Axiory Review 2021: Unbiased Pros and Cons revealed

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In this Axiory review you will find the results of much dedicated time spent by InvestinGoal’s team of experts studying the quality of the broker.

Here’s how to navigate this report on Axiory, and all of our reviews in general:

  • Part 1: First thing, in the “Our Opinion” section you will find a brief summary with our personal opinions on the broker Axiory, plus the Pros and Cons and important factors to watch out for.
  • Part 2: Secondly, within this section, you will then find more detailed points and opinions about specific broker’s offerings or services (e.g. Is Axiory a good forex broker? Is Axiory good for Islamic Traders?).
  • Part 3: After the opinions section you will find four macro-areas in which we have carefully reviewed every single aspect of Axiory. They are Security, Costs and Accounts, Trading and Education, and Support.

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Axiory review
Our Opinion

Axiory Review: Who is Axiory suitable for?

Axiory is a relatively new STP/ECN broker in the industry which is IFSC regulated. The lack of a stricter regulatory environment compared to others may discourage traders, however, they have excellent protective measures in place, a low spread from 0.2 pips, accessible $50 minimum deposit, and unlimited demo account. This makes them ideal for most types of trader.

In addition to the cost-friendly trading environment to be found at Axiory, they also have an excellent educational infrastructure with loads of great content to satisfy traders at every level. They are limited on a couple of fronts both on the number of countries they are available in at under 50, and the number of assets offered is still around 150 though they are growing all the time.

Problems and Advantages to consider before starting


Some of the main issues the broker is currently facing are due to their relatively new position in the industry. They have to focus on becoming available in more countries since they are now not even available in the EU. This also extends to their assets and features that are not fully available in every country they operate.

Moving to trading aspects, while it is great that the minimum deposit remains low, you will be charged a high fee of $10-$15 if you transfer less than $200. This could be limiting to some casual traders.

On security, they have a good reputation but the fact they are only supported by one regulatory body needs to be addressed. ESMA, FCA, and ASIC are all top-tier regulatory authorities and more trusted than the IFSC or other offshore regulators. Moving forward then, if the broker is to command more respect in the industry they should pursue such regulation.


Focusing on the positive points around Axiory, they do offer an excellent range of account type choices. These include Nano, Standard, Max, Live Night, and Corporate accounts with even the demo account being customizable to replicate each account type. They also provide a great swap-free account.

When it comes to accessibility and value, these are both excellent too. You will be greeted by a low minimum deposit, competitive fee environment where no inactivity fee is applied, and you will also have access to a high amount of leverage up to 1:777 which is a positive of more flexible offshore regulation.

The table below helps pinpoint some of the pros and cons we have found in each major area of the broker:

Pepperstone Offer Advantages Problems
Demo Account Unlimited demo account 10,000 virtual USD does not reflect the reality of most traders
Minimum Deposit $100 If you deposit less than $200 you’ll be charged a fee
Forex & CFDs Spreads are very tight with the Nano account Commissions are a little bit high when trading with the Nano account;
Limited number of asset

Axiory Forex & CFDs trading review

Trading forex at Axiory you will find more than 60 currency pairs to choose from in what is a strong offering from the broker. These can be traded as CFDs alongside a variety of other assets including commodities, indices are more with a total of around 150 assets that can be traded.

The spread starts from a competitive 0.2 pips minimum and there is no commission to consider with the exception of the Nano account that features a $6 per lot commission. With such a high amount of leverage available, up to 777:1 it also is important to be careful particularly if you are a new trader.

Overall, it is very easy to get started with the broker, and a minimum deposit of just $50 is applied though you are encouraged to try out their free demo account first.


  • They offer a strong range of currency pairs to trade
  • There are no commissions on the Standard or Max account except stock CFDs
  • Spreads remain very tight and also with the Nano account
  • Both MT4 and cTrader platforms are available to use


  • The number of assets available is quite limited at around 150
  • High leverage availability makes it risky for beginners to trade big
  • Commission on the Nano account is comparatively high

Axiory review

Security and trust form the bedrock of your experience at any broker. This is equally important at Axiory. Here is a more detailed look at the specifics in this category for them:


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Foundation and Offices

The broker was founded in 2011 in Belize City. They maintain a registered address here while they have also added another office in Dubai since that time. Here is the location on file for both know offices:

Registration Address:

No.1 Corner of Hutson Street and Marine Parade

Belize City, Belize

Representative Office:

1008 Clover Bay, Al Abraaj Street, Business Bay


United Arab Emirates

As a growing broker, it would be ideal for Axiory to have more physical locations around the world moving into the future.


At present, the only regulation in place for the broker is as Axiory Global Limited which is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), under the registration number: 000122/15

They have no other regulatory body oversight in place at the moment. This is another area for them to work on developing as they continue to grow in stature over the coming years.

Money Protection

Though they are regulated by the IFSC which does not mandate a lot of fund protection, it is still provided by the broker. This is a great sign of how much they prioritize your security as a trader.

Here you will find that segregated accounts are used, and compensation is provided for up to $20,000 in the event of serious financial issues much like it would be under ESMA regulation. Although it is not mandatory, Axiory also provides negative balance protection so you can never lose more than you deposit with them.

Not Accepted Clients

Given the fact they are only regulated by the IFSC, there are many countries in which services from the broker are not available. Below is a comprehensive list that we would hope to be reduced in the coming years.

    • Albania
    • European Union member states
  • Pros
    • They provide excellent fund protection with many measures going above and beyond requirements
    • The security offered demonstrates a very transparent broker operation
    • They still have a rather limited physical presence with just two office locations
    • The broker is not available in many countries at present
    • Only IFSC regulation is currently held

    Axiory review
    Costs and Accounts

    Now that you have a basic understanding of where the broker operates, let’s take a closer look at the types of accounts you will have available along with any costs you might encounter:


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    Account Types

    Axiory Demo

    Axiory does offer an excellent demo account. This account is ideal if you are just starting out in the industry or checking the broker out for the first time. It is an unlimited account meaning that it does not expire.

    The demo account means you can trade completely risk-free with virtual currency in an environment that fully replicates real trading. The demo account can also be used with any of the Axiory account types and supports all available tools and leverage functions. You can open multiple demo accounts without problem and even keep them open after you open your Axiory live account while the support team is always on hand to help.

    Standard Account

    The Axiory Standard account type is available and a popular choice with a very low $100 minimum deposit making it easy to get started. The spread on this account type averages 1.2 pips on major assets like the EUR/USD and you can expect no commission except for stock CFD trades that attract a $0.04 per CFD commission.

    Trading through this account type will give you access to both MT4, and cTrader depending on your preference, and thanks to the open for of regulation leverage of as much as 1:400 is offered.

    Nano Account

    The Nano account is a great choice if you would like to lower your risk. The minimum deposit here remains $100 with the lowest spreads you will find at the broker. These average just 0.2 pips on major assets like the EUR/USD though a round turn per lot commission of $6 is charged, and the same $0.04 per stock CFD traded does apply.

    Again you will have access to extensive leverage amounts up to 1:400 and access to both major trading platforms MT4, and cTrader.

    Max Account

    The Max account offers huge leverage of up to 1:777 and is a great choice if you are looking to trade at the highest volumes. The minimum deposit here for this type of account is $50 with no commissions apart from stock CFDs trading which attracts a $0.06 per CFD commission.

    You will find the highest spread on offer here with an average of 1.8 pips on the EUR/USD but the leverage is a major point of appeal for many. Again you will have access to both MT4 and cTrader platforms.

    Islamic Account

    In a very positive point for Islamic traders, a fully Shariah law compliant Islamic account is offered. The Axiory Islamic account can be approved through contact with the support team or your broker business development representative after which it will take a maximum of 24-hours to be activated.

    This option is available for all account types you will find at the broker and conditions are good. You will be charged an additional commission instead of a swap-fee when you decide to hold positions open for a longer period. These commissions start from $3 and go up to $8 depending on the position.

    Live Night Account

    This type of account is unique in that it is extremely fast to allow you trading access. You can begin trading through this account type within just a few minutes of opening the account and you will only need your personal ID to get started.

    The most you can trade here is $1,000 using your credit card and one of the restrictions is that you can only withdraw the amount you have deposit regardless of the profits you make.

    Corporate Account

    Finally, a corporate account is offered by Axiory. Again this comes with a very competitive minimum deposit at $100 and a variety of other benefits for you to take advantage of. These include being able to appoint a fund operator and have tailored spread options based on your needs alongside other tax advantages.

    The lowest trade size that you can place through this account is 0.01 lots. This adds up to a currency value of $1,000 as a minimum trade size.

    Account Base Currency

    When it comes to the available Axiory base currencies you will only find two. These are the USD, and EUR. Making a deposit in another currency may mean that you have to pay a small currency conversion fee.


    Here is everything you need to know about making a deposit with Axiory:

    Axiory Minimum Deposit

    The Axiory minimum deposit is $50 in general. This however does depend on the account type you choose. With the Max Account, $50 is the minimum. With the Standard or Nano accounts though, the minimum deposit is $100.

    Deposit Methods

    There are a variety of deposit methods available with Axiory, each with its own processing time that we will look at in more detail here.

    • Credit/debit card

    A deposit with your credit or debit card is possible and this will be immediately processed to your account.

    • International Wire Transfer

    An international wire transfer is possible but it is one of the slowest methods and takes between 3-10 days to process into your account.

    Multiple other methods are available through eWallets you can use. These include Neteller, Skrill, Vload, BitPay, ThunderXPay, and Sticpay although Stickpay is not available to corporate clients, and ThunderXPay only allows USD deposits. These can all be processed quickly within 15 minutes in most cases.

    Deposit Fees

    When it comes to the deposit fees, we have broken them down into separate categories as follows:

    • Credit/debit card

    Credit or debit card deposits are usually fee-free. The only time this is not the case is if you are making a deposit of less than $200 then you will be charged a $10 fee.

    • International Wire Transfer

    Again these are often fee-free at least from the broker side. If the deposit is less than $200 a $15 fee is charged, and your own bank may have wire transfer fees you should check.

    • Sticpay, BitPay, Neteller, Skrill, Vload, ThunderXPay

    Again for a deposit of less than $200, a $10 fee is charged while the payment method provided may also have its own fees in place.

    You will also need to bear in mind that you may encounter conversion fees if depositing in a currency that is not a base account currency. In this case, any currency other than USD or EUR.


    When making a withdrawal you will find all of the same available options as when you are making a deposit.

    An extra security measure of 2-factor authentication is in place when making a withdrawal for the security of your funds. This means you will receive an email that you need to click and verify your withdrawal in order for it to proceed. If you don’t click this email link then the withdrawal will not process and the funds will stay in your account.

    Withdrawal Fees

    Aside from international wire transfers, any withdrawal of less than $200 will be charged a $10 fee. In the case of wire transfers this fee increases to $15 for withdrawals under $200.

    Above this threshold, withdrawals are typically fee-free though the payment provider may charge a fee of their own that you should check, and again a conversion fee could apply if you withdraw any non-USD or EUR currency.

    Spreads & Commissions

    A floating spread is offered by Axiory with the average amount varying on each account type. With the Nano account, the average EUR/USD spread is 0.2 pips. This increases to 1.2 pips on a standard account, or 1.8 pips on a MAX account.


    Here are some other fees you may come across when trading at the broker:

    Overnight Fees

    Overnight fees are charged by Axiory as with other brokers. The only exception is you have an Islamic swap-free account. This depends on the interest rate at that moment on each currency from the central banks so it is impossible to say for certain. You may pay or receive this fee and can get more information at the time through your trading platform.

    Inactivity Fees

    No inactivity fees are charged by Axiory.

    • The Nano account has an extremely low spread
    • A variety of different account types to fit all needs are offered
    • An Islamic account is also available
    • Low minimum deposits are accepted on all account types
    • An unlimited and very flexible demo account is available
    • A good number of deposit and withdrawal methods are offered
    • A fee is charged for any transactions of less than $200 in terms of deposit or withdrawal
    • Only two base currencies, EUR, and USD are available

    Axiory review

    With all the information needed to get your account started, here is a detailed look at the trading experience with Axiory and everything they have to offer in terms of trading features and available markets.


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    Trading Features


    Axiory offers ECN/STP trade execution. This means you can be sure of some of the fastest speeds in completing your trades at the most competitive rates with good access to a depth of liquidity providers.


    On trade sizes, the minimum size is the same across all of the account types. This is 0.01 lots or 1 micro lot which is equal to $1,000 in currency value.


    Axiory is open and flexible in catering to your needs with other trading techniques. To this end, hedging, scalping, and algo-trading through the Metatrader EAs feature are all supported and permitted.

    Risk Management

    Having a well-planned risk management strategy is essential when trading at any broker. With Axiory you will be able to set all of the standard orders and limits in terms of trading. This means stop losses, and take profit orders, as well as trailing stops, are available.

    While they do not provide a guaranteed stop loss, the broker does make margin calls to ensure your account equity stays above a certain level.

    Trading Hours

    The available trading hours listed here are based on Eastern European Time (EET). These are GMT+2 or GMP +3 in daylight savings time.

    You can trade forex from Monday to Friday from 00:04 to 23:59 while stock CFDs can be traded on weekdays from 16:35 to 23:00. CFDs on indices will depend on the trading times for that index, energies are available from 01:00 to 00:00 or 03:00 to 00:00 Monday to Friday, and metals can also be traded from 01:00 to 00:00 five days a week.


    If you want to employ Axiory leverage on your trades this is certainly possible. You can customize the amount you need up to 1:777 depending on your account type and the market you are trading. With forex, this maximum is 1:777 through the Max account or 1:400 on others. The leverage available on other assets will vary depending on what you are trading.

    Platforms & Mobile

    Once you are starting to trade you will of course need to choose your trading platform. Here is exactly what you will find on offer:

    Charting and Trading tools

    With both MT4 and cTrader platforms on offer, you will have access to two of the best in the industry when it comes to charting tools. MT4 alone offers a great range including their automated EAs feature that allows you to engage your own strategies or those of others to auto-trade.

    Alongside this already great range will be Axiory’s own autochartist MT4 plugin for technical analysis which can recognize 16 chart patterns and interpret your best movements in terms of these patterns including setting stop losses and more. The Axiory calculator tool and strike indicator are both also made available. These can help in respectively calculating trading parameters, and analyzing large amounts of data to identify trends. All are offered free of charge to you as a client.


    One of the most popular and respected trading platforms in the industry, MT4 has an in-depth range of more than 50 indicators for you to customize your trading experience. The platform also has built-in features like their EAs feature that is offered without restriction and also has the ability to backtest your EA trading strategies.

    Alongside all of this, you will benefit from the fast order execution of the broker and the platform itself which is available on all platforms for Windows, Mac, as a webtrader, or as a mobile trading platform with equal proficiency.


    cTrader is also a top trading platform renowned within the industry. It is extremely user-friendly, is more modern than MT4, and rivals it in terms of trading features and customizability with more than 60 indicators available as standard.

    It typically can execute traders fractionally faster and tends to be favored for scalping while for usability it is convenient given that you can log in with your cTrader ID or cTID using a single email and password for all accounts.

    cTrader is also available for Windows, Mac, as a webtrader, or on mobile.


    As mentioned, both of these leading platforms, MT4, and cTrader are available as mobile trading platforms on your iOS or Android devices.

    Your trading experience will not be diminished at all with both platforms providing the best in mobile functionality for you to trade on the move as mobile trading becomes more and more important to traders today.


    Here are all the markets and asset selection you can expect to find once you start trading at Axiory:


    The broker has a strong range of more than 60 currency pairs available. These are all traded as CFDs with major, minor, and exotic currency pairs all on offer. The possible leverage on these is huge at as much as 1:777 and a very competitive spread starting from 0.2 pips for Nano accounts.


    There are several commodities available all of which are traded as CFDs. You will find both gold and silver with leverage of up to 1:100 available. Platinum and palladium are also there with a 1:20 leverage possible, while both WTI and Brent Crude oil among others, natural gas, and electricity can all be traded.

    You can expect the spread on these assets to start from a low point of 0.4 pips with a Nano account.

    CFD Indices

    A total of 10 major indices from around the world including the FTSE, NASDAQ, CAC, and others can be traded as CFDs. The spread on these starts from 0.7 pips with a Nano account.

    Stock CFDs

    More than 70 stocks as CFDs can be traded. This offering includes many of the most popular company names and stocks in the world like Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, and many more. The spread on stock CFDs starts from 0.035 on Nano accounts with a small commission of $0.04 also to be added in some cases.


    Social Trading – Copy Trading

    Axiory does not offer social or copy trading features directly at this time though with your MT4 EAs feature you can engage indirectly by importing trading strategies from others in the wider community to implement on your own account if you wish.

    • They provide excellent trading platforms and a great range of additional tools
    • Alternative trading techniques like hedging, scalping, and EAs are all permitted
    • The range of assets is quite limited at just more than 150
    • No social or copy trading features are made available

    Axiory review
    Education and Support

    These are two key areas that can go a long way toward determining how you value the experience at a broker. Here is what Axiory can offer on both of these:


    education 82
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    The Axiory website is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arab, Japanese, Russian, Thai, and Vietnamese. This global availability means you will feel well-supported no matter which language you speak and access the site in.

    The support team from the broker is also easily contactable in a number of different languages with telephone support also made accessible through several local numbers in many countries.


    The research offering from the broker may be considered quite light in terms of content. You will find that regular market news is available and routinely updated. This can keep you up to date with the most recent market developments while market briefings also are made available once or twice each week.

    Besides this, you will find a standard but detailed economic calendar to look at which features all the key economic events over a period of time. While it is sufficient, there is nothing of huge depth to offer in this area.

    Customer Service

    The Axiory customer service team can be quickly and conveniently contacted through a number of mediums. These include reaching out by phone or email with numbers available in several different countries to cater to local traders.

    A live chat function is embedded within the broker website which you can also access at any time and expect a speedy and knowledgeable reply. The team is further available via email or of course you could drop by their physical office locations if needed.


    This is an area where Axiory excels to a high level. They provide an excellent range of materials and learning environment through their trading academy that you can make the most of. This takes the form of some very well-organized guides particularly for new traders on the basics and fundamentals of trading, though there is something for everyone.

    You will also have access to a steady range of webinars, regular market briefings, technical analysis, and regular articles and posts to continue your development whether you are a new or more advanced trader.

    • They provide an excellent range of educational content, particularly for new traders
    • Market analysis tools, a detailed economic calendar, and up-to-date news is made available
    • Many languages are supported though there are still many more that could be added

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    Axiory Review 2021: Unbiased Pros and Cons revealed

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