registration form, you will get an email with your account details. You might have to verify your email address before logging in to the account. You might also get a call from the IG Markets customer support to guide you through this process.

Step 5 – First login into the demo account

When you log in to the demo account, the first thing you’ll see is your profile’s homepage. This is where you can manage your live and demo accounts. From here, you have direct access to IG’s trading platform so you can immediately start trading with a demo.

Step 6 – Choosing Your IG Markets Demo Account Platform

IG Markets offers various trading platforms to cater to different needs and preferences. The available platforms are IG Markets Webtrader, IG Markets Mobile app, MetaTrader 4, IG Markets L2 Dealer, and IG Markets ProRealTime Platform.

If you want to open a demo with any of these platforms, click on the ‘trading platforms’ button in the top menu bar, then click ‘compare platforms’. From here you can view all platforms IG offers and navigate to dedicated pages for each one. Each platform page will provide options to create demo accounts; all you have to do is find the ‘create demo account’ button.

IG Markets Demo Account Review

What Types of IG Markets Demo Account are Available?

As nine separate regulatory bodies regulate IG Markets, you will have access to different accounts depending on your region or according to the regulated entity you choose to trade with. The trading account options which might be available to you are:

  • IG Trading Account
  • IG Limited risk account
  • IG Spread Betting account
  • IG Options trading account
  • IG Turbo24 Trading account
  • IG Share Dealing account

IG Markets Demo Account Features, Restrictions and Differences with Live Account

Demo accounts provide the same experience as real accounts, but without risk since the money in a demo account is virtual. With a demo account, you can test your strategies and explore the platforms before opening a live account. Although most things copy real market conditions, slippage will not happen while demo trading, although it will when live trading.

Advantages of Trading with an IG Markets Demo Account

The advantages of trading with IG Markets are knowing you’re trading with a regulated and trusted broker. You can test any platform IG Markets provides without taking any financial risk. The IG Markets demo account will help you learn more about trading and allow you to test your abilities and strategies. IG Markets provides many platforms, markets and accounts, so it’s best to try them out before committing to a live account.

IG Markets Demo Account Management

Expiring time

The IG Markets demo accounts do not expire.

Demo account reactivation

If you lost your demo account password, you could simply recover it when trying to sign in by clicking on the ‘Forgotten your login details?’ button. Then you’ll receive an email with instructions to restore access to your account and your password by creating a new password.

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